8 must see parks in Hobart

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Hobart is a magical city where the southern lights shine all year round. This is because it's close to the south magnetic pole and the city has very clean air and water quality. The lights are one of the biggest draws for tourists visiting Hobart, but that's not all the city offers. Another important landmark is the Cascade Brewery, which is not only the oldest brewery in all of Australia but is also the country's longest-running beer manufacturer. They've been making fantastic beer since 1832, so visit them when you find yourself in Hobart.

Being such a clean city, Hobart offers plenty of outdoor attractions, making it the ultimate destination for nature enthusiasts. If you're looking for somewhere to get comfy and watch the southern lights or just want to enjoy the fresh air during the day, we have the perfect places for you. To make the most of your day, leave your bags behind with one of our luggage storage partners. We provide secure baggage storage in Hobart near hotels, attractions and the best parks. Experience the natural beauty of this beautiful city without worrying about your items. Hike, play sports and walk the trails at your leisure!

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St David's Park

St David's Park is a lovely outdoor space situated on the site of St David's Cemetery, not too far from Salamanca Place. It's surrounded by English-styled walls and has been around since 1804, the beginning of European settlement. In April of that year, Lieutenant-Governor David Collins, along with Reverend Robert Knopwood, built Tasmania's very first burial ground here. It was named after David Collins, who was buried here a few years later, in 1810.

Built directly above Collins's grave was the very first church in all of Tasmania. The burial grounds were eventually closed in 1872 once the Cornelian Bay cemetery was opened, and today, the space is used as a park with plenty of places for leisure and relaxation. On site, you'll find many landmarks and memorials, including the gravestones of several notable people.

Be sure to visit the Anglesea Barracks Memorial Wall, which consists of the gravestones of some of the cemetery's earliest burials. Among them, you'll spot a few of the First Fleeters and some of the city's original settlers. The grounds are so beautiful that they're often used as a venue for weddings. There are also walking trails, a drinking fountain, and lots of shaded spots to sit under.

Caldew Park

This public park is also known as The Train Park, and as soon as you step through the entrance, you'll see why. You'll find it in the heart of the city, and it's one of the most popular places for a day of family fun with a clear train theme that younger audiences love. The space is fenced in, so let the little ones run around without worrying about their safety.

Some of the facilities in the area include a sloped cycling circuit for kids and a playground with exciting play equipment. Children will have a blast soaring on the swings, zooming down the slides, playing on the train bridge or wooden climbing fort, and letting their imagination go wild on the play train. There's plenty for an older crowd to enjoy here, like outdoor fitness equipment you can use for a workout.

Plan a relaxing meal on the grassy lawns or picnic tables if you're looking for a fun way to spend your time here. Stop by the nearby cafe if you don't bring your food. There are also covered areas on site if it rains or you need a break from the sun.

Simmons Park

Simmons Park is always a nice place to be, and it's dog-friendly. Dogs must be kept on a leash, but the park is fenced in to protect the kids playing around in it. The park itself is quite beautiful and overlooks Lindisfarne Bay.

Check out the different play equipment available. The whole family will have a terrific time enjoying the facilities. Inside Simmons Park, there are slides, swings, carousels, a trampoline, a massive climbing pyramid, and balance beams for children of all ages.

There are facilities for the parents accompanying the kids too, including a variety of fitness equipment. This includes an aerobic cycle, elliptical trainer, body twist machine, leg press and chest press. The path running through the park is flat and smooth, perfect for jogging or walking. There are barbeque facilities and picnic tables for enjoying a bite to eat after your workout.

Cascade Gardens

This is one of the classic parks in Hobart and is located on the Hobart Rivulet, a calm creek that runs through the grounds. Nearby, you'll find the famous Cascade Brewery we mentioned briefly above. If you plan on visiting the brewery, you can easily stop by this park before or after seeing the brewery. The gardens are quite lovely, and they're sometimes used to host weddings and other kinds of events.

This Hobart park is intertwined with history and has been around since 1827. The gardens were created to hinder the development of the Female Factory House of Correction, established in the area around the same time. Back then, the park was called the Cascade Tea Gardens. Today, you might see it being used for poetry readings, theatrical performances, and other kinds of community activities.

Take advantage of all Cascade Gardens's facilities, like a barbecue, picnic tables, and a drinking fountain. Stroll on the walking paths, stopping in shaded areas for a rest. Bring the kids to have fun on the playground, which has a climbable play structure with slides.

Alexandra Battery Park

There's no other place quite like Alexandra Battery Park. The park has large open areas where you can throw a frisbee, have a picnic, or just put down a blanket and enjoy the sunshine. You can admire nice views of the River Derwent and Tasman Bridge from inside the park.

Alexandra Battery was one of the British colonial coastal batteries that defended the city, although it is no longer in use. Some old forts, including this one, have store rooms and tunnels connecting to other complexes. Between 1804 and 1942, 12 permanent defense forts in the whole region of Hobart were tasked with protecting the city from enemy warships that targeted it due to its importance in international shipping and trade.

Today, this park offers a gorgeous river landscape, well-maintained lawns for sports and relaxation, and a certain historic charm. Much of the battery's structure is still standing today, and guests can walk around the fortified walls and see other remaining artifacts like cannons.

Princes Park

Similarly to the Alexandra Battery Park introduced above, this park also lies on a former coastal battery. The land that Princes Park occupies used to be part of the Mulgrave Battery, although in 1855, it merged with the Prince Albert Battery and was renamed the Prince of Wales Battery. Today, the whole area is known as Battery Point.

Princes Park is another historically important space. With family-friendly attractions, it's a nice place to go with the kids. The area has a big sloping garden with play equipment found below it, and everything follows a fun pirate theme.

Check out the cafes near the park if you get hungry. They offer tasty snacks and refreshments. You have everything you need to spend the entire afternoon at the park.

Queens Domain

Queens Domain is a huge area fully equipped with many sports facilities, making it a popular place for athletes to train. Come here to participate in various activities, from tennis and football to cricket and swimming. Facilities include the Joggers Loop, Domain Tennis Centre and Athletic Centre, the Doone Kennedy Hobart Aquatic Centre, the Soldiers Memorial Oval, and the Tasmanian Cricket Association Ground. There are walking and cycling paths to explore as well.

You'll find plenty to keep you active, and the park boasts admirable cultural and historical attractions. Visit Soldiers Memorial Avenue, Government House, Old Hobart Zoo, Hobart Cenotaph, and the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens.

Queens Domain is also close to other green spaces like Legacy Park and Aberdeen Street Park. Both parks offer family-friendly activities and playgrounds, washrooms, picnic tables, barbeque facilities, and much more. Legacy Park features a fantastic play space and an outdoor amphitheater, and at Aberdeen Street Park, the kids can play on the spring rides and seesaws.

Franklin Square

Located right in the heart of Hobart, Franklin Square offers a tranquil place for everyone in the city. Although it isn't very big, the park attracts many people as they search for a place to escape the busyness of the city, and it's home to several recreational and historical landmarks. You'll appreciate benches and seating areas where you can stop and chat with friends or relish solitude surrounded by nature.

The park is home to an oversized chess board that takes up 15 square meters of space. People of all ages like to have friendly matches against other parkgoers. The chess board was added to the park in 1960 and quickly became many people's favorite attraction. While you're here, keep an eye out for the Apex Wishing Well, too. Some of the park's trees, like the English elms and Tilias, are more than 150 years old.

Standing in a fountain in the middle of the square is a statue of Sir John Franklin, after whom the park was named. Aside from being a polar explorer, he was the Governor of Van Diemen's Land between 1837 and 1843. There are also statues of Dr William Crowther and King Edward VII, and beautiful Georgian-Victorian buildings surround the square. This square, as well as the Hobert Town Hall, now stands on the former site of the Government House of Tasmania.

Enjoy the parks and gardens in Hobart

There are so many things to do in the parks in Hobart, like going on a bike ride, exercising, having a picnic, or appreciating nature with family and friends. Each spectacular park in Hobart has something unique to offer, and you can choose a location based on what kind of experience you want.

If you're an outdoor enthusiast, you may also be interested in some of the bigger parks that offer camping and trekking. Choose a trail from this guide on the best hikes in Hobart; you won't be disappointed. For those who'd rather spend the day soaking up the sun at the beach, take a look at this list of the best beaches near Hobart.

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