Rooftop Bars in Marseille: 7 Places to Drink with a View

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The city of Marseille is situated in sunny Southern France and is known for its great cuisine and unique culture. Thanks to its location by the Mediterranean sea, Marseille is home to a major port that has impacted its history and traditions. On the other side of town, there is a semi-circle of hills that shelters the city and adds to its beautiful landscape. Marseille's timeline began around the 7th century B.C. making it France's oldest town, but evidence suggests that people have lived in the area even before then and it is possible that the lands were inhabited by humans even 30,000 years ago!

This charming town receives nearly 2,900 hours of warm sunshine every year making it the sunniest city in the country and the perfect spot for a getaway. Travelers entering Marseille will be treated to a city full of history, natural beauty and great food. The shopping scene here is excellent as well, so make sure that you check out the best places to go shopping in Marseille.

After running around exploring the city all day you will most likely want to relax in the evening. Sitting down for some drinks at a bar or restaurant is a nice way to unwind. Why not choose a spot with a nice view of the city?

We've compiled a detailed list of rooftop bars to try. Before making your choice, find a place to store luggage, shopping bags or whatever is weighing you down. Make the most of your time and relax without the burden of bags.

R2 Marseille

What's it like:

R2 Marseille, which is sometimes called the Aire de Marseille, is a great first choice for rooftop bars in the city. It is situated on the second floor of its building making it an ideal spot to see the town and the sea from above. Feel free to invite your friends since the R2 Marseille rooftop is one of the biggest in the entire area. Up to 1,500 people can comfortably gather on this giant Marseille rooftop bar at the same time to enjoy the great panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

While you sip on your drinks you will have the chance to be treated to live entertainment since artists and DJs often perform here. They play everything from rock classics and pop music to techno, disco or top hits from the '70s, '80s and '90s. Want to make your experience even better with drinks? Grab some from the bar Reverso located just below.

Our recommendation:

This is a wonderful place to watch the sunset, so try to plan your visit for the right time of day! It is important to note that the R2 Marseille rooftop is only open from Thursday to Sunday between the months of April and September so make sure that you stop by if you are in town in the summertime.


This rooftop terrace is perched on top of Les Terrasses du Port which is a contemporary shopping center near the Terminal 2 of the Port du Marseille (close to Gare Saint Charles). Their official address is Terrasses du Port, 9 Quai du Lazaret 13002 Marseille.

Bar La Caravelle

What's it like:

The bar restaurant La Caravelle is another one of Marseille's rooftop bars that is worth checking out. It has a lovely balcony terrace where you can enjoy watching the sun set over the city as you sip on tasty cocktails. Although the Bar La Caravelle might have the smallest Marseille rooftop terrace, it is the charming setting and personality of the restaurant that really makes people fall in love with it. The atmosphere of this place hasn't been beaten since it was created in the 1920s.

Enjoy tasty Mediterranean cuisine as you overlook the Notre Dame de la Garde in an intimate setting. It is a beautiful place for a date, so consider bringing your loved one! To make things even more romantic there is sometimes a piano specialist playing live music for you while you eat.

Our recommendation:

When it comes to this lovely rooftop, Marseille will treat you to more than a dinner with drinks. When you come to eat here you will be signing up for a full evening experience that is split into three stages: First, begin your night with a wine tasting along with aperitifs, followed by cocktails. Finally, the bar will open for the rest of the night and you can order any alcoholic beverage from their menu.


This stylish rooftop Marseille bar is the perfect spot for classic and refreshing cocktails while admiring views of the port de Marseille. Their address is 34 Quai du Port, 13002 Marseille, France.

Dantés Skylounge

What's it like:

If you are looking for a rooftop bar in Marseille that stays open late, this one is a good choice. This incredible rooftop terrace offers some of the nicest views of the city since it is located on the seventh floor. Not only is it the best place to see mesmerizing city views, but the drinks menu is amazing as well. The rooftop terrace is sized at 150 square meters, giving it more than enough space for you to sit comfortably with friends or to bring your loved one on a romantic date.

You can really get settled into the comfy lounge seats and you won't want to leave once you see how incredible the views of the harbor are. They have a lengthy drink menu serving all sorts of signature cocktails, wines and champagnes. It might take a while for you to decide what you want, but there is no need to rush since they are open until 1 am every night.

Our recommendation:

If you get hungry for some food to go with your cocktails then you won't have to go far, since just next door a designer rooftop restaurant cooks all of the best Mediterranean dishes. It is called Les Trois Forts and is situated on the same floor as the Dantés Skylounge. While you are enjoying the view try to spot the Notre Dame de la Garde in the distance!


You will find the Dantés Skylounge way up on the seventh floor of the Hotel Sofitel Marseille Vieux Port. Their address is 36 Bd Charles Livon, 13007 Marseille, France.

Café de l'Abbaye

What's it like:

Cafe de l'Abbaye isn't situated directly in the Vieux Port but you can still enjoy some incredible views of the water and the city from a distance. When you first see it the small café might not look like much but you won't want to postpone grabbing a seat since the outdoor street terrace really fills up quickly. Things get even busier when the aperitif hour arrives!

Aside from a gorgeous view as you eat you will also be treated to delicious food and unbeatable service from their friendly staff. If you can make it in time for the sunset, even better! Sometimes they play reggae music which suits the calm and relaxing atmosphere perfectly.

Our recommendation:

Café de l'Abbaye has a great refined Mediterranean menu serving all of the best traditional dishes and drinks. Their ice-cold pastis is sure to keep you refreshed on a hot summer evening and the food made of fresh veggies and homemade Marseille cuisine is to die for. We suggest ordering the Pastis 51 and a plate of Panisse!


Café de l'Abbaya is situated a little ways away from the Vieux Port of Marseille but won't take too long to get to. They are located at 3 Rue d'Endoume, 13007 Marseille, France.

Bar Le Capian

What's it like:

The InterContinental Hotel Dieu is home to another bar featuring an open air rooftop terrace. The spacious terrace is both elegant and comfortable making it the optimal spot for locals and tourists to gather for evening drinks. They also have a cozy indoor lounge for when the weather isn't great.

Although they have an absolutely incredible drink menu, some people visit Bar Le Capian to admire the architecture alone. The historic bar, which is housed in a former hospice, dates back about 1,000 years! Despite how amazing this cocktail lounge is it never seems to get too busy, so consider coming here when you want to take a break from the noisy downtown crowd.

Our recommendation:

The bartender for Bar Le Capian is named Xavier Gilly and he has won awards for his delicious drinks both in France and around the world. There are so many great ones that we can't choose one to suggest for you, but rest assured that the menu will have something that you will like. After all, the drinks menu does have over 50 incredible cocktails and nearly 200 unique spirits from around the globe!


The fantastic InterContinental Hotel Dieu is a five star hotel in Marseille and its panoramic restaurant bar is well worth a visit. Make your way to 1 Pl. Daviel, 13002 Marseille, France to try their drinks and enjoy the amazing and panoramic views.

Regards Café

What's it like:

One of the city's best rooftop bars is Regards Café. This spot is made with panoramic windows and a partly open air bar that is also a part glass terrace. Whether you decide to sit in the outdoor rooftop or the indoor bar you will still be able to see stunning views of the city and port below. That is why the Regards Café is a rooftop restaurant that you won't want to miss out on visiting.

This modern and elegant rooftop bar serves all of the best traditional dishes so you can get a taste of real Marseille cuisine while admiring a birds-eye view of the area. Compliment your meal with a couple of drinks and you are all set for a wonderful evening in Marseille.

Our recommendation:

Did you know that the Regards Café is situated on top of a museum? Just below where you are eating is a collection of exhibition spaces filled with breathtaking works of art. Consider visiting the museum before or after your meal.


You can get to this charming Marseille rooftop restaurant by heading to the top floor of the Musée Regards de Provence. They are found on allée Regards de Provence, Bd Jacques Saade, 13002 Marseille, France.

La Friche La Belle de Mai

What's it like:

When it comes to eating with a view, the Friche rooftop offers amazing sights of the city as far as the eye can see. The roof terrace is massive spanning about 8,000 square meters! It is often used as a venue for special events and performances due to its impressive size and setting. Most activities take place during the summer months so if you have nothing to do one day consider stopping by to see if there is anything going on.

La Friche La Belle de Mai is situated in a former tobacco wasteland but has really brought a new life to the area. When the weather is warm enough you will find open air cinemas as well as concerts put on by famous DJs.  There is also a dance floor where you can let loose with your friends!

Our recommendation:

Aside from an experimental rooftop bar, outdoor cinema and dance club, La Friche La Belle de Mai is home to a concert hall and a museum. You can easily spend all morning, afternoon and night checking out the exhibits, watching movies, listening to live music and, of course, tasting seasonal French cuisine. Reserve a couple of hours if you want to check it all out!


This spot serves as the city's summer HQ for all things fun so you won't want to miss out on your chance to stop by. To get here you will need to head to 41 Rue Jobin, 13003 Marseille, France.

Drinking at the Best Marseillais Sky Bars

Marseille is definitely not a skyscraper city so you won't find any restaurants way up in the air. However, that doesn't mean that you won't be able to dine with a view!

Many of the city center's highest buildings are home to rooftop bars and restaurants where you can grab a sunny lunch or dinner with a view. With restaurants set up high and ethnic street food stands on the ground, you will definitely have no trouble finding somewhere to eat in Marseille!

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