6 beaches near Munich: Where to go for sun, sand, and surf

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Beaches near Munich, Germany

You might not realize that there are so many lovely seaside town locations near Munich. From small beach locations where you can rent sun loungers to places where you can sit by the river and watch the world go by, you will have access to many lovely beach spots near Munich on your trip. Having a day of fun in the sun can be a lot easier than you might have realized when you first planned your trip to Munich.

Traveling to places like Percha Beach or Lake Starnberg requires that you figure out what to do with your luggage before you head out to have fun. Bounce can keep your bags in secure storage during your beach day so you can have a ton of fun in the sun. Beach days should not be stressful, and getting your bags into storage will make your day that much better.

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Beach parks near Munich

Percha Beach

This quiet and peaceful beach near Munich is on the Seestubnand. You can count on soft sand, dunes areas to walk along, and a great place to swim. There are lots of great activities to enjoy here, and access to the beach is quite straightforward. There might be fewer children here than at some of the other lake locations in this guide, which could be ideal if you want to really enjoy some peace and quiet during your beach day.

Percha Beach travel distance from Munich

This beach area near Munich is about a half-hour drive from Munich. If you head to Munich Central Station to get on the train, you will need to plan an hour to get to Percha Beach.

Activity recommendations

This cool lake location offers you access to the water from various ladders along the cliff side, or you can head down to the beach and camp out in the sand. There are lots of great places to swim in the crystal clear water as well. This is a good location for children to swim due to the shallow nature of the water, or you might want to head over to the west side, closer to the mountains, to walk along the beach instead.

There are changing booths here, and some amenities and lifeguards are present on one-half of the beach as well. Many people also enjoy fishing here, and if you are passionate about this activity, you can take advantage of the option here instead of swimming or sunning yourself.

The proximity to Munich makes this a very popular place in the summer months, so you might need to head out of the city early if you are visiting during peak tourist times so that you can grab a spot to enjoy the beach. Since this beach is located fairly close to the city, you will not need to change too many of your plans even if you decide to head here at the last minute.

If you want to head into deeper waters when you visit, you can simply walk down the pier and jump off farther away from the beach. Walking along the pier can be fun all by itself and can give you access to the perfect place to get some lovely vacation selfies.

Lake Starnberg near Munich

Lake Starnberg

This lake is a common day trip option for Munich residents, and it is one of the biggest bodies of water near the city. The Ambach bathing area is the most popular spot to head for a beach and some sun and swimming. On the Feldafing/Possenhofen side, there are options for water sports as well as dining and shopping. You could easily choose to enjoy both of these options when you visit this beach location for the day.

Lake Starnberg travel distance from Munich

It will take you forty minutes in the car to get here and about an hour and a half on the train.

Activity recommendations

If you want to sunbathe, the beach side of the lake is ideal for this. There are lots of amenities on this side of the lake, like changing areas and places to rent chairs and umbrellas. You will also be able to get food and drinks from local vendors who are set up near the water.

If you love volleyball, surfing, or sailing, the other side of the lake is the place for you. The bathing jetties allow you access to swimming in the deeper water, or you could choose to paddleboard or canoe as well. This is also a great place to enjoy some fancy dining with a view of the water at the end of the day.

If you want to be near the beach but are not interested in getting in the water or walking on the sand, you can also rent a bike and ride around the lake. This can be a fun way to see the area without having to get sand in your shoes.

River Isar near Munich

River Isar

This is a lovely place to swim because the water is treated with UV light to be safe for people to enjoy it. Children are often brought here to the Isar River to splash about and enjoy the sun as they learn to swim. There is a little swimming pool area near the Flauchersteg bridge as well, so you could choose to wander in this direction if you want to enjoy a different experience from the regular river bank area.

River Isar travel distance from Munich

You could actually choose to walk to this river beach location if you are staying in the city, or you can get in the car and take a quick four-minute hop to this spot. The train will get you here in about 15 minutes as well.

Activity recommendations

Besides swimming and laying out, you will also be able to hike and walk around the river here. The sun is usually warm enough to make laying out an easy choice to make, or you could head to Munich’s Hellabrunn Zoo if you want a break from the beach. There are a lot of other eateries and activities to enjoy in this area since you will still be inside the city limits when you head to this river beach area.

From crystal clear water to fun activities and ambiance, there is a lot to love about choosing this location among the beaches in this guide.

Watersport beaches near Munich


This beach and bathing area is also home to a dog park. This means that those who are on vacation and miss seeing their dog at home might want to head here to watch the dogs playing in the dog park side of the beach. You can come here for a variety of really nice outdoor experiences as well as relaxing in the sun or sitting in the shade and eating a meal.

Hundestrand travel distance from Munich

You will want to drive here, which takes about an hour. The train will take about half a day to get you to this location among the beaches on this list.

Activity recommendations

You can rent an umbrella and chairs here during peak season, but there are few other amenities. A lot of the focus is on walking and the dog park, so you will be selecting this beach for a quiet day of peace rather than a resort-type experience.

There is a human bathing area that is separated from the dog bathing area by a fence. The water is not crystal clear here like at other beaches near Munich, so you might want to just head to the shore here to wander and see the sights.

Waterfalls near Munich

Strandbad Feldafing

In the summer, the water here is very fine for bathing, and there are places to eat and shop near the lake as well. This is a specific section of Starnberg Lake, and it is one of the most popular locations to sunbathe and relax for Munich locals. You will need to plan on there being crowds here in the summer, so you might need to head here early if you want to get a spot that you will be comfortable with.

Strandbad Feldafing travel distance from Munich

This is a good spot to head to if you want to enjoy modest travel time, whether by car or on the train. The train will take an hour to get here, and you can arrive in about 40 minutes by car.

Activity recommendations

You can rent loungers and umbrellas here, or you can just bring your own chair or towel to sit down on as you get some sun. There are local eateries nearby, but you could also choose to grab some food truck fare and settle down to have a meal near the water. The pizza that is served by a local food cart near here is quite good.

In the summer, the water here is as warm as a bathtub, making this a great place for swimming and playing in the water. Consider popping in here to sit and watch the world go by, even if you are not in the mood for stripping down into a swimsuit and jumping right in.

Best beaches near Munich


This is the most popular swimming location for families in Munich, and you can count on lovely and accessible water here as well as amenities that make time here very comfortable. There are lots of eateries as well as places to rent a chair and an umbrella here. This spot tends to be an all-day bathing location for locals during the summer, meaning that you should expect to have to share the space with quite a few people if the weather is really nice.

Strandbad travel distance from Munich

This lake beach area is right inside the city limits, and you can get here in about five minutes from most locations around the city.

Activity recommendations

As mentioned above, there is a wide array of dining near the water here, which means that you could easily have all three meals here if you wanted to spend the entire day near the water. Since this bathing area is located right inside the city, you will not need to plan too far in advance if you want to pop over and have a day of fun in the sun.

There are toilets and other necessities here for you to use and you could choose to get a sun lounger and an umbrella if you want as well. You will mostly be using the water to cool off here as there is not much room to swim or engage in water sports, but that is totally okay for most people.

This is a location that is ideal for small children, so if you have little kids with you, you might want to plan to come to this beach spot so they can swim and play with other local kids who will no doubt be there. Many people make a full day of their time here and stay to watch the sun set over the water.


From the time that you land at Munich Airport, there is so much to do and see near this lovely city. If you have some time to head out for a weekend into the areas around the city, this guide to the best weekend trips from Munich might come in handy as you plan your trip. For those traveling on a budget, we can offer you a guide to making the most of your time in Munich on a budget.

Being able to access water and a beach to walk along is really easy in Munich. You don't even need to plan for hours of travel to be able to get to the beach to hang out and have fun. There are lots of great options to enjoy a day of fun, sun, and playing in the water near Munich. Make sure that you think about how to plan a special day of relaxation like this during your trip!

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