Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Liverpool

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Shopping in Liverpool

Liverpool is an enjoyable place to visit for a whole variety of reasons. There is so much to do in this city, and you can enjoy Liverpool shopping in various parts of the city. There is every kind of shopping here, from shopping centre locations to independent stores and boutiques. If you love high fashion, Liverpool has it on offer as well. Liverpool is also a really excellent place to visit for delicious street food and an easy-to-navigate city that invites you right in with open arms.

The first thing you need to attend to when you visit Liverpool is to store your luggage safely. Whether you have come through Liverpool Central Station or have arrived at Lime Street Station, the safe storage of your bags is critical to your enjoyment of your time in the city. Once your bags have been placed in a secure Bounce storage in Liverpool, you are ready to head out to enjoy some shopping!

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Liverpool One shopping

Royal Albert Dock

This is a really delightful part of the city to visit due to the historic buildings and the general atmosphere of the city here. Despite being the site of the old city dock, there are lots of really lovely independent stores here to enjoy. Tate Liverpool is a great choice for your shopping needs if you want to pick up some lovely art or unique local crafted wares.

This shopping spot is a great place for retail therapy, and you will be near lots of enjoyable eateries and pubs as well. This is a surprisingly variable location that offers everything from the unique with Tate Liverpool to the traditional shopping options that you might be looking for.

This location is also by lots of the various other kinds of shopping in Liverpool, so you can readily combine a stop here with your other shopping plans for the day.

Liverpool One

This huge shopping centre is an open-air location. This is one of the most unique shopping centres in Liverpool, and there are 170 shops here to pick and choose from. Each building in this shopping location was designed by a different architect, so you will enjoy a really artistic and unique shopping experience here.

Enjoy access to all kinds of designer outlets as well as local sellers and moderately-priced wares here. This spot is as much about the shopping as it is about the experience, and neither one will disappoint.

Bold Street

This is a great choice for your shopping needs if you love quirky gift items, antiques, or vintage shopping. There is a lovely organic food market nestled inside of this shopping location as well. Farmers' markets are quite common in Liverpool, but this one is different from the other more traditional shopping opportunities in the city.

This place should be on your list of shopping centres to visit just to enjoy the scenery of this area and to experience what local shopping in Liverpool is all about. There are few places that offer this much ambiance as well as great shopping, and you can have a fun day here with ease.

Church Street

This is a really nice shopping street that is closed to cars and offers many different kinds of shops. You can head here to visit nail bars, step into a Hugo Boss, or look at the wares of a local independent craftsman. Being able to walk while you shop and take in the sights is also a really nice benefit of this shopping street.

This is one of the oldest parts of town, and this area used to be the home of St. Peter's Church. This area is considered one of the high street shopping locations in the city, and you will find all kinds of things to do and enjoy in this area of Liverpool.

Bold Street Shopping in Liverpool

Lark Lane

If boutique shopping is your taste, this is the right part of the city to visit. There are many restaurants and pubs in this part of the city to enjoy as well while you shop. This area is also home to The Old Police House, which houses flea markets, fairs, and farmers' markets periodically.

There is an eclectic combination of shops in this area, and you will love the local and historic feel of Lark Lane itself. You can easily imagine that you have stepped back in time when you visit this part of the city which can make for a really enjoyable day, shopping aside.

Red Brick Market

Located near the Baltic Triangle area, this is a good place to head for access to baked goods, eateries, and handmade goods sold by their makers. You can find a bit of everything here, and the changing face of the market keeps things interesting.

This is a good place for a really varied shopping experience that you will not get when you are shopping in Liverpool city centre.

St. John's Shopping Centres and Market

The current market in this location dates back to the 70s, but the original market by this name was established in 1822. Located near the Lime Street station, this location is in nearly every Liverpool shopping guide that you can buy.

The observation deck inside the shopping area gives you access to scenic views of the city, and there have been recent improvements to add a food court and public restrooms. The market area also has its own radio station playing, and you will enjoy access to a wide array of local products and goods here.

Probe Records

Vinyl has become popular again, and this music store has enjoyed a new popularity. Open since the 70s, this is an iconic local record store that still feels like a traditional music shop should. Famous musicians have worked here in the past, and the history of the location is worth a visit even if you are not a lover of vinyl.

For those who are music lovers, there is so much about this place that will be enjoyable. How many places can you find stacks of records for sale and enjoy access to new releases from independent artists?

Liverpool Tate shopping


This is one of the fanciest locations to shop in the city, and you will want to come here for a high street shopping experience as well as access to boutiques and luxury stores. This is the place to find everything from Hugo Boss to Armani Exchange.

This is a very different shopping experience than a place like Albert Dock, but if you love a designer brand and want to get some luxury clothing items, this is the place for you. The Metquarter location is open-air and gorgeous, which makes it a fun day of shopping when the weather is nice.

Known as Liverpool's Bond Street, this location was the result of a revitalization project that refurbished a much older building. Shoppers here will be treated to all kinds of luxury and high-end boutiques that would not have had a home without the Metquarter project.

Mathew Street

Lovers of the Beatles will have access to four unique memorabilia locations on Mathew Street. The Liverpool Beatles Museum is also located here, and you might want to pop in as well. There is everything from legos to puzzles with the Beatles' faces on them here. The narrow alleys of this shopping street feel delightfully old-fashioned, and you will enjoy wandering and taking in the sights and sounds as well as the shopping.

If you have a Beatles fan at home that could not make the trip with you, you will need to head to this spot to get them a gift. The narrow alleys and charming feel of this part of the city are as enjoyable as the kitschy Beatles shopping locations.

Lord Street

Another shopping street near the center of Liverpool, Lord Street, is quite short but offers you access to local sellers in the city centre. This spot is close to the Liverpool One location as well as Church Street, so you can combine your shopping experiences seamlessly.

There is a certain charm to this area of the city, and even if you are not looking for the kinds of wares that Lord Street offers, you might want to head over for the ambiance. The Liverpool One shopping center has largely subsumed this area, but you will find that there is a lot of charm left in the remaining short street.

Best shops in Liverpool

Cain's Brewery Village

Open since the mid-1800s, the Cain's Brewery location was recently rescued from demolition by a grant and has been refurbished to offer access to shopping, mixed-use spaces, and even performance spaces. This is a really unique and special experience to access inside of Liverpool.

Locals will tell you that there is a bit of everything inside of this shopping location and you can get dog clothes, fresh fruits and vegetables, and clothing and home goods when you visit the village. This is one of the best places in the city to visit if you love eclectic shopping and you should consider putting this stop into your itinerary.

Reid of Liverpool

If you love books, this is a place that you absolutely have to visit when you are in Liverpool. Reid of Liverpool is a treasure trove of books with 40,000 titles in the store. This spot is near both of Liverpool's universities, which is likely part of why the titles here are so varied.

You can get fiction, scientific books, or philosophical treatises here as well as arcane and strange works. This is the right place to head if you miss bookstores and want to wallow in the smell and feel of real books from many different genres.

Cavern Walks Shopping Center

This is a fun location that is home to a variety of kitschy stores, some of which are dedicated to the Beatles. You can enjoy access to beauty and jewelry stores here too. This is a little tucked-away location that usually is only visited by locals.

Head to this spot for some silly finds as well as some of Liverpool's most unique stores. You will be near St. John's shopping center here as well as the Royal Albert Dock area. Stopping into this location can be a fun little break as you pass from one shopping destination to another.

Bluecoat Display Center

If you love art, this is the right place for you to make a stop when you are in Liverpool. There are more than 350 artists on display here, and there is even a cafe that you can drop in to have a snack at before you shop. This is a good place to visit for art purchases, to shop for handcrafted jewelry, and so much more.

There are many kinds of art to be enjoyed here, even if you are not shopping for a specific piece to take home with you. Art lovers and those who love to window shop will both have an enjoyable time at this location.

Clothing shopping in Liverpool


Liverpool offers so much to love. There is excellent dining, delightful shopping, and wonderful historical sites to see when you visit this city in the UK. If you love buying designer brands, or you want to get a piece of art made by a local artist, you can enjoy both kinds of shopping in Liverpool. There are few places on earth that will offer you access to a street fair, a flea market, and a luxury boutique, all within walking distance of one another.

Liverpool is a city rich with history and full of fun things to do. Visitors of all ages can have fun here shopping, checking out historical destinations, and taking in the fun and fanfare of this town. Make sure that you put your luggage into secure storage before you start shopping. Having the peace of mind that your bags are safe and sound will only make your time in this wonderful city more rewarding.

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