5 easy must-do weekend trips from Miami

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Weekend trips from Miami

Planning weekend trips from Miami can be really easy. There are lots of great places that are right around the corner from Miami that you might want to visit when you are in the Sunshine State. From pristine beaches to shopping and dining out, there is no shortage of stuff to do at places outside of Miami itself. You can reach most of these locations with a short drive and spend just an afternoon or a whole weekend away from the heart of Miami.

No matter where you decide to head for your weekend trips from Miami, you should consider what will happen to your bags. It is never a good idea to leave your luggage in your hotel room or your Airbnb unattended for that long. Before embarking on your weekend trip, head to a Miami luggage storage facility and drop everything off that you won't need. No matter what kind of weekend getaways from Miami you have in mind, you will have a lot more fun if you are not worried about your personal possessions while you are out and about.

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Weekend trip from Miami to Key Largo

Key Largo

For beautiful beaches, sunshine, snorkeling, and more, you need to head to Key Largo. This is one of the most popular weekend getaways from Miami for good reason. Enjoying the Caribbean sun is as easy as a tiny bit of travel outside of Miami. This is one of the best places for a weekend getaway with sun, sand, and a fruity cocktail.

Key Largo distance from Miami

Key Largo is an hour and a half drive from downtown Miami, or you can even take the train, although that trip is more like four hours long.

Our activity recommendations

John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is an amazing place to snorkel and see one of the largest living reefs in the world. You will be able to head out with a guide as well if you want access to the special parts of the reef that most people miss out on when they are just paddling around on their own.

Glass bottom boat tours can be another fun activity in the park if you are not a swimmer or snorkeling fan. You can learn all about the reef and the fish, plants, and other organisms that call it home. It's also fascinating to learn about all the work that is being done to preserve the reef long-term.

Everglades National Park is also really close to Key Largo, so you could combine your trip to Key Largo for sun and sand with a side adventure to see the Everglades. There are hiking trails, tours, and the always popular alligator and crocodile viewing to enjoy in Everglades National Park. For those with kids, the promise of seeing crocodiles is one of the biggest attractions for choosing this coastal city for a weekend adventure.

Best season to visit Key Largo

December through March is the best time to head to Key Largo. It can be too hot here for even a weekend getaway in the summer.

Key West weekend trips from Miami

Key West

Key West is one of the most common stops for cruise ships to make, and there are many fun and touristy things to do and see here. Key West is Florida's southernmost point, and it is the best known of the Florida Keys. While many of the beaches here are sunny, they are not soft and sandy like in other parts of Florida. You might need to enjoy the pool at your hotel in Key West for fun in the sun. This part of South Florida is ideal for those who love shopping and history.

Key West distance from Miami

Key West is only 160 miles from Miami, and you can drive on the Overseas Highway, which is a really cool experience. The total just will be just over three hours. Buses are available, but this method of transportation will make the journey more than five hours long.

Our activity recommendations

The Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory is a ton of fun, and you can easily spend your afternoon at this attraction. This part of South Florida is the ideal habitat for some lovely fauna and flora, as well as some of the prettiest butterflies that you'll ever see. Kids will love this activity just as much as adults.

Hemingway House is another really cool historic downtown attraction that you will want to check out if you love the works created by this author. Learn about his life and see how he lived in this well-preserved home. This is one of the coastal city locations that attracted a lot of artists over the years, but Hemingway is one of the most famous people to have called the Florida Keys home.

Consider staying at Southernmost Point Guest House during your time in Key West. This is an experience in itself, and this lovely B&B offers you access to a charming Victorian-themed room, delicious food, and a location that is within walking distance of all the best things to do in this part of the Florida Keys.

You can also plan a scuba diving or snorkeling trip here or visit the many art galleries that are located in the downtown area. There is no shortage of things to do in Key West, which makes this one of the best weekend getaways from Miami.

Best season to Visit Key West

March to May is the best part of the year to head to Key West. This is shoulder season, so you will enjoy slightly lower prices, fewer people in the city, and great weather.

West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach

This famous city is just an hour from Miami, and it's one of the best weekend getaways from Miami for those who love shopping and eating out. There are also many white sand beaches to enjoy, and art galleries and other attractions scattered throughout the downtown area.

West Palm Beach distance from Miami

This lovely city is an hour and 20 minutes from Miami. It's a simple and somewhat scenic drive north of Miami.

Our activity recommendations

The Norton Museum of Arts is a great place to head to learn about art history and see some thought-provoking modern artistic works. This is not the only museum or exhibition offering in the city, and you can also enjoy a show at the Kravis Center for the Performing Arts if this kind of activity appeals to you.

If you love antiquing, Antique Row is a must-visit spot to look for your next piece of beautiful furniture. This is one of the largest antiquing locations in the US, and there are 50 antique stores, as well as art galleries and other shopping outlets near this famous street.

You can also choose to spend a day on the beach and soak up the sun. Palm Beach is one of the best-known beaches in Florida, and you won't regret any time spent on this part of the coastline with a lounge chair, sunscreen, and a good book.

Best season to Visit West Palm Beach

April to October is the right time of the year to enjoy West Palm Beach. Although the summer is hot, that might be exactly what you want for your beach days. The closer you get to the fall, the crowds tend to thin out, and prices decrease for accommodation, which can suit some vacationers better.

Lake Okeechobee weekend trip from Miami

Lake Okeechobee

When you've had enough of the beach and ocean (if that's possible), it might be time to seek out some fresh water instead. Lake Okeechobee is the biggest in Florida, and it is 730 square miles in size. Bass fishing is the biggest draw to this area, but there are many other activities in and around the lake as well. The fishing areas are clustered in specific parts of the lake, but watersports are allowed in other sections. Egrets and Osprey make their home on the lake, and you might also see manatees.

Lake Okeechobee distance from Miami

It is about a two-hour drive to get from Miami to Lake Okeechobee.

Our activity recommendations

An airboat ride is a really fun thing to add to your list of stuff to do at the lake. You will see wildlife, cruise in and out of the water around the lake, and get a tour of the area with a fun guide. This is a great choice when you have kids with you since the experience is quite exciting.

If fishing is your favorite thing to do, then you will have come to the right place. This is one of the best weekend getaways for those who adore fishing. Getting a guide to take you out to catch some bass is easy, and you can easily spend all day fishing in this lake. These fishing ventures can add up a bit, so consider bringing some friends along if you plan to head out bass fishing.

Horseback riding and hiking can be done along the trails around the lake as well. If you love being outdoors, then this is the right place for you to spend your weekend away from Miami. Tour companies offer various outdoor activities that you can participate in near the lake, so you will have many choices for things to do even if you are not a fan of fishing.

Best season to visit Lake Okeechobee

January and February are great times to head here, as are April and May. The best weather is often in February.

Miami to Orlando weekend trip


Orlando is one of the cities that everyone wants to go to when they plan a Florida vacation, especially if you're traveling as a family. This is one of the biggest cities in the state, and it is known for its theme parks and incredible shopping and dining options. While bigger and busier than some of the other options in this guide, you can have a ton of fun in Orlando, particularly if you have kids with you on your trip.

Orlando distance from Miami

It takes just over three hours to drive from Miami to Orlando.

Our activity recommendations

Walt Disney World and Universal Studios are, of course, going to be on your list of things to do in this amazing city. While costly, these are some of the most amazing theme parks in the world, and you will need to devote at least one day to visiting them. If you have the time, it might be best to reserve two precious days for this - one for each park.

Kennedy Space Center is also located here, and if you are a space enthusiast or someone who loves museums, then this is a great adventure to go on. Some of the tours allow you access to areas that the regular public will not be able to get into, and kids will love being able to "chat with an astronaut" and engage with some of the other interactive exhibits.

If you love adventurous and fun activities, there are golf courses, axe-throwing locations to visit, or even indoor go-karting to try out. Dining and entertainment are never far away either, and you can often combine these kinds of experiences to make a night to remember.

Best season to visit Orlando

September to November is the right part of the year to head to Orlando. Crowds will be light, people will be more patient, and costs will be lower. You will also experience shorter wait times at the various theme parks, which can make things much more enjoyable.

Exciting weekend trips from Miami


If you only have three days in Miami or so, it's probably best to stay local and really experience the city itself. But with more time in the area, it's definitely worth escaping the city for a bit on any one of these weekend trips. Day trips from Miami are another excellent option when you don't have as much time.

The bottom line is that any time you spend exploring this lovely state isn't wasted. From cities like Orlando to outdoor destinations like the Everglades and the Florida keys, there are so many exciting weekend trips from Miami that you may never run out.

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