Rooftop Bars in Naples: 9 Places to Drink with a View

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Rooftop bars in Naples

If you have headed to Naples, you probably have lots of big plans. You probably want to enjoy the best shopping in the city, see some museums, and tour the city. One of the other things that you need to be sure to do is to head to a rooftop bar. There are so many really enjoyable rooftop bars in Naples that you might not know how to pick from all of your options. You will have choices like bars in Naples with sun loungers, as well as bars with live music and more. The best rooftop bars in Naples are in this guide, and you will have an easier time picking and choosing if you use this list to help you make a choice.

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Best rooftop bars in Naples

Best Rooftop Bars in Naples

No matter where your day in Naples is going to take you, from Pompeii to the center of old town, you will want to make sure that you do not miss out on the best rooftop bars in the city. There are so many places that you can sit down for an excellent glass of wine with an incredible view that you would be cheating yourself if you did not take advantage of this benefit during your stay.

Even if you are in Naples for a business trip, you can still take a break and head to these terraces and roof garden locations to make the most of the views and try some local cuisine and wine. You will be missing out on something special in Naples if you do not take advantage of the various terrace and outdoor dining options in the city. These are the best rooftop bars for you to see the sights and enjoy a really special dining experience and you should make time to visit at least a few of them during your trip

Parker's Grand Hotel

What It's Like:

This location is near the Piazza Amedeo, and you will love the panoramic views from atop the Grand Hotel. The bar is called the George Lounge, and it comes with lovely comfortable seating, amazing drinks, and a lounge bar environment that is super comfortable and cozy. The Mediterranean sea is clearly visible from this rooftop restaurant and bar, and you can also enjoy views of the Gulf of Naples.

Our Recommendation:

This lounge bar is a really fun place to head for Mediterranean cuisine, delightful mixed drinks, and really good service. This is also a really nice choice since the space is not limited to hotel guests only in any way. Since this location is not open on Sunday or Monday, you might want to make dinner reservations to be sure that you get a spot.

The Grand Hotel is a great choice for your room reservation as well, and if you want to splurge a little for your stay, the Grand Hotel is a fabulous option. You will be located near a lot of the best things to do in Naples here, as well as this amazing rooftop bar.


Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 135

Vesuvius Roof Bar

What It's Like:

Located with views of Piazza Nazionale and the tasty Starita a Materdei pizzeria, as well as Vesuvius, this spot is a great place for a good meal. You will love the terrace location here, and you will enjoy access to all the amenities that you would expect from a location atop a four-star hotel. The ocean is very close, and you will feel like you have been transported to an entirely new state of mind when you head to this comfortable and charming spot for your drinks and dinner.

Our Recommendation:

This is a location that is a stone's throw from many other fun things to do, and this is a top-notch rooftop bar option for views of Mount Vesuvius. Make sure that you try the wine list and order some authentic Mediterranean food. You will enjoy amazing views while you enjoy really good food in a place that you would not normally think of being a great dining location.


Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi

Patios in Naples

Vista Sky Bar

What It's Like:

The service here is excellent at this rooftop restaurant and rooftop bar, and the small things are thought of, from the plating to service notes that feel very upscale. You can actually also get access to the rooftop pool here if you want to have a little fun before or after your meal. Vista Sky Bar is a really swanky and upscale location with lots of gourmet cuisine on the menu, as well as really good drinks and a full wine list.

Our Recommendation:

The views from the Vista Sky Bar are excellent since the sea is so close by, and you can dine in comfort on soft loungers while you listen to the waves lapping along the beach. The menu is refreshed constantly here, and this is one of the best rooftop restaurants in the city for fusion meals.


Hotel Mediterraneo Sorrento, Corso Marion Crawford, 85, 80065

Beluga Sky Bar at Hotel Romeo

What It's Like:

Probably the most beautiful of the rooftop bars in Naples, this location offers you views of the island of Capri, as well as the harbor and the city. This rooftop bar and rooftop pool are on the ninth floor, meaning you will get a panoramic view of most of the surrounding area as you dine and sip on your drink. The full wine menu is excellent at Romeo Hotel and they offer dining options that are available throughout most of the day and night.

Our recommendation:

The Beluga Sky Bar at the Romeo hotel stays open until 3 a.m. every day, so you can head here and stay all night long if you want to continue to enjoy the sights and sounds around you. The Romeo Hotel is very inviting for fun evening activities and well-placed for access to the best that the city has to offer.


Via Cristoforo Colombo, 45

La Terrazza - Hotel San Francesco al Monte

What It's Like:

The wine cellar is incredible here and many people head to this rooftop terrace to make the most of the incredible views and sip on some wine. This is one of the older hotels in the city, and you will enjoy a unique experience when you come here for your dining and drinks with a view. This is a bit like a roof garden that comes complete with comfortable couches and loungers to sit in.

Our Recommendation:

This is one of the best rooftop bars in the city for authentic wines and authentic Naples dining, and you will be able to stay late if you wish. The location is open until midnight each day and doesn't open until 11 am.


Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 328

Naples rooftop bars


What It's Like:

Another spot with views of Vesuvius, head here for views of the ocean, delicious wines, and babà Napoletano. This is a more casual dining experience, but they are open every day of the week until the late evening. The panoramic views are really nice here on the terrace, and you will have less trouble finding a seat here than at other destinations around the city. The full menu of restaurant options is also a really nice addition if you would like to have dinner while you check out the views.

Our Recommendation:

This is a nice choice as well if you want to have the same access as non-guests as the hotel residents do. You will not feel like you have been moved to the "other people" section at this bar, and this is one of the best rooftop bars in the city for prompt service and a wide selection of dining and drink options. Make sure to ask about specials and what the freshest new food items are on the menu.


Via Francesco Petrarca, 62

Lucrezio Coffee

What It's Like:

Want to start your day with a cup of coffee and some amazing views? This rooftop terrace is the place for you! This spot is near the Archaeological Park of Pausilypon, and it is a local favorite. The sofas and cute little metal tables and chairs at this rooftop bar offer up an inviting and comfortable seating area. Sip on espresso and order a pastry while you check out views of the city and nearby Vesuvius.

Our Recommendation:

This spot is also open until 4 am, so you can stop in here to close out a night on the town if you wish.


Via Tito Lucrezio Caro, 40

Drinks with a view in Naples

The Royal Continental

What It's Like:

The Royal Continental is a four-star hotel located near Castel dell'Ovo. The Royal Continental is one of the most popular places to stay in the city, and you will see why as soon as you set foot on the premises. This is a really luxurious and special location that offers incredible dining as well as decadent drinks. The wine list is quite large here as well, so lovers of local wines will have a great time partaking of this well-planned list.

Our Recommendation:

There is a full menu of food on offer throughout the day here, so you can enjoy fusion favorites as well as traditional meals or small plates if you would rather snack while you enjoy the view. There are even soft drinks on the menu for kids traveling with you and kid-friendly dining options if you're traveling as a family.


Via Partenope, 38

Hotel Plaza

What It's Like:

About an hour away from Naples in Sorrento, the Hotel Plaza is worth mentioning on this list. It's not swanky and high-class but is instead cozy and welcoming. The breakfast room, as well as the rooftop bar here, are known for offering panoramic views and great food and drink to patrons. The staff is very helpful, and you will have no trouble finding out what is on special or getting recommendations. This spot also feels like a rooftop garden, and the lovely scenery around you is framed by the beautiful greenery, rooftop pool, and comfortable seating.

Our Recommendation:

This is a really nice spot to drop in for a bar dining experience that is really well-crafted and welcoming at any hour of the day. Many of the bar locations in this city do not serve breakfast, so you might want to have this spot on your radar if you have plans to start your day with breakfast on a terrace overlooking the scenic city of Sorrento.


Via Fuorimura N3 80067 Sorrento

Restaurants with a view in Naples


No matter the reason for your trip to Naples, you will want to be sure to make time to see the best rooftops in the city and enjoy wine and snacks or a full meal with a view. There are so many really beautiful and special locations in this city where you can relax while seeing the city below. You will miss out on one of the most memorable parts of a trip to this part of the world if you do not at least take one night to sip wine and dine in leisure with a view of the Bay of Naples or Vesuvius.

When you're out sightseeing and visiting rooftop bars, you will want to be sure that you put your luggage into secure storage rather than dragging everything with you. Storing your luggage is quick and easy when you choose Bounce, and then you can head out to start enjoying everything that Naples has to offer!

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