12 Unmissable Things To Do In Hobart At Night

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Sunset in Hobart

Hobart is a really delightful place to visit, and there is so much to do in the city both in the daytime and at night that you will never be bored. From the Hobart waterfront to the Salamanca Arts Centre, there is no shortage of fascinating places to see and things to do in town. Hobart attractions of all kinds exist that you can interact with and experience at any time of the day.

Before you head out to enjoy the nighttime activities that Hobart is well-known for, you need to make sure that your luggage is safe. Secure your bags in a Bounce luggage storage in Hobart, and then you can have your hands free to shop, try delicious food, and have fun. Once your bags are safe and secure, you will be ready to see what the nights in Hobart can offer you.

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Cascade Brewery in Hobart

Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

This festival has been going on since the 80s, and the culmination of the race is one of the most fun and exciting events to attend at night in Hobart. The Hobart Yacht Race leads teams on a 630-mile journey that ends in Hobart just before the end of the year. The party that heralds the return of the teams is paired with a New Year's celebration and count down that you cannot enjoy anywhere else in the world.

This is a fun festival if you love live music, fanfare, and watersports. Even if you are not interested in boating, the excitement of the achievement of the teams in the race is infectious and adds to the fun of this Hobart City event. Enjoy wine tasting and a food festival as you watch this special event come to a close right inside the Hobart waterfront.

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens are one of the loveliest places in Tasmania's capital city, and you can head here to enjoy 14 hectares of gardens and sights to see. There is a Chinese garden, a vegetable garden, and even a cactus garden. This is a serene and lovely place to spend the evening as the sun sets, and you will find that this is one of the best things to do in Hobart at night.

When you visit Hobart, you might think first of heading to the Hobart waterfront or to a restaurant in the area to enjoy the evening, but visiting the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens can be a very unique and peaceful way to start out your night in this city. There are few gardens this special in the world, and you will love every moment of your trek through this attraction.

Cascade Brewery and Bar

Located at the foot of Mount Wellington, this is a fun place to plan to see during your visit to Hobart. You can head here for a tour of the brewery during the day and then stay to try their famous Cascade Pale Ale that has been on offer here since 1832.

The building that this brewery is housed in is really remarkable, and you can enjoy sitting in its shadow enjoying the warm night air, and sipping on a pint. This is a great place for indoor and outdoor dining, and it is one of the more unique food experiences that Hobart has to offer to visitors.

Salamanca Waterfront

The Salamanca waterfront overlooking Constitution Dock will never disappoint. No matter what time of day you visit this area, there are events going on and old and new art that you can enjoy. The Salamanca Market area is nearby, and the Salamanca Arts Centre is not far off either. You can enjoy great dining options, including some of the best street food, and cocktails down here in the evening as well.

The Salamanca waterfront area is one of the best places in Hobart city to visit, and you can spend really enjoyable hours here both during the day and at night. This is one of the more popular places to stay in the city, so it makes a great place to stop in for fun when you visit Hobart.

Nightlife in Hobart

Street Eats @ Franko

This event is held every Friday night at 4 pm, and this event runs until 9 pm. This is a great place to try food trucks and enjoy the area of Franklin Square. You can sit down on the grass here or at the provided tables. Try everything from local oysters to produce, and you will love that this location offers the chance for socializing and mingling.

This event is casual, and locals take advantage of this Hobart Tasmania event just like tourists. Street Eats is one of the key things that is always suggested when visiting Hobart town. Although there are seemingly endless Hobart attractions, this is one of the best places to head for live music, amazing food, and exciting cocktails.

Port Arthur Historic Site

This is a really special site to visit when you visit Tasmania. This is one of the places that tells you the most about the history of Tasmania as a convict relocation site. Visit this tourist attraction to learn about how convicts were relocated to the Hobart area. You should make time to see Port Arthur to really understand the foundation of the social fabric that built Tasmania.

Port Arthur is a place that is not always open in the evenings, but you can check the scheduled hours that the site is available for tours and sightseeing. There is something really moving about seeing this spot at night, and you will completely understand the experience of people forced to move to Tasmania when you are standing in Port Arthur late in the day.

See the Aurora Australis

If you are familiar with the Northern Lights, the Aurora Australis is the same kind of phenomenon. If are visiting Hobart in the winter, you can see the colorful night sky clearly from Hobart's city center. This is one of the most special attractions in this area, and many people who visit Hobart Tasmania plan to be there when the Aurora is visible.

There are other times of the year when the Aurora will make an appearance, and locals report seeing it year-round when the weather conditions are ideal. This is something to have on your list of items to do and see, even if you are not in the Hobart or South Hobart area during the winter.

Clubbing and Pubs

Hobart is a really fun place to visit if you love sitting down for a pint and talking to locals in a pub, and there is also a great dance club scene. You can have all kinds of fun in the Hobart area enjoying the nightlife, and this is one of the tourist attractions that people come back to over and over again when they visit.

The social scene and the nightlife in Hobart are delightful, and there are so many unique and fun places to sit down for a drink and a bite to eat at night. You might have access to outdoor or indoor dining, and you can watch the hustle and bustle of the city ebbing and flowing around you. The Hobart waterfront area also offers all of its own nighttime dining and dancing attractions, so there is no shortage of this kind of fun to be had during your visit.

Dark Mofo Festival

If you are visiting in June, you need to make plans to attend this festival that is held in honor of the Winter Solstice. There is food, drink, and all kinds of fun events at this event, and you will find that there are few tourist attractions that can offer what this festival can.

Enjoy food, drink, and live music in town and wander through stalls that are dedicated to selling local goods and produce. This festival is dedicated to the conflict between good and evil, and the Mardi Gras feel of the event is certainly intriguing. No matter where you are in the Hobart area during this festival, you will be just a stone's throw from the action of the festival during June.

Karaoke in Hobart

Ghost Tours of Hobart and Battery Point

Do you love a mystery? Do you like being scared a little bit while also learning the history of Hobart? This is an enjoyable and spine-tingling tour that offers you the chance to learn about Hobart and the history of Battery Point while also being immersed in the ghost and haunting history of this city. The tour focuses on the dark history of the underground Battery area, but also tells you a lot about the often troubled history of the original Tasmanian colony that was built in Hobart.

If you love to learn about the places that you visit and you want to have a unique view of the Hobart Battery Point area, this is the right choice for your evening. Many people love the blend of Port Arthur and Hobart Tasmania history that is delivered during the tour. As an added plus, you will be close to all kinds of great street food if you want to have dinner before you start your tour.

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

For a look at the art that has made the area famous, you can head here. This is a great spot to enjoy some old and new art and to learn about the Hobart area through the lens of an art gallery. This location is not always open in the evenings, but the outdoor lighting and the beauty of the grounds are at their best in the evening hours.

You can see all kinds of art here as well as learn a little about Port Arthur and the original colony that was built in the Hobart area. Art lovers and people who want to experience Hobart culture will both have fun at this site in the evenings. Head out to Battery Point for a ghost tour after you visit the art gallery to enjoy a full immersion experience into what Hobart is all about.

Brooke Street Pier

Brooke Street Pier is one of the most unique places in Hobart. This is a Hobart Harbour location that is multi-purpose and offers access to shopping, food and drink, and nightlife all in a floating pontoon building. Come here for the Hobart Twilight Market or to catch a bite to eat at the local food vendor stalls on the pier.

This area also offers access to restaurants, and there are sometimes locals offering their handmade wares stationed near the entrance to the pier. This is a spot that is easy to get to if you have been visiting Battery Point, and you can make a full night of your time at both locations.


If you have come to Hobart to take in all the cultural offerings that the city can deliver, you will need to make time for the nighttime adventures on this list. There is so much to do in Hobart during the day that it can be easy to forget about all the special events that you take advantage of in the Hobart Harbour area or even in the city center at night. From activities in Franklin Square to live music and dancing in the city center, there is something for everyone to enjoy while they are in this island city.

Make sure that you start your visit to Hobart by securing your luggage. Doing this offers peace of mind that can make your time spent in the city much more flexible. Once you have your hands free, you can head out to shop, dance, and generally have fun in this special Tasmanian city. Hobart is one of the most beautiful cities in Australia, and you will have an amazing time when you stay for work or play.

Things to do at night in Hobart
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