How To Get Around Liverpool

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Buses in Liverpool

Liverpool is a beautiful city full of history, fun things to do, and really delicious restaurants to enjoy. Whether you have come here for the exciting nightlife, or you are visiting to do some shopping, you will have lots of fun while you are visiting Liverpool. Getting around Liverpool is really straightforward as well, which makes this an ideal place for those who don't want to waste any time being lost while they're on vacation.

The first thing that you have to do when you head to Liverpool is make sure that your luggage is safe and secure. Taking care that your bags are in secure storage in Liverpool is important so that you can have fun seeing the city without dragging your bags around. For those who have flown in through Liverpool John Lennon Airport, or those coming into the city at Lime Street Station, there is easy-to-access luggage storage just around the corner.

Once your bags are secure and your hands are free, you will have a much better time making your way around the city.

Liverpool Lime Street Station

How To Get Around Liverpool By Train

Merseyrail Trains offers travelers access to 68 train stations in and around the Liverpool city center area. There are four underground stations within the main area of the city, Lime Street Station, Liverpool Central, Moorfields, and James Street. These spots will let you off at all the key areas of the city, and it is really simple to navigate the train system in this city.

You can get a day saver ticket to save money if you are only going to be in town for the day, or you can choose to pick up a family ticket if you have a large group that you are traveling with. These tickets are bought online and delivered via email so that you do not have to fuss with going to the ticket office and sorting out the details on the fly. There are a few holidays where train service might be limited or unavailable, so you might need to check with the train schedule if you are in the city over a holiday.

Northern train lines can be really crowded during peak times before and after work, so be advised of this small hiccup that might make your train travel uncomfortable at these times of the day. This is one of the best ways to get around the city, and you will have no trouble navigating to all of the key central Liverpool locations that you might want to see using this method of transportation.

Places like the Merseyside Maritime Museum, Liverpool One, Royal Albert Dock, and the World Museum can be readily accessed when you buy a train ticket to help you get from place to place. This is probably one of the most critical investments that you can make when you are planning your Liverpool trip to make sure that you do not have to waste time trying to get around using less convenient methods.

The Lime Street station is the oldest grand terminus mainline that is left in use in the world. This is a place that you might want to visit just to see it and appreciate it, but it is also one of the hubs along the train line that is convenient to many of the best things to see and do while you visit.

This is also a great spot to find a taxi if you need one or to rent a bike and head out for some adventures during the day. If you do rent a bike from the terminal here, you will just need to return it before the end of the day. There are so many ways to utilize the benefit of the train stations in the city and you might not be coming to this spot just to get on a train.

How to get around Liverpool

How To Get Around Liverpool By Bus

There are actually lots of really easy-to-use bus lines in this city, and you can get to many of the best places in the city by using the bus. You will be able to visit Liverpool locations like Liverpool Cathedral, Liverpool One, the Lady Lever Art Gallery, and all the shopping centre spots with a quick ride on a bus line.

One of the nice things about the bus lines in this city is that they do operate at night. This is one of the reasons that many travelers to Liverpool do plan to get bus tickets, just in case they are caught out a bit late and can't get on the train or can't find a taxi to take them back to their hotel. The bus can be a really good option if you have forgotten your train schedule or have ended up in a part of town that you are not totally familiar with.

Merseytravel manages the bus station locations throughout the city and you can pick up tickets online or at one of the two major bus hub locations. The Liverpool One station and the Queen Square station have help centers where you can get your tickets and talk to helpful staff members about the best way to buy tickets and to navigate the city. Public transport on the bus is a green and affordable way to get around this large city.

If you have been walking all day and are ready for a little break, the bus is an easy-to-access form of public transport and a comfortable way to rest your feet. This is nothing like the old, cramped, and dirty buses that are used in some major cities, and you will be impressed with how effective and comfortable this form of transportation is within Liverpool.

This station will also connect you with trains that head out to Leeds, York, and Newcastle. Liverpool is a huge transportation hub, so you can enjoy day trips to other locations with ease if you want to use the train to head out of town and then back again when you are done with your day's plans.

Parking in Liverpool

How To Get Around Liverpool By Car

Liverpool is actually fairly easy to navigate with a car, and if you choose to rent a vehicle, you will probably be able to find parking in most areas of the city. The trouble with many of the most popular locations in this large and sprawling city is that parking might not be close to where you want to visit. You might have to park quite a ways away and walk in to your next destination.

If you think that you want to head outside the city to see some of the surrounding areas, a car rental could be a good option despite this difficulty. You just need to be aware that parking at your hotel and some of the more central locations with Liverpool can be a little tough at times, as well as being expensive.

There are a few car parks around the city that you can use if you are going to be driving a rented car and need a place to drop it off. You can enjoy easy parking for your car at the Captial Car Park on the Strand, one of the three car parks that serve the Liverpool One shopping center, at Q-Park, and the Queen Square car park, which is open 24 hours a day. These areas can get quite crowded during peak times or school holidays, so you might not be able to plan on getting parking at these locations all the time.

Overall, the cost to rent a car does not really make sense for most people who are traveling to Liverpool. You will end up using your feet to enjoy shopping, interactive exhibits, and some of the other things that the old town has to offer, so public transport can be the best bet for most of your needs.

There is a significant rush hour each day as well, which many tourists are warned about if they say that they want to rent a car while they are visiting. Imagine trying to drive around your own city during rush hour and then multiply that by many times. This is a huge city and one that has a lot of sound reasons for public transport over car hire or renting your own vehicle while you are staying.

If you do feel like skipping the wait at the bus station or the train station, you will be able to use a rideshare or a taxicab for your needs as well. There are taxi rank locations near many of the train stations in the city if you want to be able to take a break from the bus or the train for a little bit during one of your days in the city.

Walking in Liverpool

Can I Get Around Liverpool By Foot?

Walking around is one of the best ways to enjoy this lovely city. Most of the waterfront areas, as well as the central locations within Liverpool, offer the fun things you will want to see and do and are only accessible on foot. You will be able to take the bus or the train to each of these places within the city, but then you will need to walk to get to see the places that you have come to visit.

Most of the shopping streets in the city are only accessible on foot, and you will love walking from place to place to take in what the city has to offer. From street food to the town hall to the River Mersey, there are so many things to see and do when you are on foot.

You can also elect to rent a bike and enjoy the city with a bit more speed and a lot more maneuverability. This is a common option for those who want to have access to a speedier means of travel without having to figure out a car hire or a bus ticket.

River Mersey in Liverpool

The Mersey Ferries are also famous, and many people use these fun water conveyances to see the city from a new perspective. You will be able to walk right onto these water taxis that cross the River Mersey and head to your planned locations in Wirral, as well as spots that are on the other side of the river from your hotel.

There are few areas within Liverpool's city center that are not meant to be enjoyed entirely on foot, so you will want to bring good walking shoes and plan to spend a lot of time each day on your feet. If you want to connect from one place to another with ease, you can use train terminals like Lime Street Lower Level to rest your tired toes and get ready for your next adventure across town.

Taxis in Liverpool

Liverpool is Very Easy to Navigate

There are few cities in Europe that are as easy to navigate as Liverpool. This is a city that offers many options for your transportation needs, and you should not feel compelled to rent a car, hire a taxi, or struggle to walk from one location to another all day long. You can use a blend of different means of getting around here, and the cost of your tickets for your transportation will not break the bank.

From Lime Street Lower Level to John Lennon Airport, there are connections to all the major spots in this city on all of the various kinds of transportation available to you. Use maps and online instructions to find everything that you want to see and experience in this city with ease when you use the public transport options Liverpool has to offer.

Whether you are staying in town for a while or are only visiting for the day, make sure that your luggage is in safe storage before you head out to have fun seeing the best of Liverpool.

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