Music Festivals in Milan in 2022

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Milan Music Festivals in 2022

Milan is one of the most impressive and enjoyable cities to visit in the world. There is so much to see and do here that you will have trouble choosing from all the options available to you every day during your visit! Whether you come to the city with kids or you are enjoying a romantic vacation, you might want to visit a music festival while you're in the city. This can be one of the best experiences of your life because there are so many delightful festivals that are offered at picturesque venues in Milan, Italy.

The first thing that you need to do when you head to Milan is to make sure that you have your luggage taken care of safely and securely. Putting your luggage into storage in Milan is easy when you opt to store your possessions with us. Once you have your bags put away somewhere safe, you will be ready to head out to enjoy electronic music tour dates for famous musicians or classical music festivals.

Having your hands free will make any Milano summer festival much more comfortable, and you will appreciate being spared the struggle of keeping your bags safe while you are having fun or using public transportation to get around Milan to the various events.

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Concerts in Milan, Italy

The best music festivals in Milan in 2022

From Green Day to Marilyn Manson, there is something for everyone in the music festival scene here in Milan. This is a city that brings in festival events as well as major rock and electronic music concerts on a regular basis. You might not have thought of Italy as a place to find festival offers, but this is a city that is open to every kind of music and art. There is no shortage of enjoyable things to do and see while you are in town for these events as well.

Whether you are coming into town to see various events, or you want to just spend one day in this city to enjoy a concert, there is something on offer for everyone when the music festival season is on. Most of these events take place between the end of May and the start of September, so you will want to plan to head to Milan during the warmer part of the year to catch these artists and events in action.

Plan to buy tickets well in advance and consider where to stay so that you don't have to ride public transit very far or walk a long way to get back to your room each day. You will also want to consider sturdy shoes, sunscreen, and some money for water and drinks as essentials when you are packing each day. The events that are held during this time of year in Milan are often quite large, so make sure that you take this into consideration when you are on the search for a hotel and for other events during your stay.

You might be more likely to pay peak season prices when you pick a date that surrounds a festival, but if you are only in town for a couple of days, this will probably not matter that much to you. June and July can be quite warm, so consider your needs for air conditioning and bring a sun hat with you in your luggage.

Punk in Drublic

You will love this event for everything punk music. This festival takes place in late May and it's also a craft brews festival. You can hear all your favorite punk artists here while sampling craft brews that have been brought to the festival from all over Italy. This is an affordable concert, and you will want to wear comfortable shoes and plan to walk around a lot as you take part.

Pennywise, Face2Face, Talco, and The Bombpops will be playing this year, among many other notable punk bands. This event offers RV rentals, which you could choose to set up for your time at the event, but you can also stay within a reasonable distance of the festival to simplify your visit.

Milan music festivals 2022

Milano Summer Music Festival

This is one of the biggest events of the year in Milan, and everyone eagerly awaits this event coming to town. You will discover that there are tons of big names that play at this festival, and as a result, the tickets sell out quite quickly. Make sure that you have ticket purchases and other plans set early so that you do not miss out on the date that you were hoping to attend this music festival.

Green Day and Weezer are slated to be the headliners at the Milano Summer Festival this year and you will also find that there are other genres of music represented here. Alice Cooper and the Chemical Brothers are also going to be playing in 2022, and there will be performances by Louis Tomlinson in September.

This event begins in June and runs through the warm months of the year. Italy is famous for good weather in the summer, and you will be able to enjoy everything from heavy metal to rock while also getting a tan. This event is hosted at the San Sirio Racetrack, which dates back to the 20s and is the perfect spot for this kind of festival. Tickets begin at 28.75€, and you can easily hop on Metro Line M5 to get to the festival.

I Days Festival

This is another June music festival that will move to a new location this year. In 2022, this event will be hosted at the MIND (Milano Innovation District). This year Greta Van Fleet, System of a Down, and Aerosmith are among the bands playing this venue during the event. Korn is also playing here during I-Days.

This is a great choice if you love metal and rock, and you will discover new bands that you might not have enjoyed before. This is a very large event, so be sure that you have tickets in hand well in advance so that you do not miss out on getting to go to this festival. This is a great choice for a one-day visit since this festival is short, but you could also attend all of the days during the weekend the festival is on.

This event only lasts for a few days, but you can actually plan to have an RV parked at the event or stay within walking distance so that you are close to the festival for each of the days that it is going on. This is an event that sells out very fast, and often the tickets start at about 80 US dollars and go up from there. Sometimes you can get a deal if you buy a bunch of tickets at once.

Polifonic Music Festival

This is a music festival dedicated to indie artists and one that is quintessentially Italian in nature. This is a smaller event that is also held in June, and it is a great festival to head to for art as well as music. Jeff Mills, Dengue Dengue Dengue, and DJ Tennis are playing here in 2022. The lineup is large, and you will be able to find a bunch of new bands that you might not have discovered in the past.

This is one of the more niche festival events in the city, and you should put this event on your list for your visit to Italy. For those who really enjoy the Milano Summer Festival, this is a more affordable event that you might opt to spend a day at during your stay.

Naviglio Festival (Festa del Naviglio)

This is a very unique event in June in Milan and one that you should not miss out on during the first ten days of the month. In this event, the streets along the Naviglio Canal come to life with local folk artists from all over Italy performing for those walking by. This is an affordable event, and there is also shopping and great street food to try while you wander and listen to music. You will love events like these in Milan due to the festive atmosphere that comes along with them.

Plan to walk to and from this event since it takes place on the narrow streets near the canal. You might also want to wear sturdy shoes and some sunscreen. You might not hear some classic rock or pop music at this event, but you will have a ton of fun soaking in the culture that is hiding around every corner as you walk.

Music festivals in Milan

Kappa Futurefestival

Located not far away from Milan in Turin, you can enjoy access to this event in July. This is an electronic music festival, and those who love this kind of dance music will be in heaven when they visit this venue. This is a large event and one that attracts top talent from all over to play at it. Diplo is playing at this concert, and there are other choices to see like Four Tet, Nyege Nyege, and Pawsa.

This is a festival that is known for having a really cool venue to visit, and nearly 3o,000 people buy tickets to see the various days of shows each year. This is not the first choice of festival for people looking for classic rock and bands like Iron Maiden, but that doesn't mean that you won't have a lot of fun when you attend. Dance music and electronic music are very popular in Europe as a whole, and you will be remiss if you don't at least consider making time for an electronic music festival during your stay in Italy.

Planning to stay some more days in Milan?

If you are planning to stay in Milan for more than just a couple of days for one of the many music festivals in the city, you will want to make sure to check out our guide to 3 Days in Milan. There are so many incredible things to do here as well as delicious street food to try and world-class shopping. This guide will set you up for an amazing series of adventures and creature comforts. Planning a visit to Milan, Italy doesn't have to be stressful, not with our guide in your hands!

Even if you have been planning to come to Milan just for one of the Italian music festivals that are offered every year, you should consider staying for a few days or a week. There is so much to do in this amazing city that you will miss out on some of the best parts of what it can offer you if you are only in town for a day to attend the classical music festival or one of the electronic dance music festivals.

Make sure to check out the various historical sites and the best museums like the Duomo and plan to see some of the incredible museums and world heritage sites that are preserved here. There is no wrong way to enjoy another few days in this incredible city, and you will not regret extending your visit beyond the music festival that you have come to see.

Milan is An Incredible Place to Visit to Enjoy A Music Festival

Whether you are only going to be in the Milan area for a music festival, or you have a few days or more to spend in this incredible city, you will find that there is so much to love about your time here. This is a city that is full of culture and things to do, and you will enjoy amazing weather for most of the year here as well. Just because you are in town for a music festival doesn't mean that you can't have fun with other activities that this city has to offer.

Once your bags are safe and secure, you can easily head out to have fun and enjoy the concerts that you have come to enjoy. Storing your luggage will make your trip to the music festival event of your choice so much more fun and stress-free.

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