Panama City Beach Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Palomar City Beach, Miami, Florida

Florida’s Panama City Beach is an iconic destination for holidaymakers. With its white sand beaches kissed by turquoise water, this tropical paradise within the United States is an unforgettable place to visit. While the small town only has 13,000 permanent residents, it attracts over 17 million visitors every year, making this a true tourist town.

Blessed with endless hours of sunshine and incredible scenery, Panama City Beach is all about that beach life. Swim in the warm water or enjoy some of the many water sports on offer in the city, and you’re guaranteed a memorable holiday. You can make things easier on yourself in this coastal Paradise by not carrying more than you need to. Drop off your heavy bags at a suitcase storage in Panama City Beach so you can really enjoy this jewel of Florida.

Pana markup city Beach, Florida, USA

Panama City Beach Bag Policy

There are no set rules regarding luggage on Panama City Beach. You are permitted to bring tents, beach chairs, umbrellas, and other items to make your stay on the beach more comfortable. The only rule is that you have to take them with you when you leave. Any items left unattended on the beach after seven p.m. will be removed in accordance with the city’s Leave No Trace ordinance.

You are allowed to bring bags to Panama City Beach, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. The fine sand of the beach makes wheeled suitcases a nightmare, and you don’t want all your belongings with you while you go for a swim. Drop off your bags at a suitcase storage in Panama City Beach instead.

Panama City Beach Food Policy

You are allowed to bring food to Panama City Beach. However, grills and barbecues are not allowed. You may be able to have a bonfire on the beach, but you will need to obtain a permit from the city first. If you going to bring food to the beach, it’s best to bring sandwiches, snacks, and other things that don’t need to be cooked. 

Of course, you could save yourself the hassle of packing a lunch and instead dine at one of the area’s many restaurants. Louisiana-themed local favorite David’s Sno-balls is a popular choice, as is Pineapple Willy’s. Whether you’re looking for seafood, barbecue, Cajun, Italian, or just about any other type of cuisine, you’ll find it here.

Panama City Beach Camera Policy

Cameras are allowed on Panama City Beach, and you’ll definitely want to capture the gorgeous white sand and blue water and even the occasional dolphin sighting. However, beaches aren’t the best place for expensive camera equipment. Sand and water can wreak havoc on both cameras and lenses, so it may be better to leave them somewhere safe. A luggage storage service near Panama City Beach can help you store valuable equipment while you enjoy a day at the waterside. Drop off your bags and pick them up at your convenience after you’ve enjoyed the sunshine.

Panama City Beach Rules

  • Camping on the beach is not permitted, and anyone trying to stay overnight will be asked to leave.
  • Weddings are allowed on the beach and no special permits are required. However, make sure you don’t leave any items unattended after seven p.m.
  • Alcohol is permitted on the beach except during the month of March. Glass bottles are not permitted on the beach at any time, so make sure you bring plastic.
  • Dogs are not allowed on the beach except in the designated pet-friendly area close to Russell-Fields City Pier.
  • Fishing is permitted on the beach, but you will need a fishing license. These can be obtained from local convenience stores when you arrive.

Panama City Beach Lockers

The gorgeous water and endless sunshine of Panama City Beach have made it what it is today. This popular attraction draws people from across the United States and around the world to enjoy everything it has to offer. The crystal waters are perfect for snorkeling and swimming, and a resident population of dolphins offers an encounter with the abundant wildlife of the Gulf of Mexico.

With all this going on, it’s clear that Panama City Beach is an excellent vacation spot. But beach trips are all about traveling light. Drop off your bags at a luggage locker near Panama City Beach, and you’ll be in an ideal position to enjoy everything the Florida coast has to offer.

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