Newcastle Christmas Market: The Complete Guide

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Newcastle Upon Tyne, sometimes just called Newcastle, is one of the most beautiful cities in Britain. It has a lively nightlife and impressive heritage, and if you ever get the opportunity to stop by you should definitely vacation here! The city is stunning in the summertime, but once winter hits it is transformed into a winter wonderland.

Once the weather gets cold and the snow starts to fall you know that the yearly Christmas markets in Newcastle are about to show up. These markets are a favorite among Christmas enthusiasts and can be a great spot to do some shopping, too! Store your bags safely in Newcastle and then head to the Christmas markets for tasty bratwurst, savory cheese, and mulled wine.

Plenty of activities to do and sights to see await those who arrive in Newcastle Upon Tyne for the holidays. Look forward to festive fare and an abundance of gift ideas. Don't forget to buy roasted chestnuts!

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Newcastle Christmas Market

Start off the festive season with a trip to the biggest Christmas market in the city. You would usually find the festivities set up around the Grey's Monument but, thanks to its increased popularity, this year the festival has expanded to include Blackett Street and Northumberland Street as well. The market opens up near the beginning of December and only closes on Christmas Eve, so make sure that you stop by before then!

A collection of independent businesses, farmers and breweries gather here each year to sell their items and yummy treats, like Christmas cakes, locally brewed beers and hot chocolate. There are plenty of activities for children as well. Santa Claus might even make an appearance near the end of the month! Make sure that you stop by Santa's Grotto to meet his elves before shopping around the 30 stalls. Choirs will sing Christmas carols to create the perfect festive atmosphere while you enjoy the market.

What to do near Newcastle Christmas Market

We doubt that you will get bored with all of the attractions offered at the market, but if you are looking for something else to do there are a few options located nearby. Maybe you could go catch a show at the Tyneside Cinema!

Quayside Christmas Market

Looking for somewhere to buy Christmas gifts? Don't forget to stop by the Quayside Christmas Market on the weekends! You will find the market stalls set up between Swing Bridge and Millenium Bridge.

All kinds of independent local traders set up shop to offer you a variety of products with a local focus. Clothing, knick knacks and foodie treats are all available, making it the optimal destination for both fashion and food lovers.

What to do near Quayside Christmas Market

The Quayside is a beautiful area located right by the river and it can be a really nice spot to take a stroll. If you walk along the River Tyne you might even get to spot the seven different bridges that cross over it.

Grainger Market

Head to Grainger Street near Central Station to do some Christmas shopping at the Grainger Market. This local market in the city centre of Newcastle is situated close to the main Newcastle Christmas Market, so consider stopping by both in one day!

The vendors at the market come from a marvelous range of backgrounds like farmers, beer makers, bakers, fishers and more. There are places to buy tasty treats as well as handmade objects, vintage clothing and souvenirs so you will definitely be able to check off every box on your Christmas shopping list. Reserve at least a couple of hours if you want to browse through all of the stalls since there are over 115 of them set up under one roof!

What to do near Grainger Market

Located not too far away from Grainger Street is the Theater Royal. See if they have any festive performances happening while you are in town!

Ouseburn Christmas Market

The Ouseburn Christmas Market makes a special appearance in late December for the weekend before Christmas Eve, so you will have to time your visit to Newcastle City for that Saturday or Sunday if you want to check it out. It is one of the best places to find unique items and is well appreciated by last-minute shoppers.

This is a nice outdoor market so you might want to grab a glass of mulled wine or hot chocolate to keep yourself cozy while you shop. Add it to your list of festive events in Newcastle!

What to do near Ouseburn Christmas Market

This Christmas Market isn't the only thing that there is to do in Ouseburn. You can see if there are any events at The Cluny, a live music venue, or check out The Biscuit Factory art gallery!

Jesmond Food Market

The Jesmond Food Market only happens twice per month, and if you stop by in December you will definitely find some of the traditional holiday treats. The market takes over the area near Armstrong Bridge. Make your way there if you are interested in seeing what they have to offer.

This market celebrates the holidays with its own seasonal events that attract food lovers from around the region. The first and third Saturday of the month is when they have their Christmas special. Stop by for some delicious food and a good dose of holiday spirit.

What to do near Jesmond Food Market

After checking out the Jesmond Food Market you should stop by the Jesmond Dene. This gorgeous greenspace is a lovely spot for a walk at any time of year!

Visiting all of the Christmas Markets in Newcastle

Whether you are shopping for yourself or for others, these Newcastle Christmas markets will definitely be worth your time. From jewellery and clothing to festive decorations and amazing food, there are lots of things sold in every market stall and they transform the city into a beautiful winter wonderland.

Now you are ready to enjoy the Christmas Markets in Newcastle. For more things to do in Newcastle, check out these other guides.

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