Munich Christmas Market: The Complete Guide

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Munich is the capital of Bavaria in South Germany and most people visit the city for its yearly festivals, beautiful architecture and famous beer gardens (come here for Oktoberfest someday as well). During the festive season, the city streets are filled with lavish Christmas decorations, trees, and star shaped twinkle lights, and a light snow dusts the top of the building's rooftops. If you love Christmas markets, you will adore this city.

As you walk through the frosted streets you might come across some of Munich's Christmas markets since there are over 20 of them scattered around the city! Visiting the markets in Munich can be a fun activity for the entire family and you might even get some Christmas shopping done. Ready to get out and explore the markets? First, find a place to store your luggage in Munich.

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Marienplatz Christmas Market

Marienplatz is a traditional Christmas market that first made its appearance sometime around the 14th century. This touristy market should be easy to find since it is situated in the city centre by the incredible Town Hall, which makes for the perfect backdrop. Thanks to its central location and longstanding history, this Medieval Christmas Market is one of the most famous of all the Munich Christmas markets and can get busy.

As a Nativity market and the main market of the city, Marienplatz offers all sorts of decorations, gifts and sweet treats. Browse around the 150 different wooden huts to see what they are selling! Make sure to take a picture next to the huge (and real) Christmas tree, too.

What to do near Marienplatz Christmas Market

If you still have some extra time after visiting all of the stalls at this crowded market you might want to see what else there is to do in the area. We recommend stopping by the Christkindl post office where you can get special festive stamps to send to friends. You won't want to miss a chance to climb the St Peter's Church Tower, it offers some of the most spectacular views of the city markets below.

Sternenflotte Christmas Market

This is our next stop on the Christmas market tour around Munich it is not like the traditional markets around town. It is housed on the Alte Utting, a decommissioned pleasure boat that now hosts this magical Christmas market every year. That's right, it is a Christmas market on a boat!

Although it is a small market it is still one of the best Christmas markets in Munich. Aside from being one of the coolest venues in the city, this place offers everything that most Christmas markets in Munich have, like mulled wine, delicious treats and gifts for your loved ones. Their food stalls have vegan and vegetarian options as well as traditional dishes.

What to do near Sternenflotte Christmas Market

The boat is used as a venue for all sorts of events and chances are that there will be something going on while you are here. There is even a bar on board! Consider stopping by for a drink or a bite to eat before heading out to the other markets in Munich.

Tollwood Winter Festival

This is a favorite spot for many people in Munich because this festival is very environmentally conscious and uses sustainable practices. It is not like the traditional Christmas markets and follows a different theme every year so you can come back again and again to find something new. The art installations they use are all upcycled as well!

Even their Christmas tree is unique; in the past, it has been made out of recycled bicycles and other similar objects. There is also a stage hosting live performances and, of course, fantastic shopping opportunities. Buy a fair trade gift for a loved one or maybe just a souvenir for yourself!

What to do near Tollwood Winter Festival

Tollwood is definitely the leader in alternative markets. Once you've had your fill of winter magic you can see if there is anything happening at the festival halls nearby, or do some sightseeing at the Bavaria Statue from the 1800s.

Chinese Tower Christmas Market

This is definitely one of the places that you will want to visit before Christmas Eve. It is held every year in the English Garden which is one of Munich's biggest parks. It is one of the best Munich Christmas markets, not only for its beautiful atmosphere but because of its attractions!

Horse drawn carriage rides circle the area beginning at the Chinese Tower and can be a fun thing to do during your visit to the market. Afterward, go browsing through the stalls where you can find handmade crafts like wooden angels and dolls, clothing like lambskin slippers or tasty food. It is a fantastic place to visit at Christmas time!

What to do near Chinese Tower Christmas Market

This traditional Munich Christmas market is held in the English Garden every year. This space is known for its beer garden, so check it out while you are nearby!

Residenz Christmas Village

This beautiful Christmas market does a fantastic job of capturing the Christmas spirit and you will feel as though you are back in the Middle Ages once you step through the palace walls. This fairytale market is a great spot to visit with children as well; bring them to the kids' section where they can listen to stories told by life-sized stuffed animals.

As with all the markets in Munich, you can buy artisanal products like dolls and toys as well as glassblowing objects and, of course, food and drinks like spiced wine! Don't miss out on the Christmas magic at this medieval market.

What to do near Residenz Christmas Village

Finding something to do near this market is easy, especially since you will be in the courtyard of one of the city's best landmarks! This castle, which is a former royal palace, is Germany's biggest and quite a sight to behold. If you want to see more of the castle you will need to reserve a couple of hours in your day; there is a lot to see!

Exploring the Munich Christmas Market Scene

When it comes to Munich, the Christmas season is about more than just Christmas carols, star shaped Christmas lights and presents. The city comes together every year when the Munich Christmas markets open to welcome cheerful tourists and friendly locals to their shops and stalls. You can make your own Christmas market hopping list to visit as many as possible before Christmas Day.

Interested in stopping by some more Munich markets? Add these ones to your Munich Christmas markets map: the LGBTQ community's Pink Christmas Market, the Munich Airport Christmas Market, the Schwabing Christmas Market, or the Haidhausen Christmas Market are also worth a visit. No matter which ones you decide to visit, these German Christmas markets are sure to steal your heart. Embrace the holiday spirit and have a Merry Christmas!

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