Where To Stay In Liverpool: The Ultimate Neighborhood Guide

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Where to stay in Liverpool

Liverpool is one of the nicest cities in the UK and one of the most interesting places to head for art, culture, and delicious food. There are amazing things to do in Liverpool both during the day and at night, and this city is very easy to navigate. If you have planned to come just to experience Liverpool One or the Liverpool City Centre, you can stay within easy walking distance of these attractions.

Before you start thinking about where to stay in Liverpool, you need to make sure that your bags are secure while you are visiting the City Centre, shopping at the malls, or enjoying the art museums in town. Taking the time to secure your luggage at a Bounce storage in Liverpool can allow you the peace of mind that you need to have a fun and enjoyable day in the city.

Once your bag is safe, you will be free to start sorting out which of the amazing Liverpool activities you want to do first. To facilitate your exploration, you need a hotel suited to your needs. There are many nice areas of the city that offer more than one hotel, so the question of where to stay in Liverpool can be easier to handle than you might think.

Hotels in Liverpool

Liverpool City Centre

For access to the hustle and bustle of the city during the day and to enjoy the nightlife areas of the city as well, the City Centre is the place to stay. Planning a stay in Liverpool is really easy if you want to make sure that you are close to these key activities. Liverpool One is near this location, and you will have access to lots of pubs, bars, and delicious restaurants in the area as well.

For a family-friendly hotel in this area, you might want to consider The Shankley Hotel, but if you want to make sure that you enjoy luxury during your time in the City Centre, the Hilton Liverpool City Centre, as well as the Posh Pads at Liverpool One, are great choices. Liverpool's City Centre will give you access to the key areas that the Beatles frequented as well as most of the prime shopping in the city.

This is a really nice choice to make for your stay if you want to be able to walk to most of the attractions that you want to see. There are so many of the best parts of the city here within walking distance like market streets and St. George's Quarter where most of the buildings maintain their Victorian charm.

Liverpool City Centre is one of the best places to stay in Liverpool, and you might want to put this location at the top of your list.

Places to stay in Liverpool

Albert Dock Area

Albert Dock is a great place to visit or stay for access to art, museums, great food, and fun activities. The Merseyside Maritime Museum and the International Slavery Museum are located here, and you can also enjoy the Tate Liverpool Art Gallery in this part of town. The Albert Dock area is not far from the City Centre, which means that you can enjoy the best of both worlds when you choose this site for your hotel.

The Beatles Story Museum is located in Albert Dock, and you can easily walk off Albert Dock to take in attractions like the Duke Street Food Market and Hanover Street, where there are many amazing restaurants. There are many streets near Albert Dock that have access to food and nightlife, which means that this is a great place to choose for your Liverpool hotel.

There are backpacking hotels in this part of Liverpool, like the YHA Liverpool, and also mid-range hotels like the eccentric floating hotel, The Joke Boat. You can also enjoy four-star comfort at Malmaison Liverpool in this part of the city.

Baltic Triangle

This part of the city is a great choice if you love good food and want to be able to enjoy good eats during your stay in Liverpool. This is a sub-section of the City Centre, and you can find activities of all kinds here. Baltic Triangle is a fun place for younger people to stay when they are choosing their City Centre hotel spot, and this industrial and gritty area is home to some of the best Liverpool hotels, as well as some of the best bars and things to do.

When considering where to stay in Liverpool, there are budget hotels in Baltic Triangle that are backpacker-friendly as well as the 87 Wood Street Apart Hotel. All of these spots are close to fun dance clubs and live music spots like the Camp and Furnace, and you can head over to Queen's Wharf easily. If you want to pop over to Albert Dock while you are staying in Baltic Triangle, you can do that with public transport or a rideshare.

For young people thinking about where to stay in Liverpool, Baltic Triangle should be top of the list. The Baltic Market, as well as the nearby street food vendors, can help make your time visiting Liverpool more affordable and it is always simple to grab a bite to eat in this part of town after a night out.

Hotel amenities in Liverpool

Hope Street

The Hope Street area is where all of the old, graceful, and Victorian buildings are in the city. The UK's biggest cathedral is located at the end of this street, and there are both cheap hotels here and fancy accommodations for your stay. This is a part of the city where street art, spots like St. James Mount and the Gardens, and street food all come together to make one really alluring combination of things to do and see.

This location is not far from the City Centre, and you can easily get over to the Albert Dock Liverpool area, or Bold Street from here by using Liverpool's public transport system. When choosing a Hope Street hotel, you can pick from the logically named Hope Street Hotel, as well as budget backpacker spots and five-star luxury hotels.

Hope Street is a foodie's dream as there are amazing bars, breakfast spots, and fancy dining locations up and down the street. If you want to take in some street art, enjoy a show, or some fine dining, you will want to stay in Hope Street during your time in Liverpool.


This creative area is known as an artistic quarter within the city but it is within walking distance of Bold Street, where shopping is amazing, and street food is even better. Ropewalks offers access to many practical hotel options that are like small apartments that you can rent during your stay. Your access to luxury hotels will be limited in this part of the city, but that is likely not why you wanted to stay here.

Being able to head out to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the busiest part of the city is simple here, and the best hotels for your needs might actually be these practical locations that are clean, simple, and set up well for your stay. This is a great part of the city to select if you are planning to be in the area for a few weeks and want to save a little money and be more comfortable while you are in town.

Duke Street is close to Ropewalks, and you can head to this area for access to the market as well as Chinatown and great live music venues and bars. This is a fun place within the city to stay, and young people tend to gather here to enjoy the nightlife and the art galleries that are within easy reach of this spot.

Where to stay in Liverpool

Crosby Beach

While not technically part of the City Centre area of Liverpool, this beach town along the River Alt is near the port of Liverpool, and it's quiet, serene, and beautiful. If you want to be able to head into the city for some fun, but come back to a quiet place to rest and recuperate each day, Crosby Beach is a great choice for your needs.

Your options to stay here are usually small, boutique hotels, as well as guesthouses and places that operate like B&Bs. This is the kind of little town where everyone knows everyone else, and you will feel welcomed and at home as soon as you arrive. You might be far away from Albert Dock Liverpool, and you might have to travel into town to see the World Museum, but you will have access to the sand, the ocean air, and the quiet.

Beach towns in the UK have a special charm all their own, and there are few places that offer such a unique and relaxing atmosphere. If you have always wanted to visit Liverpool, but really don't need to stay inside the busiest parts of the city, Crosby Beach is the right choice for you.


While not really a common choice for accommodations when visiting Liverpool, Everton is a district of Liverpool that is within a reasonable distance of the best attractions that the city has to offer. Once the home of Paul McCartney, this charming little area is mostly residential, but there are also some cute boutique hotels that offer affordable accommodations for your stay.

You will love the charming and quiet location of this little neighborhood, and you can easily pop into the City Centre and then head back to your little B&B for a quiet evening in. This is the kind of charming area that the UK is famous for and the comfort and peace of this spot is second-to-none.

The Queen Square train station is nearby, and you can access the best of what Liverpool has to offer each day without having to stay right in the heart of the city itself. While you might not have access to luxury hotels here, you will be cozy and cared for at your B&B.

City Centre Hotels in Liverpool


This area is right by Sefton Park, and it is another one of the quieter places within the city. You can get really affordable accommodations here, and some of the best hotels in the city are located in this spot. There is a lake, great hikes, the greenhouse within the park, and you are not far from Lark Lane, where pubs, bars, and food are available.

This is a great neighborhood to choose if you have a large group with you and you need to pick an affordable hotel for your stay. It is simple to hop over to the World Museum for the day or to enjoy the Walker Art Gallery with this location as your home base. For a cost-effective stay that is in an area that is comfortable and welcoming, Toxteth is your best bet.

There are lots of apartment-like hotels here as well as B&B-style hotel locations. You can also pick a hotel location that offers some services like a hotel, like room cleaning once a week. If you want to save some money but not be forced to do all the work during your stay, these locations will be ideal for your hotel needs.

Where to stay in Liverpool


No matter what kind of hotel you have wanted to find for your stay in Liverpool, the various areas of the city listed in this guide show that there is an area for every taste and budget. You will have all of the right kinds of hotel options in each of these areas, and you can easily find the right affordable option or the perfect luxury hotel choice for your needs. Liverpool is a city that is very easy to navigate and that offers nightlife, galleries and museums, and so much more. If you love Beatlemania, you have access to this attraction as well while you visit.

Always take the time to store your luggage properly in Liverpool, and you will have a great time during your stay.

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