Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Oslo

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Nicknamed ‘The Tiger City,’ Oslo is the capital of Norway, located at the northernmost end of Oslofjord. It is surrounded by green hills, mountains, forests, and the sea, offering spectacular scenery at every turn. Just off the city coast are numerous Fjord islands with glorious beaches, historic sites, and hiking trails waiting to be explored. Besides being a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, Oslo is a lovely destination for history buffs and art lovers, home to impressive museums and art galleries. And don't miss the numerous free activities in Oslo either.

As well, shopping in Oslo guarantees a satisfying experience regardless of your budget, preferences, and style. Many shopping malls, markets, department stores, and shopping galleries feature high-end fashion brands and local designer outlets. There are also small boutiques, antique shops, and vintage stores on famous shopping streets and hidden alleyways in the bustling Oslo city centre.

Fashionistas and shopaholics will be treated with high-quality crafts and fashion items at shopping places near top tourist spots. Stroll through the lively neighborhoods and discover everything from the architecture, hip bars, and world-class restaurants while buying unique gifts and souvenirs. It allows visitors to combine sightseeing with shopping and dining. But if you want to make the most of your experience, drop off your bags at a luggage facility in Oslo. You don’t want to be burdened by your suitcase as you explore the city and its many offerings.

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Top Oslo Shopping Centers, Malls, and Shopping Galleries


EGER is the most exclusive shopping gallery in the Norwegian capital. It has over ten concept stores offering over 400 high-end brands in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. It is situated on Karl Johans gate, the main shopping street in central Oslo. It’s a short distance from major attractions, including the Museums of Cultural History and the Royal Palace, making it an ideal stop for needed shopping when touring the city.

The shops at EGER offer everything from comfy sportswear and the latest fashion to accessories and jewelry. If you get hungry while browsing the shops, stop at one of the cafes and restaurants for a quick bite or a savory dinner. It houses the fifth Olivia restaurant in the city, a modern patisserie, and a café selling fresh, high-quality coffee. EGER is open daily except for Mondays, from 10 AM to 7 PM on the weekdays, and closes at 6 PM on Saturdays.

Location: Karl Johans gate 23B, 0157 Oslo, Norway

Steen & Strøm Department Store

Located in the heart of Oslo, Steen & Strøm is a large Scandinavian department store delivering the best shopping experience to locals and visitors. It boasts six spacious floors where you’ll discover lifestyle products and top-of-the-line items in fashion, health, beauty, and more. Founded in 1797, Steen & Strøm has put together well-known local Norwegian and international brands and designers under one roof.

Some of the top high-fashion brands and stores at the department store Steen & Strøm include the common favorites, such as Balenciaga, Boss Man, Dior, Montblanc, Oscar Jacobson, Gucci, and Wolford. There are also several restaurants serving delicious dishes and tasty bites, like tacos, sushi, sandwiches, and soup.

Location: Nedre Slottsgate 8, 0157 Oslo, Norway

Arkaden Shopping

Shopping in Oslo doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. If you want to skip large shopping complexes, head to Arkaden. Though a small shopping center, it has some of the biggest and most prominent brands and well-known chain stores, like Kjell & Company, Kouture, Carlings, WODEN, and a high-end streetwear brand Ossy Homer.

In addition to clothing and accessories, Arkaden has several services, including a pharmacy, toy shop, skincare, electronics, jewelry store, and Japanese food products. Check out for events and seasonal activities, as the shopping center regularly hosts entertaining activities for visitors.

Location: Karl Johans gate 5, 0154 Oslo, Norway

Oslo City Shopping Centre

Oslo City Shopping Centre is most likely the first shopping mall you'd find when visiting the city. It’s one of the most visited shopping areas in Oslo, conveniently situated at the heart of the city. The shopping center attracts even more visitors since it is right across the Oslo Central Station.

Oslo City Shopping Centre is home to over 90 shops and restaurants, which you can find in its five-floor property. You can find the most prominent brands and shops here, such as H&M, Cubus, and Bik Bog, to name a few. If you want to visit the mall, it's open Monday to Saturday, 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. However, it closes on Saturdays at 8:00 PM.

Location: Stenersgata 1, 0050 Oslo, Norway


Founded in 1739, GlasMagasinet is the city’s oldest department store. It is located in Stortorvet, or the Grand Plaza, a peaceful square in central Oslo. It’s a great spot for shoppers looking for home and design items, furniture, electronics, wellness products, and clothes.

You'll discover a few well-known stores at GlasMagasinet, including Illums Bolighus, Bellas Hus, KICKS Flagship Store, and Heimen Husfliden Spiseri. Many of them cover top-notch brands in various industries, including furniture, food, jewelry, lighting, and gastronomy. The department store is open Mondays through Fridays between 10 AM to 7 PM and Saturdays from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Location: Stortorvet 9, 0155 Oslo, Norway

CC Vest

It has been over two decades since CC Vest officially opened its doors to shoppers in 1989. Since then, it has continually progressed as one of Oslo's most visited and extensive shopping malls. More significant changes can be observed in CC Vest as it is now more than just a shopping mall. It offers catering, health, and more lifestyle services.

Inside the shopping mall is where you can find 90 stores providing various options. The most famous shop you can find in CC Vest is Vinmonopolet, considered one of the largest groceries in the area. Visiting the place will be easy as they provide customers with three hours of free parking. This Christmas, they are open every day of the week from 9 AM to 9 PM.

Location: Lilleakerveien 16, 0283 Oslo, Norway

Byporten Shopping

Another place you should visit for your shopping spree in Oslo is the Byporten Shopping. It is an indoor shopping mall that provides almost everything, with over 70 shops, restaurants, and other services. May it be fashion, lifestyle, or food, you’ll find most of it at the new Byporten.

On the lower floors of the building is where you can find shops that sell books, gadgets, toys, and cosmetics. You can also find grocery stores, cafes, and snack bars. On the other hand, the upper floor provides a more relaxing atmosphere where you can find a wide range of shoes and clothing stores. Byporten Shopping also houses Norway's most extensive Egon Restaurant and Scandic Hotel Byporten.

Location: Jernbanetorget 6, 0154, Oslo, Norway

Gunerius Shopping Centre

Having been in business for more than 150 years, Gunerius Shopping Centre is one of Oslo's oldest and most traditional malls. It remains one of the most visited malls in the city, with an estimated 18,000 daily visitors. It was in 1852 when the first shopping center was opened. In 1992, it was significantly renovated and expanded, offering three floors of stores, dining spots, and service offices.

Gunerius Shopping Centre is situated in central Oslo and is accessible to all public transport. You can enjoy the three floors of the building filled with 35 shops. Here you can find different clothing stores, shoe stores, salons, restaurants, cafes, and so much more.

Location: Storgata 32, 0184 Oslo, Norway


In the center of Oslo, situated on Karl Johans gate, you can visit Paleet. In 1990, Paleet operated as a fashion mall, attracting not just locals but tourists too. If you're into fashion and want to find a unique shopping destination, this is the best place to go.

Paleet has an intimate and calming atmosphere that makes it different than what you usually experience at a busy mall. In line with its elegant interior are 30 high-end fashion brands, luxury lifestyles shops, and an exquisite selection of restaurants and cafes.

Location: Karl Johans gate 37 - 43, 0162 Oslo, Norway

Best Oslo Shopping Areas

Aker Brygge

Aker Brygge was the site of a shipyard for over a century. Today, it is known for its distinctive architecture that combines modernity with venerable shipyard buildings. It features large open areas and an indoor shopping street often used for pop-up events, concerts, and photo exhibitions.

Check out the Aker Brygge Wharf, a beloved area along the inner harbor with office buildings, apartments, restaurants, and shopping. After an uplift, the area boasts a fresh look with lots of shops and new restaurants. If you want to add new items to your wardrobe, there are also numerous clothing shops in the shopping alleys.

The best time to visit the neighborhood is on a clear sunny day, offering a delightful atmosphere to stroll along the busy promenade. When feeling tired or needing to refuel, you can buy tasty snacks and treats at the food trucks parked in the area. Savor your food while sitting along the pier, soaking in the mesmerizing Oslo fjord view.

Karl Johans gate

Stroll down Karl Johans gate, the city’s main thoroughfare with countless shopping malls, department stores, boutiques, and shops. It stretches from Oslo Central Station to the majestic Royal Palace. It’s a must-visit area for shoppers and visitors who want to immerse in the city and get a feel of Oslo’s vibrant atmosphere.

Begin your walking tour at the train station to get to the street’s cobbled pedestrian area. Besides the numerous shops, you’ll also find cafes and restaurants, as well as young artists and street musicians showing off their talents and crafts. You’ll also discover several landmarks, including the Stortinget, the Norwegian Parliament building. Visitors are welcome to tour the 19th-century building and witness its remarkable structure and features.


If you’re exploring the west of central Oslo, check out the affluent neighborhood of Frogner, home to luxury apartment blocks, swish restaurants, and high-end shopping. It is well connected by bus and train to the city centre, so you don’t have to worry about getting around on a rainy day. It’s a desirable area among foreigners and, of course, Norwegians too.

Frognerveien and Bygdøy allé are considered the heart of the town, where you’ll find exclusive stores and independent retail outlets selling the latest home interiors and furniture on every side. There are also coffee shops, restaurants, and antique shops dotted throughout the streets.

As you explore the shops, keep your eyes open, as the Frogner district is home to several museums worth visiting, such as the Oslo City Museum and the Vigeland Museum. While in the area, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy and embrace nature at Frogner Park. It’s a beautiful green space where you can relax and chill after a tiring yet productive shopping in Oslo.


Have a unique shopping experience at Grünerløkka, an industrial area that turned into one of the city’s trendiest districts by the river. The neighborhood is bound to be popular among tourists and visitors with top art schools, cool bars, hip restaurants, and art galleries. But with the addition of small, independent shops and vintage stores, Grünerløkka has attracted shoppers looking for quality retro and second-hand items.

Check out Vintage Wear and Velouria Vintage, just a few doors from each other. Apart from clothing stores, it also features a bookstore, furniture, and a health food shop. If you’re looking for art and design, there are several shops for crafts and galleries, as well as a ceramic café like Glazed & Amused to decorate your pottery.

Enjoy Shopping in the Norwegian Capital!

While Oslo isn’t a top shopping destination, Norway's capital offers endless shopping options for every shopper. Whether you’re looking to invest in luxury brands or hunting for great bargains while shopping in Oslo, you’ll find many personal items, clothing, accessories, souvenirs, and gifts to give your friends and family at home. Even if spending on goods isn't your priority, you’ll enjoy window shopping while exploring many of the city’s incredible attractions and exciting points of interest.

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