Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Milan

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Milan is the capital city of the Lombardy region of Northern Italy. This city stands as the country's leading commercial, manufacturing and financial center, and is one of the great Italian cities that you can visit. Milan's extensive history is still prominent around the city streets today, especially its influence from the Romans. The city is home to some beautiful historic buildings and palaces that have been transformed into museums or tourist attractions. Gift shops and art galleries are also scattered around the city for anybody who wants to experience the impressive culture of Milan.

The center of the city has an amazing fashion industry and some people travel here just to shop, so if you want to learn about the best places for Milan shopping then we can help you out. We will guide you to the best shopping malls, high fashion streets and independently owned stores in the city so you can go on an amazing shopping spree during your vacation. As you browse and buy, stow your bags away at a suitcase storage facility in Milan so you have free hands to carry more shopping bags!

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Popular Shopping Malls and Outlets in Milan

The Brian and Barry Building

Found right in the center of Milan is The Brian and Barry Building which offers a shopping experience like nowhere else. The building first opened in 2015 and is now a location for many high end boutiques and brand names. Aldo Coppola, Pippo Perez and Adidas are some of the names that you might recognize here.

Overall, the building has 12 different floors for you to explore and stays open from 10 am to 10 pm every day of the week. If you get hungry, you can find somewhere to eat no matter which floor you are on since the building has several restaurants scattered about as opposed to one large food court.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

This shopping gallery in Milan spans all the way between the Duomo and La Scala and is a must-visit place for anyone who is looking to do some serious shopping in Milan. Even if you just want to do some window shopping, the building is gorgeous and it is worth a visit just to see it.

Step inside the stunning arcade with a glass roof and colored marble floors. The interior is decorated with frescoes and intricately designed statues, and it is actually one of the world's oldest shopping malls which makes it even more unique. The building was constructed in 1867 and was used as an open-air meeting location during the 1900s, but now it is one of the city's best shopping malls.

City Life Shopping District

The City Life Shopping District in Milan covers about 32,000 square meters of space filled with different stores for you to explore. It has different brands like Dixie, Tommy Hilfiger or Guess, although there are more than designer boutiques here. As with most shopping areas, this place has a great food court to satisfy your cravings for brunch or dinner.

Aside from shopping, locals can come here for attention at the on-site medical center or to exercise in the gym. You can visit the shopping district anytime between 9 am and 9 pm although most of the restaurants stay open until 10pm.

La Rinascente

La Rinascente is an old but very large department store in Milan that has 10 floors filled with closing, accessories, beauty products, shoes and more. The building was constructed some 150 years ago and today it is a shopping center selling something for everyone with departments dedicated towards men, women, children and home décor.

It is a good place for a one-stop shop in Milan, and with its very own food hall, you can grab some food without even leaving the building. This means that you can shop for hours in La Rinascente and the top floor offers an incredible view of the city, too.

Designer Stores in Milan

La DoubleJ

This store is for anyone who has a bold style and personality. La DoubleJ was founded by JJ Martin who is a former fashion journalist and is experienced and educated in the fashion industry. They began the shop as an e-retailer but eventually opened their own location in Milan. They sell eccentric and colorful clothing for women and everything is made right here in Italy. You will need to contact them to book an appointment since their headquarters are in the same space as the showroom, but it is definitely worth checking out.

Cavalli E Nastri

Many people who visit the Cavalli E Nastri shop in Milan claim that it offers the best shopping experience in the city. The items sold here are authentic and distinctive and the store itself is one-of-a-kind. Their shelves are filled with vintage pieces from high-end brands and since the inventory changes often you never know what they might have in stock while you are here, so it is always a good idea to stop by if you are in the city.

Slam Jam

Slam Jam's location in Milan first opened in 1989 and since then it has been a popular spot for fashion-forward individuals to find unique clothing and limited edition pieces from luxury brands. Their inventory is usually composed of items from names that are hard to find or are not sold anymore. The store is almost always busy so if you want to beat the crowd you can check online to see what they currently have in stock. Things come and go fast, so if you see something that you like don't hesitate to grab it!

Corso Como

Corso Como is known as the first of Milan's concept stores that first opened about 25 years ago. It was founded by Carla Sozzani who was a fashion magazine editor so you can be confident that she knew what she was doing. This concept store is one of the most unique and interesting places to shop in the city and is much more than a regular clothing store. The space also functions as an art gallery, bookstore, terrace bar, and mini hotel.

Funky Table

If you would rather shop for your home than yourself then Funky Table is the place to go. It is located right in the center of Old Milan so if you find yourself nearby at some point during your stay then it is a highly recommended spot to check out. The things sold here can give a new life and character to your home since everything is vibrant and out of the ordinary. Stainless steel bowls, adorable baskets, and woven plates are just some of the things that you can find at Funky Table.

Delphine Vintage

Found in the Isola District of Milan is a boutique store called Delphine Vintage. They sell beautiful dresses, silk scarves, vintage designer cast offs and accessories. Women who have an antique sort of style will love this place since most of their products are from somewhere between the 1800s and the 1970s. Although the items sold here are old, rest assured that everything is of the best quality and condition since each piece is carefully selected by the owner.


If your style resembles modern streetwear or trendsetting clothing, Antonioli is a great place for you to visit. The shop is only 400 square meters and is a hidden gem found on the Naviglio Grande shopping street. You can find an array of stylish clothing from independent designers or bigger fashion name brands. Come here to add a new, modern style to your closet!


This is one for the fashionistas who are visiting Milan. Biffi is where big name brands and modern styles can be found and there are departments for both men's and women's clothing and accessories. It is not only one of the best shops in Milan but in all of Italy, so make sure to stop by. Biffi is also a great place for people watching, since everyone who enters has a sort of unique style and fashion sense.

Popular Streets for Shopping in Milan

Corso Buenos Aires

Corso Buenos Aires is the high street of Milan shopping and where you can go to find hundreds of shops and outlets. Many of them are located in gorgeous buildings from the 19th and 20th centuries. Popular brands like H&M, Nike or Zara are the types of stores that you will find here.

It is a nice place to take a stroll through the street while updating your closet with the latest Italian fashion. Corso Buenos Aires is in close proximity to the Milan Centrale train station and is easily reached by railway.

Via Monte Napoleone

If you are searching for somewhere to buy all of the famous brands in Milan then you should make your way right to the city's best shopping street called Via Monte Napoleone found in the Quadrilatero della Moda district. It is said to be the top shopping spot in the city and even one of the most luxurious shopping areas in the whole world. This is where you can go to find items from designer brands that are well known around the globe.

Some of the names that you might recognize include Prada, Gucci, Armani, or D&G. Aside from these stores there are others selling quality clothing, accessories and incredible Italian shoes. The street is also easily accessible and within walking distance from a metro station so you can definitely make time to stop by. Learn how to navigate your way to Via Monte Napoleone and to other places in Milan here.

Via Della Spiga

Most of the city's high end brands and boutiques are found at Via Della Spiga which is located not too far away from the popular shopping street mentioned above. The area has been transformed into a pedestrian-only street that is safe for you to walk through without worrying about cars, so you can browse and window shop to your heart's content.

There are some cute cafes and coffee shops set up here as well in case you get hungry and want to stop by for a bite to eat. Even if you don't want to shop, the area is beautiful and a great place to take a walk among the old buildings that are made with Baroque and Neoclassical architecture.

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II

If you are itching to go on a shopping spree but want to save some money then Corso Vittorio Emanuele II is the right place for you. The things that you can buy here are still of great quality but are often less expensive than most of the other areas in the city. The stores sell a combination of high-end brands and mid-range finds so you should be able to treat yourself to something nice no matter what your budget is.

Interested in trying the famous Italian ice cream called gelato? You can do that here in one of the parlors, or grab a coffee and pastry at one of the small cafes. If you want to find everything in one place, you can stop by La Rinascente which is a great shopping mall found on the same street.

The Best Shopping in Milan

From international brands like Louis Vuitton and Giorgio Armani found in the big shopping malls to independent stores and boutique shops in the Brera District, Milan has an impressive selection of stores for you to discover.

There are more than enough places for you to go on a spending spree on one of the shopping streets, but if you want to save some money there are also department stores and outlets that are perfect for budget shoppers. Most of the big malls are open every day so you can go shopping on weekdays or spend a Saturday morning strolling through the best shopping street near you.

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