Milan On a Rainy Day: 11 Things To Do

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Milan on a Rainy Day

Milan is one of the most beautiful cities that you can visit at any time of the year. Many people think of northern Italy as a sunny place that does not experience cool weather, but this is not correct. Milan can be quite cold in the winter and a bit rainy in the spring and the fall. When you are in Milan during the times of the season when the weather is less ideal, you can still have a lot of fun and get to see all the sights that you want to enjoy. You might need to bring a light jacket with you, and you might need to have a plan for things to do indoors when it rains, but you will still have a lot of fun in this historic city.

Before you worry about your rainy day's activities, you will need to attend to the storage of your luggage. You can easily place your luggage into secure storage in Milan in numerous places around the city. There are storage points at Malpensa Airport as well as the Duomo to choose from, along with other storage points if these are not the right options for your needs. Storing your bag properly can make your overall travel experience much more enjoyable and worry-free when you are in Milan.

Once your bags are stored, you will be ready to head out to have fun in the city, whether it is a rainy day or not!

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Things to do on a rainy day in Milan

Things To Do in Milan On A Rainy Day

It rains the most in Milan between September and November, but this city actually gets rain year-round. Even if you are in the city in the summer, you will want to have a Milan on a rainy day plan and a light jacket in your bag. The rain showers in this city are usually brief, but you will not enjoy being wet for the rest of the afternoon if you have been surprised by a rain shower.

Bad weather is not common in Milan, but there can be some more rainy days if you are there in the spring or the fall. Milan does get snow in the winter, but rain is not as common during the cold part of the year. This part of Italy is colder than a lot of the places that people think of first when they are planning a trip to this part of Europe. You will probably want to bring some warm clothes when you visit in the winter, but during the cooler parts of the year, a rain jacket is probably sufficient.

Take a Turkish Bath

Milan is a city that is known for being multicultural and luxurious. In most parts of the city, you will be a stone's throw from a spa that can offer you a luxurious and pampering Turkish Bath experience. Enjoy a massage, a body wrap, a glass of wine, and the sounds of peaceful music as you lounge and relax in the warmth and comfort of your surroundings.

Many of the nicer hotels in the city will offer you access to this kind of experience, but there are also spa locations that specialize in this kind of treatment. Take a break from the round of art galleries and day trips just to rest and rejuvenate with this experience. Turkish bath experiences are recommended for anyone coming to Milan because they are so indulgent and enjoyable.

Rainy day activities in Milan

Duomo Di Milano

The Milan cathedral is one of the most noteworthy buildings in the city center, and it is known all around the world. This is an iconic place and one that is ideal for visiting when the weather is less-than-ideal. You can get in from the rain here and learn about the history of Milan while being amazed by the beauty of the interior of the cathedral.

There are guided tours offered here, but you can also take in the flying buttresses, stained glass, and incredibly detailed sculptures in the interior of the building without guidance. This is a must-see building in the city center, and you will be stunned at the beauty and scale of the building.

Pinacoteca di Brera

Said to be the finest art museum in all of the city, this location offers you access to art from many periods as well as guided tours and indoor activities related to the art that they display. This is a great choice if you want to be indoors for some time because it will take you a while to navigate the entirety of the collection.

You will be in the design district when you visit this spot, and there are other options for indoor entertainment here as well. This is one of the more artsy parts of the city with a modern influence, and you can easily enjoy access to various kinds of modern art galleries in old warehouses. Make sure that you check the opening hours of the many museums in this part of the city so that you can be sure to get the most out of your visit to this district.

How to spend a rainy day in Milan

San Bernardino alle Ossa

There is no shortage of churches to visit in Milan, and many of them are memorable and unique like this church. This location is well-known for having an entire wall that is made up of bones! This is a small side church that is not connected with the main church building. You should also make sure to see some of the bigger churches in the center of the city if you want a more gothic and fairytale-style tour.

This particular church is unique because it has been rebuilt numerous times and offers a unique blend of 12th-century construction and a far more modern design.

Teatro Alla Scala

Theater and opera are a rich part of Milan's history, and you can visit the Teatro for a break out of the weather and take in a show. There are rarely spare tickets to buy at a moment's notice, so you might need to check out the weather during your stay and get tickets in advance for the days that might have rain.

The Teatro is like a work of art all by itself and you will love that you can take in the sumptuous and antique elegance of this spot while also being treated to a wonderful display of theatrical and musical talent. This is a place that allows easy access to the arts and it is a great choice if you want to avoid some bad weather and have a really memorable experience.

Shopping in Milan on a rainy day

Visit Fashion Stores

Shopping is one of the biggest attractions that people come to Milan to enjoy. You will find that this is a great rainy day activity in Milan. Some of the best shopping locations in Milan will offer you access to indoor activities that range from buying new clothes and accessories to snacking on pastries and drinking coffee.

Older parts of the city like the Quadrillatero D'oro offer you designer shopping for name brands, but there are also shopping malls that will let you enjoy more affordable shopping as well. Staying inside and sipping a coffee while considering where to buy souvenirs for your friends and family at home can make a rainy day peaceful and fun for everyone in your group. Make sure that you check the opening hours of the stores or malls that you want to visit so that you don't end up standing in the rain waiting for the doors to open.

Gallerie D'Italia

This is a very nice gallery to spend a rainy day in. You can pick up a guided tour recording and wander through the exhibits learning about the art that is on display. There is a garden here as well as the art exhibits to enjoy. You will be able to spend hours of a rainy day here without issue and you will love being able to be dry while also learning about Milan culture and some of its more well-known artists. Many of the museums in the city will offer you this kind of experience and you can get self-guided tour devices that offer tours in other languages if you need this as well.

Best rainy day activities in Milan

Ride the Tram

Lots of people will tell you that the tram is a really enjoyable thing to do in Milan on a rainy day. You will love the old-fashioned tram cars and the route that will show you various parts of the city center while you stay warm and dry. Milan offers a lot of charm even if you are just viewing the streets as they pass by. There are 18 tram lines that service the city and you can see all kinds of areas while you ride the tram. There's a mix of tram styles in the city, some of them dating from the 20s! This is the kind of thing that people of all ages can enjoy and kids will love this just like adults.

Take a Cooking Class

Many people want to learn to cook authentic food from many places around the world, and Milan is a great choice for your Italian cooking education. You can easily schedule a cooking class and learn to make Milanese food that will wow your friends and family when you are back home. Cooking can be a really great bonding experience for friends and family and even kids and parents can have a ton of fun with this kind of activity.

Cooking can be a great way to learn about a culture and this is a really unique and fun way to learn about and enjoy Milan. A rainy day in Milan is a great excuse to try something that you haven't done before and this can be a great time to venture into new territory.

How to spend a rainy day in Milan

Civic Aquarium

One of the oldest aquariums in Europe, this is a great choice for a rainy day activity. This is the remaining building that was left after the 1906 Milan International. This is a small aquarium but one that is so historical in nature that you probably want to make this a priority during your stay. Kids love this kind of space but grown-ups will have a lot of fun here as well.

Palazzo Reale

This palace is a great choice for a rainy day in Milan. This building by itself is absolutely beautiful but there are also art exhibitions housed inside the space as well. You can hide from the rain and you will get a real taste of what Italian art is all about when you visit this location. You will love that this museum is so unique when compared to others in Milan and it is well worth your time to visit this spot.

Hiding From the Rain in Milan Doesn't Have to be Tough

Milan on a rainy day can still be a lot of fun. You can easily enjoy access to a wide array of exciting things to do when you are hiding from the weather. You might avoid Lake Como if it's pouring, but there are many events and fun things to do on a rainy day in Milan. You can head to the best museums to avoid the rain in this city but you can also opt to go shopping or take a tour. Milan offers something for everyone and there are so many ways to make a rainy day fun in this beautiful city.

Make sure that you have your luggage properly stowed before you leave to enjoy what Milan can offer you. You might have to deal with a rainy day in Milan, but that will not matter nearly as much if you don't have to drag bags around behind you.

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