Where To Find The Best Street Food In Marseille

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Street food in Marseille, France

Marseille is one of the most amazing cities to visit for any reason. You can enjoy access to historical sites, culture and art, and amazing shopping. If you love to eat well, Marseille is also an ideal place for finding the best street food around. The best street food in Marseille is located in various places around the city, so you will never be far from delicious food in Marseille, France. For food lovers, this is one of the best places to visit on earth, and it makes sense as this is a port city that has always enjoyed access to quick delivery of delicious food and drink from other places.

France's second-largest city is a very fun place to visit, but not if you are dragging around your luggage from place to place. This is a port city and you will not want to be struggling through thick crowds, or pushing into tiny restaurant locations to enjoy fine dining with your bags in tow. The first thing that you need to do when you head to the city is to make sure that you drop off your bags at a Bounce luggage storage in Marseille. Once the bags are taken care of, you will have your hands free to enjoy this lovely place with fewer complications.

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Street food markets in Marseille

The best street food vendors in Marseille

No matter which way you have come into Marseille, be it through the Gare Saint Charles or the Marseille Provence Airport, you will not be far from delicious local produce, amazing street cart food, and many more dining options. You will find that the Old Port is a great place for this kind of discovery, but there are lots of other places to satisfy a sweet tooth, find a pizza, or grab delicious falafel sandwiches.

Marseille, France is a great place to head if you love unique food and you will be able to get everything from French cuisine to Mexican to pizza and pasta. This is a city that has a working-class past in some of the areas that you will visit and comfort foods are offered at many of the restaurants near the waterfront. This can be one of the most enjoyable parts of exploring Marseille, and you will have a very different eating experience than you would in a place like Paris. This is how Marseille, France is often differentiated from Paris and the comfort food and homey environment that the restaurants offer in this area are second to none.


This is nominally a deli location, but you can get all kinds of seasonal treats here. This vendor is right on quay and you can grab a full meal to go or you can sit down at the quaint little seating location and enjoy a sunny snack or meal. You will love that the menu varies here, so if you have not been to France in a while, you will find a totally new and enjoyable menu to try here during each visit. The lack of a dining room is no issue in this part of the city because there is so much to see in the Old Port and you will love being able to just hang out as you eat.

Pain a l'Ail

This is a great fresh fish location that offers you access to some delicious pasta dishes, sandwiches, and even fish burgers! The cuisine is provencal, and you can sit down in the tiny little dining room if you wish but you can also grab and go to head on to your next adventure. This is a really charming and friendly place to get a good meal if you love fish and all of the fish that you get here will have been sourced locally which is something many people value.

Takeaway Pasta

If you are staying in a home or an apartment while you are in Marseille, you should head to this location and get delicious frozen pasta or fresh pasta to take home and cook. This is a delightful option for you to enjoy during your trip to Marseille, and you will love that this location can give you access to a quick and yummy dinner that is very easy to order and pick up on your way back to your rooms.

Street food vendors in Marseille, France

Alexandre Mazzia's Food Truck

This really delicious food cart offers you access to a three-star Michelin chef who knows his way around food. Alexandre Mazzia runs this cart and you can get incredible food that is offered to you at this truck in a brown paper bag as if it is just regular food cart food. This is a very unique and surprisingly affordable food cart that offers you access to truly delicious food that can be taken to go. If you love designer food, this is the right food cart for you to visit.


This little Japanese restaurant is very tiny and you might even have to stand outside while you wait for your food to be prepared. This is one of the best Japanese locations in Marseille, France, and you will love everything that is on the menu here. The portions offered here are really ideal if you don't want a huge and heavy meal and you will love that the family is working in the kitchen making the delicious meal that you have ordered.

La Guinguette Solaire

If sustainable living is right up your alley, this is the right food truck for you to visit. This clever little truck offers you quality meals that are made in an eco-friendly oven that is solar-powered. This truck makes all of its meals using the power of the sun as well as the reflected heat of the cooking process and they serve up local flavors on a revolving menu. This is a very unique and socially conscious dining experience that takes street food to a new level!

Boludo Empanadas Marseille

If you love Argentinian food, this lovely little restaurant is the perfect choice for you. Make sure that you try the empanadas, but they also offer lunch and dinner meals that include all of the right classic Central American flavors. This location makes the most of their access to the sea as well and you can get various seafood dishes that are very tasty. Their soup and their Mediterranean offerings are also really good. While you can choose to sit down here, this is not a big place and you might want to treat this location like the locals do and just grab and go.

Minoofi Bakery

If you love baked goods, this tiny shop is a great place for you to head for a snack or for breakfast. This is the right place for cakes and other confectionary items as well like the classic Chich Fregi. This doughnut-like sweet is made with orange blossom water, chickpea flour, wheat, and olive oil. While it might not sound like it will be good, this is one of the best doughnuts you can get in France and Marseille is one of the only places where it is made. These airy and yummy little treats are offered at other locations in the Vieux Port area as well, but this bakery makes some of the best.

Best street food in Marseille


If you love Pakistani and Indian food, you need to head to this little restaurant for your lunch or dinner. You can sit down in this location but it is pretty cramped and sometimes taking food to go is easier. The menu is large and the flavors are excellent as are the prices. This is a unique location in Marseille because this kind of food is not as commonly represented among local restaurants. The people who own the shop will be happy to help you to pick from the menu offerings as well if you are not familiar with this kind of cuisine.


This location offers fusion dishes as well as vegan and vegetarian dining options. This is meant to be a fast food location, but the meals are excellent and do not feel like quickly prepared meals. You can get juices and protein bowls here as well as small meals that are meant to be easy to eat on the go. This is a great place to get a small meal that comes in a handy little bowl with a lid so that you can walk and eat in comfort. Comfort food that is easy to carry can be had here as well, which can be really lovely if you are hungry and don't want to have to sit down and eat a big meal.

7VB Café

This location offers some of the best coffee and breakfast foods in the city. This is a great place to start your morning before you head out to see museums or venture to some of the best hikes in Marseille. There are pastries and other items available in the cooler when you stop at this coffee place and you can start out the day right by heading here. The staff here are super friendly without being too much to deal with in the morning and they are able to make coffees with specialty milk and ingredients as well.


For kebabs, falafel, and more, this location is the right place to head for your meal. You will love this tiny little hole in the wall that offers food made with love and care. This is one of the most delicious places to eat in the city and the portions are generous for the price. You can even get burgers and sandwiches here as well which makes this one of the best street food restaurants in the city for a big group with varied tastes.

Where to find the best street food in Marseille

Where to find the best Marseille street food spots

The Old Port is a really good option if you want to be able to wander and find new and delicious street food. The older parts of the city are always ideal for this kind of street food and you can count on these locations to be great places for street food. The Noailles District can also offer you access to really good street food and local offerings from tiny little places that are tucked into corners of alleys and walkways.

Vieux Port (Old Port) is also an ideal place to find tons of street vendors. There are also vendors that tend to cluster around major landmarks in the city as well. You can usually find a few street carts near Notre Dame, for example, and you will probably have this experience around all of the major museums and noteworthy sites in the city. If you are not planning to visit a specific food location, you can count on these areas in Marseille, France to give you access to amazing street food options.

Le Panier is another great place to find street food when you are in Marseille, France, and you will be able to enjoy access to designer shopping and incredible art alongside delicious street food treats.

If you need help navigating any of the neighborhoods for the best street food, check out our guide on how to get around Marseille.

Street food festivals in Marseille

There are a few really enjoyable food festivals in Marseille, and Street Food Festival #2 is one of the best. This event takes place on the Esplanade de la Major in Marseille and you can also enjoy access to art, local produce, and artisan-created wares as well when you head to this street food festival. You can do some wine tasting, visit local breweries, and much more when you enjoy this festival, and you will want to put it on your calendar if you are planning a trip to Marseille in June.

The MPG Street Food Festival in Marseille takes place in September and this event also includes concerts and local artists selling their wares. This is like the festival that takes place on the Esplanade de la Major and the street food is just one of the attractions of this event. This is a two-day event that is very popular in the city for good reason.


Marseille France is one of the best places to visit for amazing food, affordable things to do, and world-class museums. It's the perfect spot for foodies due to its abundance of street food and easy meals from a variety of different cultures. You can get Italian, Middle Eastern, Asian, and of course French food in Marseille as long as you know where to look!

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