Best Day Trips from Ibiza

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Ibiza is more than endless summers and world-famous nightclubs, this tiny island is filled with locals, tourists, and so many unique attractions and breathtaking views. Ibiza town is a charming town that parties all day and all night. There are also plenty of attractions to see, including intriguing shops to browse and some of the best museums in Ibiza.

While you may be planning a trip to the town of Ibiza, you will want to plan an itinerary that includes day trips from Ibiza to other parts of Spain as well as trips on Ibiza Island where you will see breathtaking sights, gorgeous beaches, natural flora, and beautiful sunsets.

Whether you are only planning a short visit to Ibiza or have a week or more to stay, there are plenty of options for guided day tours or even some self-guided tours that will give you the opportunity to see more of this rather charming region of Spain. Be sure to check out round-trip ferry tickets to save a bit of money while moving about the region.

Before you head out to parts unknown, leave extra bags and backpacks in a luggage storage locker in Ibiza. Day trips should be fun and adventurous, so you don’t want to be weighed down by heavy bags. Travel light to see it all!

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How to get out of Ibiza

If you are staying on Ibiza Island but want to get out of Ibiza City, you can drive yourself around the island, take the bus, or even a taxi. Taking the bus is probably the best way to get around when you are not familiar with the area.

When getting off Ibiza Island to check out some of the surrounding areas, you are going to need a boat or small plane. Most likely, you will travel by boat or ferry to cross the sea to other islands or even mainland Spain.

Ibiza offers so many fabulous guided tours, both in town and throughout the island. Research the tour companies operating in Ibiza Town and pick the day trip tours that you find most interesting. This hands the worry of planning the trip to a pro and gives you the time to relax and see more of the area.

Ibiza to Island Vespa Tour

An experienced tour guide will lead you through Ibiza Island from the town of Ibiza on a Vespa, or a Mod scooter. Feel the wind through your hair and the sun on your face as you take in the natural beauty of the island. Your guide will take you to some well-loved touristy sites as well as less-known but equally fantastic local hangouts.

Each Vespa tour is capped at ten people so you get a personalized tour and can even pick which scooter you want to use during the excursion. It will take about four hours to complete the tour. Your guide will have plenty of scheduled stops and places to get refreshments and snap fabulous photos along the way.

How to get to Ibiza Island Vespa Tour

Most of the Vespa tours begin in the city of Ibiza so you can easily walk to the destination, take a taxi, or if the tour company is close to a bus station you can take the bus. Once you get there, you will check in and pick out which Vespa you will be riding on the tour.

From Ibiza to Tourist Train

If you are in Ibiza with your family, the Ibiza Tourist Train is the best way to see the island while keeping your kids entertained. Everyone will love riding the tourist train along the island’s tracks as it weaves through the island and takes you on a journey. You definitely do not want to forget your camera.

The train will move along the Xaracca shorelines to the Port of San Miguel. Stop by the dripstone caves of Can Marca and see the sights for a bit. Your journey will continue giving you magnificent views of San Juan and Portinatx. The Ibiza Tourist Train does have a few different itineraries so you will want to pick which one best suits what you want to see and do along the way.

How to get to Ibiza Tourist Train

From Ibiza town, you will want to hop on the bus and head to Portinatx where you will catch the tourist train. It will take about 40 minutes by bus to get there, but you will see some magnificent views along the way. Drive yourself or take a taxi for a shorter trip to Portinatx, about half an hour. Once you reach Portinatx, the tourist train departs near the taxi stand.

From Ibiza to Horse Valley

The island's natural beauty is usually lost among the party crowd that flocks to Ibiza for beach parties and nightlife. However, if you are a lover of nature, you do not want to miss the chance to see as much of the island’s natural habitat as possible. A tour through Ibiza Horse Valley is just the ticket.

Located near San Juan, Horse Valley offers a fun and unique way to see more of the forests and mountains. You do not have to be an expert horseback rider to take part in the tour, you just tell the staff what your skill level is and they will pick the right rescue horse for you.

The tour is for ages 12 years and older and will last for about four hours. You will follow your guide through some of Ibiza’s northern forests and past the mountains. The northern region of the island is still pretty much untouched and is wonderful to see.

How to get to Horse Valley

Located near San Juan in northern Ibiza, Horse Valley is easy to reach by either bus or taxi. It will take about an hour to reach Horse Valley by bus and only about 40 minutes by taxi. If you are comfortable driving around the island, you can also drive yourself to Horse Valley.

From Ibiza to San Antonio

Boat trips are a fabulous way to see more of the island in a shorter amount of time. Capitan Nemo is a very popular glass-bottomed boat that operates out of San Antonio. Those on board get incredible views of the sea creatures swimming beneath the boat. The vibrant turquoise waters are simply magnificent and when you are on one of these boat trips you will have the opportunity to swim in off the coast.

When Capitan Nemo docks, you can walk along the fine sandy beaches, sip on a cocktail, and explore the area before getting back on board and continuing.  Capitan Nemo has been around for decades and is an extremely popular attraction.

Pick between the Es Vedra boat trip which takes three hours, or the Natural Park boat trip which takes two hours. Ask about a sunset cruise or sunset tour and where you can head to see the sailing boats in the water. There are even sailing boat tours available.

How to get to San Antonio

Located in San Antonio Bay, it is only about a 40-minute bus ride from Ibiza to the bay so you can catch Capitan Nemo for a boat tour. If you are in a hurry, you can take a taxi which will only take about 15 minutes to get to the bay.

From Ibiza to Ses Salines

Take a day trip from Ibiza to Ses Salines where you can jump into wave-free water and enjoy aimless floating due to the high salt content of the water. Ses Salines gets its name from the salt marshes found here. The Ses Salines Natural Park is an interesting place to check out. There is an 18th-century whitewashed chapel that also has the Visitor Center.

You will love Torre de Ses Portes, the 16th-century pirate watchtower, where you can do a little bird watching. There are over 200 different bird species on Ses Salines, including flamingos, making it ideal for avid ornithologists or birders.  

How to get to Ses Salines

You will have to jump on the car ferry and float on over to Ses Salines. Once you reach Ses Salines if you did not drive, you will need a taxi or the bus to get around the town. The bus is almost always cheaper than taking a taxi but you can personalize your experience when you use a taxi service.

From Ibiza to Spain’s Balearic Islands

There are plenty of boats heading across the Mediterranean Sea to the Balearic Islands from Ibiza. Spend the day soaking up the culture and history of the islands and enjoy some rich, decadent food. Discover Formentera, the smallest of Spain’s Balearic Islands, and check out the more relaxed, unhurried atmosphere. It is a slower pace compared to the party scene in Ibiza.

Just because the atmosphere is more relaxed does not mean it is boring here. There are several terrific restaurants and bars in Formentera. It is a wonderful place for foodies to visit and sample local dishes as well as international dishes with a Spanish or Mediterranean influence. La Savina is a fun place to prop your feet up for a bit.

During your Formentera excursion, you can enjoy paddle boarding and scuba diving, and snorkeling in the crystal-clear water to discover the underwater world just off the pristine beaches of Formentera. Belly up to a beach bar for a fruity cocktail and relax in the sun.

How to get to Spain’s Balearic Islands

There are only two ways to reach the Balearic Islands, by car ferry, or by plane. The ferry is most likely your cheapest option and takes about two and a half hours to get from Ibiza to Spain’s Balearic Islands. If you fly, you can sometimes snag some cheap flights. The flight is just under three hours.  

From Ibiza to Espalmador Island

Just a stone’s throw away from Formentera, Espalmador Island is a privately owned island that is publicly accessible and is part of Spain’s Balearic Islands. The island is virtually untouched and is the perfect place to go when trying to escape the crowds of Ibiza.

Spend the day on S’Espalmador, and catch the sun rays on the pristine beach, hike along the coast, devour a picnic lunch, or meditate in the quietness that surrounds you. The beauty of the island will draw you in and make you want to stay.

How to get to Espalmador Island

You are getting to Espalmador Island only one way and that is by ferry. The tickets for the ferry are not expensive. The ferry takes about 36 minutes to get from Ibiza to S’Espalmador.

From Ibiza to Cala Comte

Only about 15 miles from Ibiza town, Cala Comte is a stunning stretch of sandy beach with white sand, shallow waters, and warm waves. This is a favorite spot for tourists to flock to when they take a break from partying. There are plenty of nearby bars and restaurants, including Sunset Ashram, a popular tourist spot.

Many say Cala Comte is one of the most beautiful shores in the Mediterranean with its rocky coves, sandy beaches, and rather calm turquoise waters. You will notice a lot of people heading to Cala Comte right before sunset, it is one of the best places in Ibiza to watch the sunset. It is free to visit Cala Comte, but if you want a beach chair or umbrella, that will cost a rental fee.

How to get to Cala Comte

Being only 15 miles from Ibiza, you can easily take a taxi or if you are comfortable driving, you can drive yourself. Rent a Vespa to get to the beach for a fun, wind-filled adventure. You can take the bus to Cala Comte from Ibiza if you do not want to hire a taxi for the short trip.

Once in a Lifetime Day Trips from Ibiza

Not long after landing at Ibiza Airport, you will happily agree that Ibiza is filled with many bars, restaurants serving good food, and friendly tourists searching for the best party spot. Summer in Ibiza is the busiest season, so if you are planning on visiting then, have various options in mind for day trips to discover the beautiful island.

There are a number of outdoor activities that are wonderful excursions.  Catch a ferry to Formentera, take a boat trip from Ibiza and enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving. Dive into the blue water for an amazing experience. Day tours from Ibiza will allow you to see more of the region from beautiful beaches to a Formentera day trip.

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