9 best hostels in Milan

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Milan is a paradise for shoppers, history buffs, architecture enthusiasts, fashionistas, art lovers, and foodies. No matter your interest, you’ll find it here, from touring the majestic Duomo Cathedral to shopping at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. But since it’s one of Italy’s most expensive cities to visit, you’ll want to find opportunities to save money, and the best hostels in Milan will give you that.

Unlike hotels, Milan hostels provide a community feel in dormitory-like settings, and if you want more privacy similar to what hotels are known for, you can rent a private room instead. Some may choose an Airbnb, but they’re best suited for families or large groups. Hostels, on the other hand, are perfect for all types of travelers, including groups, families, backpackers, and solo travelers.

Below are some of the best hostels in Milan, their offerings, and what sets them apart from others. If you need extra storage, Bounce partners with several Milan hostels for their luggage storage service, making them more convenient for travelers. And don’t worry if your lodging option isn’t a partner, as Bounce storage lockers in Milan are found in several spots across the city.

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Ostello Bello

Nestled right in Milan City Centre, Ostello Bello is just a few blocks from the iconic Milan Cathedral. It was nominated the Best Hostel in Italy by Hostelworld and continues to be a favored lodging option among international tourists who want to see the famous sights and sample local cuisine.

Guests will feel at home away from home at Ostello Bello, with its bright rooms and inviting atmosphere. All dorms and rooms are air-conditioned with ensuite toilets and showers. You can opt for a family room, shared rooms, or private spaces where you can bring your pet. And since it’s a Bounce partner, you have access to safe luggage storage facilities.

What makes Ostello Bello unique

There are plenty of opportunities for dining and drinking at this Milan hostel and the nearby areas. Spices and fresh fruits are always free, and you can have a barbeque with friends on the terrace. There’s also a workstation, a movie room, and a space for live music, events, and games.

Ostello Bello pricing

The price for a bed in an eight-bed mixed and female-only dorm is about $95.00 per night. Renting a family room costs about $334.00 per night, while a private room for up to six people is about $573.00 per night.

Ostello Bello Grande

Ideal for backpackers, Ostello Bello Grande is another Bounce partner just a hundred meters from Milan Central Railway Station. Thanks to the well-connected central train station, it gives visitors convenient access to all major attractions. It’s also a short walk from Porta Venezia, the Isola district, and Garibaldi.

Choose from shared dorms, private rooms, and family rooms for four to six people. Every room has a private toilet and shower for your privacy and convenience. It also features a terrace and garden with barbeque and a movie room.

What makes Ostello Bello Grande unique

For travelers who want to enjoy a social experience at one of the best hostels in Milan, head to the bar that opens 24/7. You’ll be given a welcome drink and enjoy your favorite cocktails and beverages. You also have the option to cook in the shared kitchen or enjoy a rich breakfast buffet.

Ostello Bello Grande pricing

Hostel prices vary, depending on the type of accommodation you want and the time of the year. A bed in six-bed mixed and female-only dorm costs around $84.00 a night. But if you’re willing to pay more and want more privacy, the rate of a single private room starts at $220.00 per night.


A hundred meters from the subway station in Porta Venezia District, you can find Ostelzzz. This trendy neighborhood in Milan has some of the area’s best shops, restaurants, bars, galleries, and museums.

Ostelzzz follows a dormitory concept with individual closed rest units called pods. Specifically, your options include single-bed standard, economy, deluxe, and double deluxe. Each dorm has a bathroom shared by the occupants of four, six, or eight pods. Also included in your stay in Ostelzzz are free WiFi, a safe deposit box, linen and towels, a welcome drink, breakfast, tours, and more.

What makes Ostelzzz unique

There aren’t many hostels in Milan that offer rooms in pods. What makes this experience different from booking in usual hostels and dormitories is that in Ostelzzz, you get to share the space while keeping your privacy at the same time. After all, each pod is distinctly separated from others in the dorm with curtains and security doors.

Ostelzzz pricing

Ostelzzz isn't the cheapest hostel in Milan, with a standard cabin costing a little over a hundred bucks. Female solo travelers can stay in a female cabin at a standard rate of about $164.00 per night. There’s also a Friends Room at $500.00 nightly.

Madama Hostel & Bistrot

Madama Hostel & Bistrot belongs to one of the liveliest zones in Milan, near Porta Romana and Prada Foundation. It’s also within walking distance of the underground station Lodi T.I.B.B., which means it’s well-connected to famous tourist destinations in Milan.

Private rooms are available, with your options being the quadruple and double/twin rooms Camilla, Paola, and Jackson Lloyd Brown. Alternatively, you can book a mixed dormitory for four, six, and eight people. All rooms come with a bathroom and individual lockers for storage. There’s also air conditioning and free WiFi to make your stay at Madama Hotel & Bistrot more comfortable.

What makes Madama Hostel & Bistrot unique

Madama Hotel is distinctive for being a museum on top of being a hostel. It has 15 artworks and is even included in the Museum of Augmented Urban Art of Milan’s expo route. The hostel is also designed to follow the Art Nouveau style building, which is the signature architectural style of Old Milan. Perhaps this is why Madama Hotel & Bistrot was hailed as one of the 33 most Instagrammable hostels worldwide in 2017.

Madama Hostel & Bistrot pricing

Backpackers and solo travelers have numerous options, no matter their budget. Hostel prices can start at $140.00 for a mixed dorm for six people and $128.00 for a female dorm. If you want more privacy, you can book a night in a double room with a private bathroom for $286.00.

Babila Hostel & Bistrot

Located in the heart of Milan, Babila Hostel & Bistrot is the perfect space to relax from the lively energy of the city. It’s right in the fashion district near San Babila Square and train and bus stations.

For the private rooms, Babila Hostel & Bistrot has double and family rooms with one double bed and one bunk bed. Mixed and female-only dormitories are also available for four, six, and eight occupants. All rooms come with a bathroom ensuite and other essential amenities. It boasts a Bistrot, bar, terrace, and kitchen.

What makes Babila Hostel & Bistrot unique

Babila Hostel & Bistrot is unique for its neo-Gothic architectural style, as the building was established in 1895. It was once a Catholic school, and although it serves a different purpose now, the exterior remains the same. You can’t find many other hostels in Milan that come in this architectural style, offering you a unique experience. Not only do you get to stay in a visually appealing hostel, but also one relevant to Milan’s history.

Babila Hostel & Bistrot pricing

Babila Hostel & Bistrot is a cheap hostel with a standard rate of $65.00 for a mixed dorm with six beds. A private room for two costs about $207.00 per night.

Hostel Colours

Hostel Colours is a family-run, modern hostel in Milan, ideal for students, friend groups, and backpackers. It conveniently connects to the city centre and Milan Central Station from the green line M2 Lambrate FS Station.

Whether you need a space or an entire room for your group, Hostel Colours has it all. It offers a range of lodging options, including mixed dorms, private areas, and dormitories exclusively for males and females. It also features large rooms for those with mobility issues, each with its own bathroom.

What makes Hostel Colours unique

From a warehouse, the 900-square-meter space was converted into a hostel in Milan, offering a mix of modern architecture and elegant interior design. It has ample space for work and meetings, accommodating up to fourteen people. Guests can also use a few areas for events.

Hostel Colours pricing

If you don’t mind sharing a room with nine people, you can stay at a mixed dormitory for $43.00 per night. The cost of staying in a twin single room is about $130.00 a night.

YellowSquare Milan

Located in central Milan in the Porta Romana district is YellowSquare Milan, a party hostel loved for its fun events and vibrant atmosphere. This makes it ideal for travelers exploring the city’s attractions. The hostel offers tours to Milan’s famous tourist destinations.

YellowSquare Milan has options for private rooms of one to six people and mixed or female-only dormitories for four to eight people. All private single, double, quadruple, and sextuple rooms have an ensuite bathroom and other essential amenities during your stay. The same goes for the dormitories, only that the facilities are shared among all occupants.

What makes YellowSquare Milan unique

Whether you want to be productive or have fun when visiting Milan, consider staying in YellowSquare. The hostel has a working space called the SmartSquare Milan and The Baretto if you prefer to work in a café environment. Otherwise, you can relax and read in its common areas, party and chat at Salone14 and The Chapel, or listen to music at The Piazzetta. Regardless of what you want to do, YellowSquare Milan has the facilities you’ll need.

YellowSquare Milan pricing

Like most hostels in Milan, staying in a shared dormitory will allow you to save more on accommodation. The rate of a shared space starts at $65.00 a night, while a private single room for one person costs around $163.00.

Combo Milano

Combo Milano is right in the heart of the Navigli neighborhood, which is loved for its navigable canals that people call a landlocked Venice. While staying in the hostel, you can enjoy this renowned attraction’s picturesque view.

This hostel offers basic rooms for three, four, or six people, with the essential amenities all occupants need. It has a kitchen, a lounge, a workspace, and a terrace where guests can chill and mingle.

What makes Combo Milano unique

Combo Milano is more than just a hostel; it’s an event space, bar, restaurant, and sanctuary all at once. It also has a peaceful and social atmosphere that will make you feel comfortable during your stay. Its unobstructed view of the Navigli canals makes it even more unique.

Combo Milano pricing

The rate for private rooms starts from $353.00 per night, and if you want to save more, you can occupy a bed in one of the dormitories, which costs around $67.00 a night.

MEININGER Milano Lambrate

Stationed opposite the Lambrate Railway Station, you can find the MEININGER Milano Lambrate. It’s ideal if you’re looking for a well-connected hostel in Milan, as you can quickly get to different locations in the city via tram.

MEININGER Milano Lambrate has eight floors with 131 rooms of 475 beds. You can choose from single-double, multi-bed, and family rooms, depending on how many people you’re traveling with. Alternatively, you can stay in the six-person dormitory if you’re traveling in large groups. There’s a bar, lobby, lounge, guest kitchen, game zone, and children’s area for the shared facilities.

What makes MEININGER Milano Lambrate unique

If you have a busy schedule in Milan and would prefer to save money and time on transportation, MEININGER Milano Lambrate is for you. Even if you don’t travel far, Lambrate Design District already has many shopping, dining, and entertainment options you can explore. However, if there are destinations you’re already planning to visit, it’s still a practical choice, as it’s near the train station.

MEININGER Milano Lambrate pricing

Shared dorms are always the best option for budget-conscious travelers, with standard rates starting from $46.00 a night. If you’re willing to pay extra for privacy, a twin room costs about $133.00.

Find the best hostel in Milan for your needs!

The best hostels in Milan get booked up pretty quickly, especially in summer, so be sure to organize your visit and make a reservation early. Many of them are centrally located, and if they’re far from the city centre, you can rely on the city’s tram and subway system to take you to most of Milan’s famous sites and major attractions.

When planning a trip to Milan, it pays more to know about the city and the ideal season to visit. Take advantage of our guide on the Best Time to Visit Milan: The Ultimate Guide and 3 Days in Milan: Everything You Should Know to get valuable tips and information.

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