Where To Find The Best Street Food In Munich

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When traveling you don’t always want to sit in a formal restaurant to eat, so what about grabbing some street food? It is quick, convenient, and normally better than fast food. From food trucks to street carts, you can find amazing street food in Munich.

Most people think of street food as that little cart on the corner that sells hot dogs, and while that was true in the past, today things are different. Nowadays you will find street food in food trucks, small permanent food stalls, food markets, and yes the little cart on wheels.

Before you go on a street food spree, remember Munich has so much to show you. While meandering along an intriguing street, drop your bags at one of our Munich luggage lockers, and take the time to explore a museum. Munich is full of history –and delicious eats!

Food Markets

Instead of wandering the streets looking for a food truck or street food cart you can head to one of the traditional markets located throughout Munich. Markets with tasty fare have been a part of the city’s history for centuries. They started as a place to exchange livestock but have evolved into what you see today.

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At the Viktualienmarkt, you can find it all in one area. This is the oldest market in Munich and has had a few changes over the years. It began as a farmer’s market but has grown into something so much more.

You can still get fresh veggies, meat, cheeses, and a variety of healthy food but now it is also a foodies heaven. You can get all the street classics like weisswurst, pretzels, and steckerlfisch just to name a few. The Vikualienmarkt is also considered the best place in Munich to get a leberkassemmel.

Located in the city center of the old town of Munich, the Viktualienmarkt is only a 15 minutes ride from Munich Central train station. This popular tourist destination is open from Monday to Saturday so you can get your foodie-fix anytime. 

Hall of Taste

This is an event that happens only on the first Friday of each month and if you love your street food you don’t want to miss it. Although it is considered a market, it is a market of another kind. There are no veggie or fruit stands, no butcher chopping meat, and no souvenir shops.

What you will find is a collection of the best food trucks and small street market stalls. The chefs bring you local Bavarian classics, Bayerische kartoffel, rice pudding, and of course, pretzels. If you are feeling like something a little more worldly, no problem. They are happy to serve American, Asian, and even Mexican recipes.

 A bonus beyond the great street food is the entertainment. You could be enjoying a freshly grilled bratwurst, drinking a smooth cold beer while moving, and grooving to a live band or DJ.

Wiener Markt

This is the smallest of the four major markets within the city of Munich and is named after the city of Vienna. Situated in one of the trendiest neighborhoods, the Haidhausen, the Wiener Markt is a throwback in history. WIth wooden houses and the beautiful surrounding greenery, you can enjoy some delicious street food while relaxing by the river.

And the street food of choice would be the Weisswurste or meatballs from the Imbiss Niedermeier food stall. These tasty morsels are touted as the best in Munich. The Weisswurste are grilled to perfection and have that perfect snap when you bite into them. You can get hungry just by looking at them.

Food Trucks

Some of the best street food in any city can be found at a food truck, and Munich is no exception. Of course, finding them can be the trick, they’re trucks and they move. But thank goodness for technology. Most of the food trucks post on the internet where they are so customers can find them easily.

A lot of food trucks do have “regular” locations, especially in the evening near the bars and clubs. You also may be able to find your favorite one at the Hall of Taste on the first Friday of each month and enjoy a few drinks with your lunch.


Isardogs serves up gourmet hot dogs, burgers, and curry sausages, but what makes them so tasty? For starters, they use 100% high-quality beef and everything is elevated by their selection of out of this world sauces. The sauces and menu were developed with the assistance of sauce expert and two-time French Michelin star chef Patrick Coudert.

They haven’t left out the vegetarians, there are meatless burgers and dogs too. To find them, check out their website where they keep their present and future location updated. They can also be found on the first Friday of every month at the Hall of Taste.


Curries have taken over the world, and that is not a bad thing – spicy is delicious! In a country known for bratwurst and schnitzel, it is good to have a bit of spice in your food. And Curry-O-City gives you just that. With mouth-watering korma chicken, sweet potato curry, and mango lassi, you can’t go wrong. 

They even offer a delicious twist on burgers and fries, plus vegan and lactose-free items. They are always on the move so you will need to check their website for their next location. 

Vogl Wild

Do you like your wild meat? If the answer is yes, this food truck is for you. Vogl Wild serves up a delectable selection of wild meat. Deer and wild pig burgers plus an excellent variety of sauces make this a go-to joint for any true carnivore. 

With the highest quality wild game meat, they get it from the Bavarian State and Federal Forest. If you are a vegetarian, you might want to steer clear of this one.

Iss mir Wurst

For the best currywurst, there is only one place to go in Munich, Iss mir Wurst. The name translates into “Eat me Sausage” and trust us, you will want to eat this German sausage. Juicy and just the right amount of curry, combined with some of the tastiest crispy fries in Germany, it will keep you full for hours on end, yummy!

You can look at the menu for other items too. If you are a vegetarian, try their falafel. But if you are a meat lover, in the end, the only choice is the currywurst. This little food trailer doesn’t actually move so you will have to travel the outskirts of Munich. But if you like your currywurst and your spices, you won’t be disappointed. Get your fill and then venture on to one of the best hikes near Munich!

Grillin’ Me Softly

While if on your travels you get a craving for a little American-style burger, just hunt down the guys at Grillin’ Me Softly, they do their burgers just right. The meat is grilled not fried, the cut of beef is always locally sourced, fresh, and of the highest quality. 

From the east coast to the west, they are on top of what is trending in the American burger market. With a fantastic selection of fresh toppings like avocado, jalapeno, and bacon your belly will feel like it is home again. To really complete the meal, add some sweet potato fries or go all out with hand-cut truffle fries.

They are only open for two hours Monday to Friday (11:30 am to 1:30 pm) so you have to be quick. If you are wondering where they will be, they always give you the heads-up on their whereabouts on their website. 

Special Events

Auer Dult

This market only happens three times a year and each lasting nine days. This is more than just a market, it is a German folk festival. Located at the Mariahilfplatz square next to the Mariahilplatz church, this is a great event to bring the kids to. Munich is a wonderful place for children to see – there is plenty for kids to do!

Like most festivals in Germany, it involves beer and plenty of delicious German food. Sauerkraut, pretzels, pork sausage, and other tasty dishes are served throughout the day. But unlike ones like Oktoberfest, it is much more subdued. However, it still attracts over 300, 000 tourists a year.

Street Food That Is A Must

There are many excellent restaurants within the city of Munich that feature great overall menus and service, but some foods you need to eat at one particular spot. And this is most certainly true when it comes to street food. And there are some absolute musts that you have to try before you leave the city, no matter what area you are staying in.

Doner Kebab

If you thought the doner kebab was more of a Turkish thing, you are right, but that hasn't stopped the Germans from adopting it into their culture too. This Turkish delight of shaved seasoned pork or chicken meats stuffed in a pita with fries, tomatoes, onions, and covered in a sauce is possibly the most popular street food you will find.

With doner stands scattered throughout Munich, how do you choose the best one? Ask a local and they will tell you that the best doner in the city is done at the Doner Kabab Haus. They also serve falafel sandwiches, lamb wraps, and chicken skewers. The food stall located near the center of the city is not fancy, but it's just so good.

Reasonably priced and generous portions, it's no wonder locals eat here, a lot.

Weiss Wurst

These unusual looking sausages are a staple in Munich. Normally eaten as a first meal of the day, this boiled white sausage is made with veal and is best served with sweet mustard. Even if you are having the sausage for breakfast, be like the locals and add a beer (when in Rome, or this case Munich).

Stop by the Wurststandl Teltschik in the Viktualianmarkt if you want the best weisswurst in Munich. Make sure you get there early as there will probably be a line to get in, and it is only open from 10 am to 3 pm.


Of course, no trip to Munich is complete without grabbing yourself a giant pretzel, or bretzl as they are known in German. When eating these delicious, twisted knots of salty bread you should always drink good beer. There are no shortages of where to get a good pretzel but for the best all-around experience, you should visit Hofbrauhaus.

This is one of the most famous taverns in the world, with friendly service, music every night, and great food. So not only are you getting one of the best pretzels in southern Germany, you are probably going to have one of the best nights on your visit to Munich.


One of the best German national dishes is sauerkraut, fermented sliced cabbage. Whether served in sandwiches for lunch or with sausages at dinner time, it pretty much goes with any meal. But if you are looking for the best combination it has to be with sausages at the Gaststatte Nurnberger Bratwurst Glockl am Dom.

One of the top restaurants in Munich, eating here will take you back in time. There is seating outside but to get the best ambiance of the restaurant you need to sit inside. Old wood decor, a dark atmosphere, lots of noise, music, and delicious food, what better place to enjoy one of Germany's most iconic dishes.


You can see Germans eating steckerlfisch, or fish on a stick, at every Oktoberfest. Why? Because the best place to eat steckerlfisch is at any beer garden.

Cooked head down on an angle to allow the fats to run down the stick and not onto the coals, this healthy salty snack is always best served with beer lunch or dinner. To make it more of a meal you can add a delicious Bavarian potato salad.

The Wonderful Flavors of Germany

Munich's street food has a little bit bit of everything for all gourmands out there. Whether it's bacon, pork, chicken, cabbage, rice, curry, or falafel, there is something for everyone. Any day is a good day to visit one of the street food stalls, food trucks or food markets in Munich. You just need to make sure you are hungry!

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