13 Things To Do In Marseille With Kids

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Free things to do in Marseille with kids

Marseille is a fun travel destination for everyone. There are lovely museums, amazing old architecture, and places that are of huge cultural significance like Notre Dame to enjoy in this city. If you have traveled to this part of France with kids, you are probably looking for some things for them to do that are more exciting to them than museums and fine arts. Kids can have fun in Marseille just like grown-ups and this guide will help you to plan the right adventures for your kids to enjoy while you are in town.

The first thing that you need to do when you head to Marseille is make sure that your bags are not going to be an issue. Head to a Bounce storage facility and let us worry about the bags for you. Once your bags are stored, you and your kids can start having fun adventures all over the city!

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Hiking with kids in Marseille

13 things to do with kids in Marseille

If you have come into the city through the Gare Saint Charles or by another means, you will be so close to all kinds of really fun things to do with your kids. You will have access to the Old Port, also called Vieux Port, to Notre Dame, and some of the best museums in Marseille. From taking a boat ride to various locations or walking through the Old Town, you and your family can have a great time when you visit Marseille. Not all of the areas in the city centre that you can access will be fun for your kids, but they will probably learn to appreciate the nature of Marseille as they see more of it.

Prado Beaches

These lovely beaches are easily accessed from the ferry terminal. You and your kids will have a great time in the sun and enjoy the warm water. This is not a very soft kind of beach per se, but the agates and little rocks are not unpleasantly large either. This area also offers access to a skate park, a volleyball park, a climbing wall, and more in addition to the beach. Just remember to bring some water shoes for the kids.

Free kid-friendly activities in Marseille

Ecopark Adventures - Marseille Saint-Jérôme

This fun adventure park is located in the middle of the city and your kids will have a ton of fun here. They can climb, zipline, and balance their way through the park. There are various levels of difficulty on offer at this park for kids of all ages. This is one of the nicest parks of this kind near the Mediterranean Sea and your kids will have a great time when you take them here. There is also a lot of shade here so if you are just hanging out you will not suffer in the sun.

Chateau d'If

This area can be accessed through a boat ride and older kids will love this adventure. This is the equivalent of Alcatraz for Americans, and this prison and fort is a really exciting place to check out. The Chateau d'If site tells a lot about the history of Marseille and your older kids will be fascinated by the various exhibitions and informational locations inside the structure that tell about the way that this site was used. There is also a restaurant at the Chateau d'If to enjoy if you don't want to wait until you get back to Marseille proper for your lunch.

Beaches in Marseille, France

Notre Dame de la Garde Cathedral

While not the most ideal adventure for very small kids, older children will be amazed by the soaring ceilings, beautifully painted walls, stained glass, and majesty of Notre Dame de la Garde. There is also a petit train (little train) that can take you up to this historic church which can be fun for kids to enjoy. Notre Dame also offers a crypt tour beneath the church which can be ideal for kids or adults that love the occult or are fascinated with the way that the dead were taken care of in more ancient times.

Palais Longchamp

The Palais Longchamp is a really beautiful monument that you can visit when you are in the area of the Museum of Fine Arts. This is actually the exterior of the building that houses the collection and it was built by the same architect who created the Notre Dame de la Garde. The soaring splendor of the Palais is reminiscent of Notre Dame itself and you and your kids can have lots of fun playing in the nearby park or just taking a break from other activities to enjoy the sights here. This is also one of the best free things to do in Marseille, which means it's worth taking advantage of this location.

Activities for kids in Marseille

Magic City

This is one of the theme parks in the Marseille area that is perfect for smaller kids to have some fun. Head to this location for bounce houses, ball pits, and interactive learning exhibitions that will keep kids entertained for hours. Theme parks are not a big part of the offerings for children in Marseille, but this is one of the closer locations that you can access for your kids to get to have a break from museums and walking through the city all day. This is one of the best travel tips that you can keep in mind when you are taking the whole family to a place like Marseille. Little kids appreciate a few stops at fun locations to break up their exposure to Mediterranean civilizations and history.

Parc National des Calanques

If you and your family want to get out of the city for the afternoon or for part of a day, the Parc National des Calanques is a great choice to make for one of the days of your trip. This is a coastal preserve that allows you access to ocean views, hiking, and lovely places to stop and take pictures of the scenery. This is a great way to enjoy nature and get to take your kids on an adventure away from the churches and museums of Marseille's Old Town. If your kids are old enough, this is also a very scenic location to do some adventurous sea kayaking.

Cosquer Mediterranée

This is a newer exhibition in Marseille, in fact, it only opened in June of 2022, and it is a replica of the cave system that has cave paintings in it that was discovered in Cosquer Cave. This is a good way to teach your kids about the prehistoric history that is present here that they might not have known about. And, this one is usually interesting to both adults and the younger members of the family.

Outdoor activities for families in Marseille

Old Port

One of the oldest parts of the city, this area at the city centre is reached readily with a ride on the little train, but you can also walk from most of the other attractions that you might have on your itinerary. You can head to Old Port to see some lovely old architecture, enjoy a meal near the water, or go shopping for some famous Marseille soap. Your kids will appreciate the changing variety of things to do and see here in Old Port and they might also be happy to have a break from museums and learning about culture.

Within the Old Port area, you can visit markets and street food vendors to get a feel for the local cultures. Your kids will enjoy the hustle and bustle of this area and you can enjoy a few hours here having fun taking in the culture and sights. This is a key place to pay attention to your belongings as there are some areas in this part of town that are known for pickpockets and other tourist scams.

Motorcycle Museum

If you have boys in your party or a child that loves motorsports, the motorcycle museum has to be on your list of things to do. There is a nice collection of biks and vehicles that range from small mopeds to bigger racing bikes or touring bikes. Your kids will be able to touch and interact with a lot of what is on display, which can make this a really fun stop for kids who have been looking at things on the wall but haven't been allowed to touch anything.

Notre Dame de la Garde in Marseille

Le Bois des Lutins

This fun theme park is like an elven forest. This is one of the more unique and fun things for kids of all ages to enjoy, and the park is located just outside of the city center. There are even waterslides here and some fair rides, so you and your kids can spend a big part of the day having fun without leaving Les Bois des Lutins. There are lots of places to eat as well, which makes it simple to stay in the park and enjoy what it has to offer.

Petit Train de Marseille

The Petit Train de Marseille (little train) is a really fun way for kids to experience Marseille. The train looks like an old steam locomotive and this is one of the most child-friendly ways to get around the city. This is actually a top attraction for kids in the city and the whimsy and fun that the train can offer will make the whole day much more fun for your kids. You can ride the train to various locations that face the coast as well as to attractions like Notre Dame de la Garde. Make sure to get tickets in advance to avoid waiting in lines.

Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations

This really cool museum serves both as a natural history museum and also as a means to learn about climate change, pollution control, and the history of commercial pursuits in this Marseille. This is a really good option for your kids to enjoy because there are so many exhibits that allow for interaction and hands-on learning as well as more typical museum displays. This is a big collection and you can take a lot of time here if you wish.

Kid-friendly sites in Marseille, France

What are the best family activities in Marseille?

When you're traveling with kids, you will need to consider that everyone in your group needs to be having fun during your trip. You and your kids can both have fun at the various theme parks that are near the heart of the city and the museums that are offered all throughout Marseille are often a great choice for kids that are not toddler-age.

Make sure that you take the time to head to the beach during your trip to have a peaceful day in the sun and to play some volleyball or use the climbing wall. You really can't go wrong when wandering around the city; there are so many really lovely buildings and fun markets and street food vendors that you will run into as you travel around. Your kids will get a feel for what makes Marseille special right away, even if you don't visit places like Fort Saint Jean or Notre Dame. Marseille is often preferred to the French Riviera when traveling with kids due to the larger number of kid-friendly activities.


If you have been wondering what to do with your kids when you are in Marseille, you are in luck! There are so many really fun things to do in this historical city that your kids will love and remember for years to come. Whether your children love the beach, museums, or just walking around with you to see the sights, there is something for everyone in Marseille.

Make sure that the first thing that you do is get your luggage into secure storage in Marseille. You will have so much more fun in this city if you are not carrying around your heavy bags or worrying about them being stolen or lost. Once your bags are in storage, you will be prepared to make the most of your time in this coastal paradise.

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