The Best Time to Visit Los Angeles 2024: the Ultimate Guide

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Los Angeles, or L.A. as it is commonly referred to, is a popular city in Southern California and also the United State's second largest metropolitan area. It is a beautiful place situated right between the Pacific Ocean and a mountain range with picturesque landscapes surrounding the city limits. LA itself lies on a coastal plain right by the water and is home to some great beaches. It began as just a large village but has been transformed into a powerful city that is known around the world. This beautiful locale gained fame and wealth in the early 20th century and is now the location of a successful filming industry. It is a dominant touristic, agricultural, commercial and industrial center and is home to an abundance of actors and celebrities.

Are you planning to visit this world-class city? There is always some planning required when you decide to visit somewhere new, and Los Angeles is no different. Before you book your plane tickets you will need to learn about the city, what you can do here and when the best time to visit is for you. Keep reading to learn about the area, its attractions, music festivals, climate and weather so you can decide when you want to travel to LA. If you are out and about in the city and are looking for a place where you can store your belongings, make your way to the closest luggage locker in Los Angeles. Leave any heavy bags or extra gear behind while you see the city.

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Summer in Los Angeles: July to September

July to September are the summer months in Los Angeles and this is when you can experience some very hot days, especially in the heart of the city. It's a great time of year to grab a salad at one of LA's best vegetarian restaurants. And if you make your way to the coast in areas like Long Beach, Venice Beach, or the Santa Monica Pier you can enjoy the cool breeze from the ocean. The climate gets warmer as you head into the city so keep this in mind if you are going to be spending lots of time in Downtown Los Angeles. If you head east towards the desert that is when you will encounter some sweltering temperatures, so be prepared.

In general, the daytime temperatures for summer in Los Angeles lay between 76 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit (24 to 25 degrees Celsius). Rain is also very rare during these months, which can be a good and bad thing. You won't have to worry about a beach day being interrupted by gloomy weather, but on the other hand, it can get very hot and dry! Make sure that you pack some tank tops and shorts, especially if you are planning to try lots of outdoor attractions. The sunshine can make it hot.

Despite these high temperatures, Los Angeles can get quite busy in the early summer and this is when lots of tourists visit to explore the theme parks or go surfing on the beaches. Summertime in LA is also when lots of festivals happen which attract lots of tourists, so before you book a flight be aware that you will have to deal with the summer crowds. Some of the things that you can do include visiting the Orange County Fair or the Long Beach Jazz Festival in August. The 4th of July is one of the biggest attractions and if you are in town you can catch some incredible fireworks shows at the Hollywood Bowl.

If you want to visit during one of the LA summer months your best bet is probably in September. This is when the crowds of tourists tend to slow down a bit, and is also when temperatures get a bit cooler. The city will still be warm enough for you to enjoy the beautiful beaches but temperatures won't be sweltering hot, and you can take advantage of the lower number of tourists as well. Labor Day weekend is always busy so consider avoiding early September and instead book a ticket for the middle or late into the month.

Fall in Los Angeles: October to November

Fall is a great time to visit Los Angeles since, in general, the weather is still pleasantly warm and you will find some hot days mixed in as well. You will definitely feel a hot breeze when the Santa Ana winds blow, but average high temperatures remain around 73 degrees Fahrenheit (23 degrees Celsius) with an average low of about 59 degrees Fahrenheit (15 degrees Celsius), even in November.

You might see a couple of rainy days in the fall but the showers usually pass quickly and are not that often. You will still have plenty of nice days to enjoy the beach! A benefit to visiting LA at this time of year is that tourism is relatively low, so you can enjoy all that the city has to offer without being stuck in big lines or having to deal with as much traffic on the road. This also means that hotel rooms, cars and flights are usually less expensive as well.

You can take advantage of all of the outdoor activities during the early and mid weeks of fall, just make sure you bring a light long-sleeved shirt and maybe some pants in case there is a chilly day. Late November into early winter is actually the best time for surfing, so keep that in mind if you want to catch some waves.

An event to keep track of is the West Hollywood Halloween Carnival that happens along Santa Monica Boulevard which will no doubt be the biggest Halloween event that you have ever attended. In general, about 500,000 people come to the event and it can get pretty wild with extravagant costumes, live music and DJs. In November you can get a glimpse into the local Mexican culture if you are around for the Day of the Dead. This is a pretty cool event with great costumes and parades, picnics in graveyards and other fun activities. Any basketball fans should visit Los Angeles in the fall since it is when the city's three NBA teams have games from mid October to mid April.

Winter in Los Angeles: December to March

Los Angeles weather gets cooler in the winter months but it never gets really cold, so you can still spend lots of time outside and still be comfortable. Wintertime is the Los Angeles rainy season so you might want to prepare for a couple of days of clouds and showers. In general, the average temperature remains between a high of 63 degrees Fahrenheit (17 degrees Celsius) in the warmer areas near the airport or by Santa Monica to a low of 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius) in the city center.

Although winter rains tend to happen for a couple of days in the winter you will still have a few days of dry and sunny weather thanks to the Santa Ana winds. Despite this, you should still prepare for some colder days and definitely pack a light jacket, sweatpants, and sweaters for the damp or chilly days and evenings. The city's tourism picks up again around the holidays since lots of people want to take advantage of the fun Christmas markets and New Years' celebrations in early January.

As mentioned above, the wintertime is actually the best season for surfing since there are usually bigger and more consistent swells in the ocean. If you spend time at the beach make sure that you wear layers as it can get windy and a bit cold. January is the coldest month of the year but you can still fill your travel itinerary with lots of fun indoor activities, like visiting the zoo or going to a museum.

If you want to celebrate Christmas in Los Angeles you will find plenty of seasonal activities, like the Hollywood Christmas Parade where you can see Santa Claus and other jolly characters, or the Rose Bowl Parade which also happens in December. In February, the city remains busy with the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards season. There are also some interesting Lunar New Year events around this time. February is Los Angeles' wettest month so pack a raincoat if this is when you choose to visit. Late March is the beginning of the baseball season and sports fans flock to Dodger Stadium to watch the games.

Spring in Los Angeles: April to June

Spring is a fantastic time to take a vacation to LA. Throughout these months the moderate temperatures gradually begin to heat up and warm weather returns as winter fades away. Average high temperatures remain around 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius) and the coldest it gets is about 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius). Later on in the season around late May or mid June you can see some average highs of around 80 degrees, making it the perfect weather for spending time by the coast.

With the increased heat and humidity, you will also experience the June Gloom phenomenon which is a coastal fog that brings a bit of rain, especially in early spring. This happens because the waters in the ocean stay cold for longer while the land heats up, and there is a strong contrast between them that leads to fog. For most of the season, you can be comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt but pack a sweater as well in case you have some rainy weather or damp days.

Overall, springtime is one of the best times to come to Los Angeles, because the weather is starting to warm up and the busy summer season hasn't begun yet. You can enjoy the city and all of its indoor and outdoor attractions without having to deal with tourists and having some pleasant weather as well.

Spring in Los Angeles is also full of fun events and activities for you to participate in. In May there is Cinco de Mayo, one of the most popular holidays in LA. The weekend before Cinco de Mayo is always packed with family friendly events that you should definitely check out. From late April to early May the city hosts the Los Angeles Film Festival as well as the LA Pride Parade. Around this time is also when you can attend the LA Times Festival.

Los Angeles Weather and Events for Every Season

Overall, when you decide to visit Los Angeles really depends on you and what you have in mind for your vacation. If you are traveling to attend any of the special events, like the Los Angeles County Fair, then you will have to visit during those specific dates. If your schedule is flexible and you are just traveling to relax then you might want to avoid the peak season since the city can get really busy with crowds of tourists, especially during key events and festivals. You will find fewer crowds in the fall and winter compared to the summer, and springtime is usually not as busy either.

Make sure that you keep the average temperatures for each season in mind when you are planning your vacation. Think of the average high temperature and low temperature for the time that you are in the city so you know exactly what to pack in your suitcase, and also take into account where you will be staying in Los Angeles. The climate in Downtown LA can be quite different from other Los Angeles areas near the west coast or by the desert to the east, and you will need to be prepared for any possible weather that you can encounter.

Whether you have sunny skies or rainy days when you are visiting Los Angeles there is always something to do, from going to a theme park like Universal Studios or stopping by one of the world class museums. There is no bad time to visit LA and no matter when you come, make the most of your time in this incredible city.

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