The Best Time to Visit Naples 2024: The Ultimate Guide

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Naples is a beautiful and charming city and the third biggest in all of Italy. With an interesting history dating back almost 3,000 years as well as a large number of modern attractions available, there is no doubt as to why so many people choose to vacation here. The city was first established in the 8th century B.C. by the Greeks, although it was eventually under the rule of the Romans, Austria, Spain, and even the Barbarians throughout its timeline.

Since its founding, this city has been called Naples, or Napoli, which originates from the word Neapolis meaning "New City". This cannot be more true, since Naples is ready to offer you a vacation like you have never had before.

Since 1995 the Historic Centre, or Centro Storico, has been on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is one of the many reasons that people come to visit Naples, Italy. Other reasons to plan a vacation here include great beaches filled with aquatic wildlife, impressive medieval castles, and ancient catacombs that can be really interesting to explore.

Did you know that Naples is also the birthplace of pizza? What is there not to love? If we have convinced you to plan a trip to Naples, keep reading. We will tell you a bit more about the city and how it changes throughout the year.

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Summer in Naples - June to August

Summer in Naples is sunny and bright but also very hot. You can expect average temperatures to remain around 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the evenings, and as high as 86 degrees Fahrenheit during the daytime (about 16 to 30 degrees Celsius). You will definitely need to prepare for the heat and humidity, but sometimes a nice breeze or short rain shower will come by which can make it quite pleasant. If you decide to visit Naples in the summer you will be spending lots of time outside unless it gets too hot, and then you might want to get cool indoors. The best way to discover the city during this season is to vary your excursions, and plan to have breaks inside when it is hottest during the middle of the day.

You will see an increase in tourists at this time of year but hotel prices remain surprisingly affordable, most likely to encourage more visitors. If you decide to travel during the summer you might want to plan your excursions in advance and reserve spots ahead of time so you don't risk being stuck in lines all day. Make sure that you pack a swimsuit for the beach and light clothes like shorts and tank tops for the hottest times of the day. Packing a sweater is also a good idea if you want to stay out at night. Products like sunscreen are definitely going to be needed whenever you are spending time outside in the sun!

These months are the best time to rest on the sandy beaches and swim in the ocean water, as well as attend all of the fantastic outdoor activities that are offered. For three whole weeks in June you can enjoy the musical and theatrical performances of the Napoli Teatro Festival Italia which happens at different venues around the city but mainly in some of the old castles and breweries in the Historic Centre. Make sure that you don't miss out on Pizzafest happening between late June and early July! The Neapolis Festival has all sorts of musical performances and the Giffoni Film Festival also shouldn't be missed. Get ready for one of the biggest holidays of the year, Ferragosto, happening on August 15th, and the Ravello Music Festival which will be taking place in all sorts of outdoor venues around town.

Fall in Naples - September to November

The weather remains fairly warm during fall in Naples, with the climate decreasing to only about 62 degrees Fahrenheit at the end of the season and remaining at temperatures like 81 degrees Fahrenheit in early September (expect temperatures to be around 17 to 27 degrees Celsius). There is still plenty of sunshine and humidity so you should spend some of your time on the coast since the sea temperatures are still warm, although you can expect more rain beginning in November. Take advantage of the pleasant temps when you can, since rainy days might put a stop to your outdoor plans.

You can expect some pricier hotel rates compared to the summer and wintertime since visitors like to take advantage of the moderate climate. You can still be comfortable in shorts on those warmer days in Naples, but we recommend that you bring some pants, long sleeves, and maybe a light raincoat for the wet and gloomy days. A bonus of visiting during the end of the season is that the level of tourists seems to decrease a bit, especially nearing November. When you are preparing for your vacation and are looking for things to do you should make a list of both indoor and outdoor attractions. You never know if the weather will be warm and sunny or chilly and wet, so you should be ready for whatever Naples throws your way.

Fall in Naples brings all sorts of fun activities and festivals, like the TangoTango Festival and Festa di Piedigrotta in September. The Festa di San Gennaro, which happens annually on September 19th, is one of the biggest religious festivals in the city. Keep an eye out for Le Lune di Pompeii taking place in the Pompeii Archeological Area from October to November. It is one of the top day trips outside of the city and is well worth attending. Be aware that November 1st is All Saints Day and since it is a holiday most businesses will be closed. If you are visiting during this time of year you will want to be there for the Naples International Film Festival!

Winter in Naples - December to February

Winter in Naples is the low season for traveling, so you can expect fewer crowds, making it one of the best times to visit if you want the city to yourself. The weather is still warm enough to be comfortable since the climate in Naples is usually warm, and during these months the city remains at a temperature between 43 degrees to 55 degrees Fahrenheit (6 to 13 degrees Celsius). Although you will be fine walking around the streets in a jacket you definitely won't want to be spending time at the beach or swimming on the Amalfi coast, since the waters do get cold.

One thing to keep in mind about winters in Naples is that the weather can sometimes be unpredictable, so you might have a couple of days of sun or you might be stuck with rain. Either way, there are lots of things to do that can keep you occupied whatever the weather. You will want to prepare for any kind of temperature changes by packing some pants, t-shirts and long-sleeved shirts. Sweaters and a medium-weight jacket are also a must. You can plan for some outdoor attractions but make sure that you have some indoor activities in your itinerary as well, in case it is just too cold or rainy to be outside for long.

Since this is the low season for tourism you will want to take advantage of the decrease in tourists to see all of the main sites of Naples, including Pompeii and Herculaneum. This is when they are quietest. Other seasonal events, like the displays of nativity scenes at the Church of Gesu' Nuovo beginning on December 8th, are definitely worth checking out. The Natale a Napoli celebrations bring all sorts of free events and festivals like parades and concerts for the Christmas season. Much of the city is closed on Christmas day as locals spend time with their families, but the city comes alive with partying and celebrations on New Year's Eve. The Festival of Saint Anthony is one that you won't want to miss, as the citizens from different parts of the city come together to see who can build the biggest bonfire. February brings the Carnevale which is a fun masked celebration with a big parade.

Spring in Naples - March to May

Spring is the shoulder season so you will gradually begin to see prices for hotels and airfare increase again as the weather warms up. It is still one of the best times to visit Naples, especially at the beginning of the season when the streets are still quiet. As the season goes on it will get more expensive but also warmer, so you can start planning trips to the Bay of Naples or the Amalfi Coast. In general, expect temperatures with a low of 44 degrees Fahrenheit in the early season and highs of 73 degrees later on (there is a range of about 7 to 23 degrees Celsius for the entire season).

The best time for sightseeing is at the beginning of the season since you won't have to deal with big crowds. Overall it can be hard to predict what Mother Nature will do, so you should plan for days of sunshine, rain or cool winds. We recommend packing a few t-shirts and maybe one pair of shorts in case you get a really warm day. Bringing a sweater is a good idea and a light jacket for evenings won't hurt. Planning for a vacation at this time of year can be challenging since you won't really know what the weather will be like, but since temperatures remain relatively warm in Naples year round you can choose to do basically anything.

This is a great time to go on some tours of the city and explore the outdoor attractions. If you are looking for some festivals or events then you will be happy to hear that there are quite a few happening during spring in Naples. You will want to keep an eye out for the eight day long arts festival put on by the Museo Archeologico Nazionale with all sorts of dance, film and theatre productions. You should also visit the Settimana Santa and Festival Mann events happening in March and April. On the 25th of April will be the Festa Della Liberazione where local citizens celebrate the city and the end of World War II. May brings new music events and concerts, as well as the Wine in the City and the Napoli Bike Festival events.

The Best Time of Year to Visit Naples, Italy

As you can see, the city changes a little bit throughout the year and every season brings new pros and cons for traveling. The perfect time to visit Naples is different for everyone, and it will really depend on your price range and what you plan to do. Of course, avoid the peak season if you don't want to deal with big crowds of tourists and also want to save a bit of money, but be aware that temperatures will be either very hot or cooler and you might want to be spending less time outside.

There is a reason that most people like to visit during the spring since that is when the weather is the nicest, and summers are great too, although they can get hot. Ultimately the best time to visit Naples is between seasons so you can enjoy agreeable weather and a quieter city. No matter when you take a trip to this city your vacation will be incredible, and Naples is the best place to experience history, natural beauty and great food all in one place.

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