Best Brunch In Liverpool: The Definitive Guide

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Liverpool is a really amazing city to visit for so many good reasons. There are incredible museums, really amazing shopping, and comfortable accommodations in this city. There are also really yummy places to head to if you are looking for a brunch menu. From breakfast sandwiches to bottomless brunch, there are so many inspiring places to eat in this beautiful city.

The first thing that you need to do when you visit Liverpool is make sure that your luggage is safe and secure. Whether you have come in through Liverpool Central Station or you have flown in to visit, you need to be sure that your luggage is in safe storage in Liverpool. Shopping at Liverpool One or enjoying a delicious breakfast is so much easier if you are not worried about the safety of your personal possessions.

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Best Brunch in Liverpool

Best Brunch In Liverpool

There are so many really great spots near the waterfront to enjoy a good breakfast in this city. Bold Street is another great place to head for a late breakfast. Being close to all of the best things in the city to do and see is really helpful, and all of these breakfast spots will get your day started without making you have to travel all over the city. When you stay in these areas, you will have the choice of lots of really great dining options for breakfast as well as brunch.

The Baltic Bakehouse

The Baltic Bakehouse is located on Bridgewater Street. They offer everything from bacon sandwiches to sticky buns and amazing food for brunch. The decor is really cozy, and the location is comfortable as well. If you want access to a complete brunch menu, you need to head here for your first meal of the day.

This is also a great place to enjoy delicious coffee, a pastry, and read a book or newspaper. This is a classic breakfast location, and you can get everything from a simple two eggs breakfast to items from a more unusual menu. You are close to the Baltic Triangle neighborhood here as well, which makes this a great choice for your brunch needs if you have plans in this area later in the day.

The Tavern Co

This is technically a Mexican food spot, but their brunch is well-known for a full breakfast menu as well. You can get French toast as well as a breakfast burrito that is to die for. If you love fruit and yogurt, this is on offer as well. Get a coffee, order a stack of pancakes, and enjoy what amounts to a bottomless brunch here.

You are not far from Sefton when you dine at The Tavern Co, so you can grab your French toast to go and sit down in the park to enjoy your amazing food. No one says that you have to sit down to eat your breakfast indoors, and if the weather is really nice, you might want to enjoy eating outdoors instead.

Liverpool brunch


Head to Bakchich for Lebanese options alongside traditional things like hash browns and eggs benedict. If you want to have some Lebanese salsa on your poached eggs, or you want to include an Afranji hot dog with your order, you can. Lebanese food is well-represented in this city, and having access to a Lebanese breakfast is a unique way to introduce yourself to this cuisine.

The decor here is quirky and eccentric, but that makes this place memorable. Head here for a delicious breakfast and great service, and you won't be disappointed. Bold Street is a great place to be for shopping and for street food, and this spot will let you take your food to go if you want to continue exploring.

The Brunch Club

This spot is right in the heart of the city, and it offers up both breakfast food and drinks. You can also start your day out with a cocktail alongside your hash browns! Their coco-infused milk is famous and makes everything from coffee to cereal taste better!

The Brunch Club is quirky and fun and very popular with locals for a good reason. If you want to head to the waterfront to have fun for the day, this is a good spot to enjoy a Sunday morning brunch and then get out to have fun in the city.

Camp and Furnace

While technically a music venue located near the waterfront, this spot also serves up a tempting breakfast. For an eclectic brunch in Liverpool city centre, this is a good place to visit. You will be able to have a delicious English brunch here, and you will love this stop if you happen to sleep in. Many locals keep this spot on their list for an excellent big breakfast later in the day.

Moose Coffee Liverpool

Moose Coffee

Moose Coffee offers one of the best brunches in Liverpool. You will get huge portions, as well as classic breakfast fare that always hits the spot. The coffee is also excellent here, and you will love that they offer such an extensive menu.

The seating here is a little tight, so bringing a big group might be a little complicated. This is still a great breakfast location, and if you don't mind getting a little cozy with your friends (and a few strangers), this place is definitely worth a try.


The Clockworks is an ideal place for a hearty English breakfast, and you can get black pudding here as well as bloody marys. This spot has everything on the menu, from gluten-free options to pink grapefruit, pancakes, and French toast.

If your goal was to enjoy a filling English breakfast, then this is the perfect place to visit. This spot is industrial in its design, and the service is great. All the classics are on the menu here, and you will get a big breakfast that is delicious and certainly filling.

Shiraz Restaurant

This is a great breakfast location with a Turkish twist. Brunch in Liverpool doesn't have to trend toward American offerings, and Shiraz Restaurant will serve you an English breakfast or a Turkish one if you prefer. This is a bit of a hidden gem in the city, and you can get a full English breakfast here as well as Turkish brunch options.

The atmosphere is great and you are right by the Baltic Triangle, which means you can start your day off with really good food and then start having fun in Liverpool with ease!

Hanover Street Social

Hanover Street Social offers a vegetarian full English breakfast as well as all the classic brunch options. The red sofas and dark wood interior remind you of a classic pub, and this is one of the most enjoyable brunch spots in the city for coziness alone.

If you want to enjoy a classic like eggs benny, sourdough toast, or a bloody mary, this is the right place to sit down to eat.

Plant-based brunch in Liverpool

Rococo Coffee House

This coffee house serves all-day breakfast, and you can get delicious food of all kinds at Rococo. There are smoothie bowls, fresh berries, poached eggs, pancakes and maple syrup, and much more on the menu. This spot is easy to pass by if you aren't looking, and you would be missing out on a dining experience if you walk on by.

If you want some tea and cake, you can get that here as well, at any time of the day. This is not really a bottomless brunch option but is instead a place for great food all day long.

Turtle Bay- Liverpool Victoria Street

For bottomless brunch, cocktails, great food, and a really fun atmosphere, this is the right choice to make. Everyone loves happy hour at Turtle Bay, and the brunch menu is offered at a great price. This is a very fun, funky, and comfortable atmosphere that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

No matter what kind of food you want to have to start the day, this is the right place to pick. Located near water street, this spot is a good jumping-off location for many of the best things to do in Liverpool.

Soul Cafe

For hearty portions, crisp bacon, and crunchy hash browns, head to Soul Cafe. The decor is unique, and you can get a complimentary cup of coffee and tea here with your meal. This spot is known for English breakfasts, but you can also get vegetarian options and gluten-free choices if that's your preference.

If you want black pudding, eggs, toast, pancakes, or lighter choices, this is the bar and restaurant to sit down at. The friendly staff makes this location a great choice at brunch time for a really reasonable price.


This swanky locale is usually used for dance parties and live music. However, on the weekend, it's the place to go for one of the best brunches in the city. On Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 3 pm you can get access to a full breakfast menu. Enjoy the atmosphere here, which is so much more special than a regular bar.

You will feel spoiled by the staff at Neighbourhood, and the food is always tasty. For a really unique restaurant experience, you need to head here.

Brunch in Liverpool

Brunch is one of the best meals in Liverpool

Brunch is one of the most satisfying meals of the day when you sleep in a little, and there are so many wonderful breakfast options in Liverpool to enjoy for brunch. From Lebanese to classic English breakfast, you can get any kind of breakfast item that you want in this Merseyside city. No matter which restaurant you pick for your late-morning meal, you will get excellent service, great food, and inventive drinks if you want them.

Liverpool is a really exciting city, and there is so much to do and see when you visit. Sleeping in isn't a crime, and you will be able to get a filling meal no matter how late you wake up during your stay. From bar locations that open their doors on the weekends to classic breakfast diner locations, there are so many options for brunch in this beautiful city.

When you decide to have fun in Liverpool, make sure that your luggage is safe and secure, and then you can head out to have fun without worry.

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