9 must see parks in Malaga

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Malaga is one of the oldest cities in the world and has a history spanning nearly 2,800 years. It was founded in 770 BC by the Phoenicians, who then called the city Malaka. Throughout its history, Malaga was ruled by several notable powers, including the Roman Empire, the Castilian Crown, and the Arab Caliphate, providing the city with a wide range of attractions from various unique cultures. If you thought this city couldn't get any cooler, you're wrong because it's also where the famed artist Pablo Picasso was born!

Malaga experiences close to 300 days of sunshine annually and has the warmest winters in all of Europe, so it's such a great place to spend time outside. There's lots to see around the streets of Malaga, but the best place to settle down for a while is in one of the beautiful gardens, parks, and green spaces loved by citizens and visitors to the city. Visiting a park is a wonderful way to spend part of your day. You may be a local, or perhaps you're traveling from abroad. Whatever the case, you’ll benefit from our luggage storage facilities in Malaga, where you can drop off your bags or any items that might slow you down.

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Jardin de la Catedral

Although these gardens are small, they have much to offer, including a spectacular view of the Malaga Cathedral. If you're planning to visit this impressive building, reserve a couple of minutes to walk around the grounds.

The tiny gardens are home to an impressive flora with various plants, flowers and herbs. Keep your eye out for species like cypress, rosebushes, bird of paradise, ficus, mandarins, privets, canary palm trees, orange trees and more. If you're skilled in identifying species of flora or want to learn how to do so, this is a great garden in which to practice.

Take a short walk around the grounds to find the fountain surrounded by flowers, green hedges and trees. It's a nice, tranquil place to take a break and rest momentarily. The nearby trees bloom flowers and small fruits that also give off a lovely scent.

Parque del Oeste

Parque del Oeste is one of the city's best-known parks and is often frequented by citizens and tourists. It's a beautiful park with ponds and open green spaces. Take the walking paths for a calm stroll or go for a run if you want to be active. Stop by the artificial lake to see wildlife like geese, ducks, fish, turtles, swans, and other birds.

There are just as many species of flora to admire, including fan palm trees, spider flowers, and pine trees. There are a couple hundred species of trees and over 10,000 plants and flowers. On site, there are tables and benches where you can rest, admire your surroundings, or have a picnic.

Many families come to Parque del Oeste. This is no surprise considering the sports facilities that can be found here. This includes basketball and soccer courts, petanque, and ping pong tables. The two playgrounds are a favorite for kids, and there's also a dog park so even your four-legged family members can play. Those searching for more of a cultural experience will adore the open-air museum with statues and traveling exhibitions that pop up now and then.

Parque de Malaga

Parque de Malaga, also known as Malaga Park and Alameda Park, spans 33 hectares. It's located right beside the Paseo del Parque, a lovely pathway that runs parallel to the port. The land covered by the path actually used to be part of the sea, but over time the water receded, and the park was born.

Parque de Malaga is home to a variety of flora, including some imported species from across the sea. Today, it's filled with lush greenery made of exotic flowers and tall tropical palm trees. These trees do a great job of shading the path, so if you want to spend time outside but don't want to be stuck in the hot sun, this is the place to go.

The wide and flat path is welcoming for walkers. Continue throughout the rest of the park to see statues, a fountain, and the beautiful Botanical Gardens. Fun fact: this is the oldest of all the Malaga parks.

Parque de Huelin

Parque de Huelin, or Huelin Park, is one of the best-known parks in Malaga. Not only does it have incredible natural beauty, but the park also features an impressive collection of facilities and equipment, which is why it's a favorite for many of Malaga's citizens.

Parque de Huelin has a children's playground area with some great play structures. Bring your furry family members along—the park is also equipped with a dog area. A multipurpose sports court can be used for various activities and plenty of room on the grassy lawns for picnics and relaxing.

The best thing about this natural park is the small lake in the heart of the area. It's a very scenic place perfect for setting down a blanket and admiring the view for hours. The lighthouse is a nice feature to check out, too. Since Parque de Huelin is located right next to the Playa de Huelin, you can spend some time at the beach.

Parque del Cine

To visit Parque del Cine, you'll have to make your way to the university neighborhood of Teatinos. Upon arrival, you'll be greeted with a colorful and lively place perfect for the whole family. The entire park follows the cinema theme; even the pathway that winds throughout the grounds is colored like a film strip.

The kids will have the time of their lives at the playground, with all kinds of climbing equipment for children of all ages to enjoy. There's also table tennis, a basketball net, a big jungle gym with slides, climbing bars and nets, and even a zip line.

The real thing that makes Parque del Cine one of the best parks in Malaga is the outdoor movie event throughout the summer months. Stick around until after dark, bring some popcorn, and a blanket, and you'll be all ready to watch a movie under the starlight.

Sierra de las Nieves

Sierra de las Nieves is a National park located a little way outside the city. If you're looking for an outdoor adventure through the wilderness, this is the place for you. The good news is that the hiking trails vary in difficulty, so there are options for people of all ages and abilities.

This national park is a UNESCO-designated Biosphere Reserve, and since it's generally uninhabited by humans, the wildlife has had a chance to thrive. Pay attention to the different plant and tree species in this nature reserve. You'll encounter varying types of firs, junipers and pines. You should also watch for wildlife like mountain goats and other animals.

The park has 63 trails, 5 of which are suitable for younger and older guests as well as people who aren't very experienced with hiking. You can also explore one of the many more strenuous treks that can gain up to 2,700 meters in elevation. There are also paths to explore by mountain bike.

Jardin Botanico Historico - La Concepcion

This botanical garden is one of the most magical places in the Malaga city center. It's an English-styled garden home to subtropical plants, including cacti, imported from Madagascar, Mexico, and other continents around the globe. The park's history, which began in 1855, makes it over 150 years old. It has accumulated an incredible collection of flora and now houses over 50 thousand plants.

The best way to experience the gardens is on a guided tour. You'll be introduced to some plant species and the park's history. More things to keep an eye out for as you journey through the gardens are Roman sculptures, water features like fountains and a waterfall, and the huge mansion that is the former residence of Marquis of Casa Loring, one of the gardens' creators, and his family.

Pack a camera because the vibrant colors and calming fountains make for the best photo backdrops. You should reserve about 3 hours if you want to walk around the entire grounds at your own pace and note that there's usually an entrance fee to get into the park. We'll let you in on a little secret; entry is free every week on Sunday afternoon.

Jardines de Pedro Luis Alonso

The nature area Jardines de Pedro Luis Alonso Malaga is one of the city's most beautiful green spaces. The grounds were named after the man who was the first mayor of Malaga after the war and also the person behind the creation of the gardens back in 1945. The park has significant cultural and historical importance and resembles a mixture of Muslim-Hispanic and French-style gardens.

Many Malaga citizens choose this park when they're searching for somewhere calm to escape from city life for a while. This is one of the most peaceful places in the city center, where you can stroll past radiant flower gardens, calm ponds and scenic fountains. If you pay close attention, you'll also smell the fruits from the orange trees that grow in the park.

As you spend the day in the Jardines de Pedro Luis Alonso, take time to look around you and admire the beautiful sights. Inside the park, you can see two of the city's most prominent landmarks: the Town Hall and the Alacazaba.

Jardines de Picasso

Being the birthplace of one of the world's most famous artists, Pablo Picasso, it makes sense that Malaga would have a park dedicated to him. This fantastic, symmetrical garden opened in 1981, 100 years after the painter's birth. You'll find plenty of monuments and landmarks dedicated to him around the city, including the two Picasso Museums, but there are no others quite like these gardens.

Throughout the gardens, statues pay tribute to Picasso. You'll discover lovely vegetation and greenery. The most impressive of the species in the garden is the fig tree, which lives to be a century old. Stroll around the grounds, and you'll encounter tropical plants and jacarandas. Another landmark is the Tree of Friendship, a metal sculpture donated to the city in 1978 by Malaga's sister city, Alabama.

Go to the end of the gardens, and you'll find a children's playground with fun equipment and games. One thing is for sure: this is a park that you don't want to miss seeing.

Discover the natural parks in Malaga

The Malaga province is a beautiful place in southern Spain where you just want to be outside as much as possible. It's easy to find a nice park to immerse yourself in nature, play sports and exercise, or participate in activities with the kids.

There are plenty of other ways to enjoy the great outdoors in Malaga, like visiting the best beaches near Malaga. There's no better place to be during the summer than at the beach, so check out the seaside, grab your sunscreen, and get ready to spend the day in the sun. If you prefer going on long hikes, you can visit a nearby mountain range, like the Montes de Malaga, to explore trails through the wilderness. We've got the best hikes in Malaga to get you started.

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