Where To Find The Best Street Food In Liverpool

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Street food in Liverpool

Liverpool is a fantastic place to visit for so many reasons. There are incredible hotels to stay in, amazing scenery to see on the area's various hikes, and exciting shopping options as well. There are also lots of great locations to enjoy street food in this lovely city. If you enjoy a vacation in part because of the varied dining that you can enjoy, you will love your time in Liverpool!

The first thing that you need to do when you head to Liverpool, is make sure that your bags are looked after. Whether you have come into the area via Liverpool Central Station, or you are heading to Liverpool One for some shopping, having your bags in secure storage in Liverpool is important.

Once your bags are stored, and you can stop worrying about them, you are ready to head out to find the best street food in Liverpool.

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Street food in Liverpool

The Best Street Food Vendors in Liverpool

Mowgli Street Food

This lovely street food truck belongs to Nisha Katona, who left her job as a barrister to bring delicious Indian food to the streets of Liverpool. This is an incredible Indian street food restaurant that serves classic meals that you can eat on the go. Mowgli is a street food truck rolled into a cultural experience that you will not soon forget.

In a country well-known for its abundance of Indian food, you know this place is good to be able to stand out from the rest. You will love the street food menu here, and you will probably want to come back more than once.

Laros Greek

Located on Bold Street, this is the perfect spot to find a street food menu packed with Greek favorites. There are also some really delightful fusion items on the menu, like the Talagani Chees Fries. You can get gyros, dessert, and more here at this special food cart.

Laros Greek is a location that will place you right in the heart of some of the best shopping in Liverpool, which makes this an excellent choice for your lunch or a break during your retail therapy.

Nolita Cantina

Come here for some delicious burgers and their famous Spicy Meatball Mozzarella Bun. This is a great choice for people who love American cuisine but with a fusion twist. All of the meats served in the sandwiches and burgers sold here are slow-cooked in a brick oven, which gives them a unique smoky taste. If slow-cooked meats and BBQ fusion is your style, you can get that here as well as some great burgers and American dishes.

Also located just off Bold Street, this is a great street food option if you want to end your day of shopping with a hearty meal or if you are ready to take a break and sit down on a bench and enjoy a delicious burger.

Burgers in Liverpool

Bubba's Trap Kitchen

This food truck is a new addition to the Liverpool street food scene, and this practical homestyle cooking location offers comfort foods based on a BBQ background. The menu is wildly off-kilter, with funny items like sparkle tea alongside classic chicken, waffles, and fried chicken.

The meals here are filling, and you will be given some of the best and heartiest street food snacks at this location. Head here for tasty food that will feed a large group for a great price.

Big Lola's Tacqueria

If you think you can't find Mexican street food while visiting Liverpool, luckily, you're wrong. This location serves delicious street food like street tacos and slow-cooked beef brisket. You will enjoy fair prices and lots of food in each order when you choose to stop in here for a bite.

Inspired for a food truck in San Francisco, this spot offers an eclectic menu that includes the best of what Mexican cuisine can offer. You can get everything from a great taco to Mexican pickled onions here with your order. Street food is not really street food if there are no tacos on the menu!


Derek's is a classic sarnie shop and the place to get the best street food sarnies in the city. You can get classic New York-style sarnies here, and you will love that the menu sticks to all the best kinds of flavor offerings for traditional sandwiches.

Many of the sandwiches on this menu are named in reference to actors, movies, and classic TV favorites. Derek's makes small sandwiches that pack a punch, and there is no better place to grab a meal when you are in Liverpool and want a quick bite.

Street food lineups in Liverpool

Where To Find The Best Liverpool Street Food Spots

Bold Street

Bold Street is one of the main commercial areas of the city of Liverpool, and there are lots of great food options here that line this shopping street. You can get everything from a chipotle chicken wrap filled with flavor to a goat's cheese pizza at the shops and street food carts in this area. Bold Street combines an old-world shopping experience with access to food of all kinds.

If you want to shop and be fed well while you're at it, this is the right place to head for both experiences.

Berry Street

Berry Street is located just adjacent to Bold Street and is a haven for all kinds of street food as well. Bars and pubs are spread out along this route and locations for American-style hot breakfasts and Italian food. You can usually pop into these spots and just grab and go, or you can choose to sit down at the locations that are not food trucks.

This area is right in the heart of the oldest part of the city, so the atmosphere is delightful, and the service is friendly and fun. Berry Street offers you the chance to enjoy a wine bar, a chili cheesy waffle, or a sarnie all in one place.

Hope Street

Hope street offers access to some more outstanding eating venues, and you can enjoy everything from food carts to sit-down locations that are a bit more upscale. These are some of the best restaurants for sit-down meals, but you are always welcome to order to-go at many of these locations and get back to your adventures.

You can head from Hope Street over to Free State Kitchen, a Maryland street diner. Grab a pint, some American burgers, and fries, or order to-go and keep on with your day. There are lots of simple fare options within walking distance of Hope Street, and you will not be disappointed if you choose to eat in this area.

Ice cream  cone in Liverpool

St. Paul's Square

This is a spot that is better suited for a quick and delicious breakfast, and there are lots of coffee shops in this area that you can enjoy for a morning starter that will get your day off on the right foot. While not specifically street food, coffee shops are almost always treated as grab-and-go locations, and you will have the option to visit numerous in this old part of the city.

Named for the church that was located here, this location offers access to some eclectic shopping and some sightseeing of the older buildings in the city. You can choose to begin your day of fun here and then move on to other areas with more shops and the chance for some more filling meals.

Water Street

This is the location that will offer you the most street food cart selection, and you will love that you can head here for tasty meals from many different countries. Mowgli, Black Barrel, and Pinch are all located here but there are also options like Can Cook just up the road.

Can Cook lets you enjoy falafel as well as chicken and pork dishes, and they move around from place to place within this area. Many of these carts do wander some, so you will want to walk around the Water Street area carefully if you are trying to spot a specific cart when you visit. You can also stumble across new sellers that you have not met up with before, which makes this part of the city a bit of a fun adventure for your eating pleasure.

Street Food Festivals in Liverpool

Craft Beers Expo

This event takes place in August, and you can count on it to deliver access to unique small-batch brews of all kinds as well as delicious foods. Located in Liverpool's Baltic Triangle, an intriguing neighborhood, you will be able to enjoy access to all of the local craft brews that you can handle as well as food from many of the city's best restaurant locations.

Craft beers are plentiful in this region, and you will get to try everything from a lager to a stout when you attend any of the beer festivals that are held in Liverpool.

Wirral Beer Festival

This food and drink festival happens in March, and it takes place at Hulme Hall. The event promises more than 200 beers to try as well as many food stalls offering their cuisine for your enjoyment. Live music is also on the schedule for the event. If you have not noticed by now, Liverpool really loves beer, and this is one of many beer expos and festivals that are held each year in this city.

Fish and chips in Liverpool

Beer Drink With Me

Held in a warehouse in Liverpool, you will be treated to locally crafted beer and a pre-determined menu of food when you attend this event. This is a really unique location to enjoy this kind of party, but the curated menu of brews and snacks is well worth investing in a ticket. This party takes place in April, and there is a notation to remember to dress warmly for the location.

Warehouse parties are not as common as you might think in Europe, but for those who have attended them frequently in the US in connection with brewery events, this will certainly seem familiar.

Taste Liverpool

This new festival for 2022 will provide access to all of the best food vendors along Hope, Bold, and Castle Street. The event will run for four days, and the city has stated that it is set to be the best and tastiest festival ever held in Liverpool. You can count on beer being on the menu during the event since this is Liverpool, and you will be able to try street food offerings from all of the best carts and locations in the city.

Some of the most famous Bordeaux wineries have also agreed to attend and offer tastings of their best product. You would not usually have this kind of access to such a well-known product without paying a hefty cost, so if you love wine, this is a must-do event when you are in town.


If you love a good street food snack and you have wanted to find out what Liverpool's street food scene is all about, there are many great ways to experience this part of the city's culture. Every culture is represented in the food carts in this city, and you can enjoy tastes from all over the world when you pop over to the various street food centers in the city.

If you want to try a locally-made beer or looking for some really good Indian or Mexican cuisine, these things are on offer around nearly every corner in Liverpool. Liverpool is a great place to visit for shopping, sightseeing, and eating, and you will be able to enjoy all of these attractions in the same place when you visit locations like Bold Street.

Make sure that your bags are stored safely and properly before you head out to have fun and then enjoy your culinary experience in this historical city.

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