Best Brunch In Milan: The Definitive Guide

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Originating in England when the aristocracy would feast on extravagant buffets after a hunt, brunch was made popular in our culture today by the Americans. It has since spread its way around the world to every city including Milan. Just as high fashion has become a part of the Milanese culture, so too has brunch.

Today it is not good enough just to have brunch, almost every restaurant in Milan is looking to ensure they have the best brunch in the city. Great coffee, fresh pastries, pancakes, perfectly cooked eggs, and a variety of new twists that, in one visit, will absolutely blow your mind. And we know you are not looking for a nice place to eat, you want a great place to eat!

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Crazy Cat Cafe

The name tells no lies, there are actual cats in the cafe, so if you don't like cats skip to the next one. But for those that do love furry feline company and great brunch food, this is definitely the spot for you. You can find a selection of vegan and vegetarian choices on the menu but their pulled pork dish is the highlight. You will also find plenty of delicious classic bacon and egg dishes too.

The brunch menu is only available on the weekends and is served in three 1.5-hour shifts. It is very busy, so you should make a reservation. Brunch includes freshly squeezed juices, top-class coffee, delicious waffles, and friendly staff that makes it even better. This is certainly a spot that is so "purr-fect" you will not forget visiting.

Brunch Hours: Weekends 11 am - 3 pm

Location: Via Napo Torriano, 5

Dedans Cafe & Bistro

Enjoy brunch in one of the most relaxing settings in Milan. Dedans' winter garden is a tranquil enclosed terrace so you are nice and warm even when it is chilly outside. They serve a simple Sunday brunch menu that complements their already popular breakfast. Pancakes with jam or chocolate hazelnut filling and beautiful savory croissant sandwiches are always available, and ever-changing specials are all made fresh.

Combine the already warm and inviting breakfast with a brunch that includes a gorgeous Croque Madame, simple egg dishes, plus one of their great cocktails and you are truly having a proper Sunday brunch.

Brunch Hours: Sunday All-day

Location: Piazza Riccardo Wagner, 3

God Save the Food

How good is the food at God save the Food? They had to open 4 locations plus a food truck to meet the demand. God Save the Food has become "THE" place for weekend brunch in Milan. The menu is a great diversity of European, Asian, and American brunch, plenty of choices but without being overwhelmed.

Tourists can easily find the newest location, conveniently located right near the biggest attractions in Milan in the Piazza del Duomo. So now you can enjoy some great history and comfort food like eggs Benedict, a full English breakfast, and club sandwiches. The place also has excellent cocktails and great coffee that will round off your brunch nicely.

Brunch Hours: Weekends & Holidays 12 pm - 3 or 4 pm (depending on location)

Locations: Via Tortona 34, Piazza del Carmine 1, Viale Piave 18, Rinascente Piazza Duomo


Serving a great breakfast all week long Biancolatte adds a few brunch extras for the weekend. Mainly known for their huge selection which includes fresh pasta, Poke bowls, and delicious homemade cakes, they plump up the menu with pancakes, scrambled eggs, and real maple syrup. For something a little lighter try the avocado on toast with chopped tomatoes.

Even when the restaurant gets busy the atmosphere is nice and relaxed, making it a nice break from the bustling streets of Milan. They don't do reservations for breakfast or brunch but they offer delivery and take away so you don't have to wait in line.

Brunch Hours: Weekends 8 am - 3 pm

Location: Via Filippo Turati 30

California Bakery

A taste of America in Italy is what you are getting when you visit the California Bakery. Good portions of delicious baked goods at a reasonable price are standard at all of their locations throughout Milan and Italy. During the week breakfast is available all day, but this restaurant is not just about breakfast pastries and sweets, they have a very extensive menu that is sure to satisfy your hunger.

On the weekend they break out the all-day brunch with some classics like scrambled eggs, pancakes, and avocado toasts, all with plenty of options. There is even brunch for kids with chicken nuggets and mini hot dogs. No matter what you have for your main meal don't miss out on trying the famous California Bakery cheesecakes or one of the other delicious cakes like the citrus poppy seed or choco pistachio cake. After fun activities with the children, head here for a meal!

Brunch Hours: Weekends 9 am - 3 pm to 4 pm depending on location

Locations: 11 locations in Milan

L'OV Milano

If you love eggs you are going to love this restaurant. L'OV Milano specializes in egg dishes for both breakfast and brunch. You can choose between two different brunch menus, sweet or salty, both include their fabulous eggs and pancakes. If the starter and main dish aren't enough to fill you up you can always add a pancake or two for a little extra.

If you are not up for their brunch menu you can always go straight to the all-day one for some classic eggs Benedict and other variations, plus some very tasty burgers. L'OV Milano has three locations throughout Milan, with one close to Parco Sempione so you can enjoy one of the best brunches in Milan and then go for a nice Sunday morning walk or even try a Milan hike!

Brunch Hours: Friday to Sunday & Holidays 11 am - 4 pm

Locations: Via Vincenzo Monti 47, Via Andrea Solari 34, Viale Premuda 14

Il Ristorante

Possibly the most exquisite brunch in Milan is waiting for you inside the Bulgari Hotel in their exclusive restaurant, Il Ristorante. Preparing the food is three-Michelin-starred Chef Niko Romito so you know the food is going to be something special. The set brunch menu starts with champagne, chilled lobster salad in the shell, appetizers such as meatballs, octopus salad, and a potato-artichoke gateau.

You can also enjoy a grand selection of pasta prepared to order, including the famous saffron risotto of Milan. All of that is then followed by a choice of succulent lamb chops or juicy fried chicken. If this sounds like it might be a little pricy, that is because it is, but if you want an unmatched brunch experience prepared by a three-star chef, it doesn't come cheap. Try to get a seat out in their enchanting garden, a nice spot to truly enjoy a Sunday brunch in Milan.

Brunch Hours: Sunday 12:30 pm - 2:15 pm

Location: Via Privata Fratelli Gabba 7B


Santeria keeps their Sunday brunch menu simple. The place has a lovely atmosphere with its cozy small courtyard and a brunch menu that only has four options, but those four choices are delicious food, nonetheless. Of course, they have the classic breakfast with eggs, sausage, and mushrooms, with a vegetarian option, a lighter bagel breakfast, and a classic Italian Margherita pizza round out the menu.

The restaurant also has some interesting events at night with various types of live music and performances. There is even live music at brunch sometimes. All the brunches come with American coffee, fresh orange juice, and a slice of cheesecake a perfect end to a perfect brunch.

Brunch Hours: Sunday 12 pm - 4 pm

Locations: Via Privata Ettore Paladini 8, Viale Toscana 31


For a restaurant that gives you a view of Milan that is a feast for your eyes and food that will satisfy your tummy, head to Asola on the 9th floor of the Bria& Barry Building. Enjoy a Sunday brunch created by Chef Matteo Torretta that is full of classic Italian dishes as well as traditional brunch favorites. The Brunch is ala carte but the dessert is an absolute joy of sweet rich offerings.

Eggs Benedict, Club Sandwiches, and gourmet burgers (veggie versions too) for those who have a healthy appetite. Or maybe you want that taste of Italian food like stuffed focaccia or battuta di manzo. All this rounded out with great service makes this one of the best brunch spots in Milan.

Brunch Hours: Sunday 12 pm - 4 pm

Location: Via Durini 28, 9th floor


A restaurant with a less than traditional brunch, oTTo doesn't serve a large single plate of food for one, instead, they serve lots of small tasting plates for everyone to share. Brunch is served on chopping boards with your choice of four items on each board with a side of potatoes or coconut lentils. Plus there are three bowls of either hummus, fruit, chocolate cream, yogurt, or coconut chicken.

oTTo also makes some of the best cocktails in the city. Using the finest selection of top-shelf spirits, including an impressive variety of gins, their talented in-house mixologists have created some spectacular drinks that will pair perfectly with your weekend brunch. You have to wait for the weekends to try out this modern-style restaurant, so this super high-quality establishment ensures you are going to get the best brunch in Milan.

Brunch Hours: Weekends 11:30 am - 3 pm

Location: Via Paolo Sarpi 8

Erba Brusca

Getting to this amazing place for lunch is a bit like going on a treasure hunt, but what a treasure you'd find. Erba Brusca is located on the southern outskirts of Milan, and you might need a map app to find it. So why go through all the trouble to get there when there are much closer brunch spots in Milan? Because it is worth it.

When you get to Erba Brusca you will be ticking two boxes about what the best brunch is all about. One, the incredible food. The brunch menu is a la carte and the eggs Benedict are among the best in Milan. They also grow all their own ingredients, so everything is super fresh. Add to that delectable dishes like risotto with beetroot cream and grilled onion with goat cheese, and you are set for the day.

This lovely place has a beautiful outdoor green and lush garden area that is an absolute joy to be relaxing in. Fresh flavorful food and an incredible nature setting make this the best brunch in Milan.

Brunch hours: Saturday 12:30 pm - 2 pm & Sunday 12 pm - 2:30 pm

Location: Alzaia Naviglio Pavese 286

Sunday Brunch Menu and More

Brunch in Milan can be such a great culture trip. Whether you are into traditional brunch or something involving a more Italian food theme, Milan is the perfect place to curb your hunger. And now you can confidently traverse the city (start at the wonderful Milano Centrale) knowing exactly where to find the best brunch in Milan that suits your tastes.

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