Where To Find The Best Street Food In Perth

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Perth is the capital of Western Australia, sitting near where the Swan River meets the southwestern coast. The city boasts sandy beaches, amazing parks like King's Park, and a botanic garden on Mount Eliza with stunning views of the city. Not only that but the street food in Perth is outstanding.

When searching for the best street food in Perth, you will not have to look too hard. Western Australia has a diverse array of street food from traditional Aussie cuisine in a pop-up eatery to multicultural food trucks parked all around Perth City.

Whether you want Chinese food, chicken on a stick, Hummus Club toasties, or Indian cuisine, the best street food is what you want it to be. There are so many choices in Perth City, that you would be hard-pressed not to see a food you like on any menu you find.

During your visit to Perth, you will not want to be carrying around all of your belongings. Take a few minutes to drop them off at a luggage storage service in Perth so you can go taste some of the tasty street food.

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The Best Street Food Vendors in Perth

Street Eats Eatery

The name says it all. If you want to eat some great street food when you visit Perth, you do not want to miss Perth's Street Eats Eatery in West Perth. This place has food from all around the world on its menu. From curry to soup, you can find just about anything here and then some.

The Shoe Bar Cafe is eclectic and trendy with both a bar and a family restaurant to choose from. Their chicken tacos with fresh salsa are a favorite at the bar, but you and the family can also enjoy pizza, bangers & mash, and five different kinds of burgers as well as many international cuisines. Out and about with the kids having fun? Be sure to stop here afterward.

The Canuck Truck

One of the most popular food trucks serving street food in Perth is the Canuck Truck. If you are a Canadian missing your favorite snack, this is your spot. Poutine is their main seller with warm fries (they call them chips) topped with melted cheese and gravy.

You can find the Canuck Truck all around Perth City, mostly around parks, events, and festivals. It is a common street food truck at ECU Open Days the WA Day Festival and is also often found near Kings Park. Whether you want poutine, toasties, or a burger, you can get it there.

Bobby's BBQ Truck

They don't sell BBQ here so if that is what you want, bring your own BBQ sauce. This cool food truck across from Langley Park is famous for its bacon & egg roll. But it is not an Asian egg roll. It is a delicious sandwich filled with eggs and bacon. And they are mouthwatering, especially with cheese. Bobby's also has steak sandwiches and coffee.

Besides having the best street food in western Australia, Bobby's also donates all their egg roll profits to RUAH Community Service to help the homeless. Not just a percentage or a portion of their profits; all of them. Even if you don't like egg rolls, it is nice to help the homeless so why not?

Wassup Dog Cafe

On Leahy Walk by the Swan River, the Wassup Dog Cafe sells the best hot dogs in Western Australia. In fact, they have seven kinds of dogs as well as burgers and poutine. You can also choose from nine different kinds of toasties including pulled pork, ham & cheese, and bacon & egg.

If you're looking for breakfast, Wassup Dog Cafe has eight choices on that menu including eggs benedict, a breakfast burger, and a house-made granola bowl with berries. Want sweets? Grab a scone with strawberry jam or a piece of banana bread. This is street food and then some.

The Travelling Snack Restaurant

It's local cuisine with a twist. The team at the Travelling Snack Restaurant can be found serving great food at the Lions Lookout, on top of Welshpool Road. The location does not change much but they do move around the Kanyana Wildlife Park area sometimes.

The menu is simple with the choice of a burger, cheeseburger, or veggie burger. They also have currywurst, chips with parmesan and herb salt, and chocolate mousse for dessert. This unique food truck also boasts a Date Night Pack with double everything and a bottle of wine.

Toastface Grillah

With two locations in Perth, you can get street food at Toastface Grillah at the Murray Street Mall or the location on Wolf Street. They serve good food on the menu all day long and into the night because locals get hungry for toasties all the time.

If you can dream it up, Toastface Grillah can make it. From Pear Grillz with pear, lime, and blue cheese to Apple & Gouda with ham, onion, apple, and gouda cheese. The 3 Cheese toastie is the most popular. It is filled with melted and creamy gruyere, emmental, and cheddar cheeses.

Street Festival Indian Restaurant

Street Festival Indian Restaurant is not just Indian food but it is also vegetarian street food. Its menu is extensive with a vast array of different kinds of South Indian and Australian food such as onion bhaji, harra barra kebabs, chicken samosas, Afghani chicken, and lamb skewers.

Indian food is popular in Perth and you can find it served all over the city. But here you can find almost every Indian dish you can think of on the menu and even some you can't. Visit Street Festival Indian Restaurant and you will also find some of Perth's other famous street food like barbecue snags, meat pies, and the Dagwood dog.

Where to Find the Best Perth Street Food Spots

Perth City Farm Twilight Hawkers Market

One of the best markets in town, Perth City Farm Twilight Hawkers Market on Farm Place is one of the largest street food markets in Perth. This is not just a few food trucks selling street food. Here you will find dozens of food trucks, kiosks, and pop-ups, each with its own menu.

Some of the most popular include the beef ribs from the Argentinian Food Truck, satay from the Malaysian Food Truck, and pastries from Greek Donuts. Besides all the street food, and friendly people, they also have live music so you can enjoy a night out every other Monday. Note: There is another Twilight Hawkers Market on Forrest Place on Friday nights so mark your calendar for fun at night in Perth.

South Perth Coast

Along the banks of the Indian Ocean in South Perth, you will find a variety of food trucks, kiosks, and eateries to enjoy. The Boston Grill Waikiki Safety Bay Road serves delicious food for a decent price and Hungry Jack's Burgers on Read Street is a hidden gem with the best street food burgers in Perth.

Or head over to Churchill Park and Rockingham Beach where there are over 20 eateries including the Lavoro Italian Restaurant that serves the best pasta in Perth or Ostro Eatery right next door which has a brunch food menu all day long. On the other side of Lavoro, Rockingham Kebabs and Pizza is where to go to eat pizza and kebabs.

Inglewood Night Markets

The Inglewood Night Markets in Perth is another Monday night street food market to enjoy. This one is on Beaufort Street and 9th Avenue in Inglewood, open until 9 PM and boasts food from all over the world. Each menu features a different cuisine.

From pigs in a blanket to fish & chips, your tastebuds will love this Perth market. Besides Australian cuisine, you will also find a variety of foods from around the world. As one of Perth's most popular markets for street food, it also has live music and shopping stalls.

Scarborough Sunset Markets

Every Thursday until 9 PM, Scarborough Sunset Markets. which you can find on Scarborough Beach. One unique thing about this Perth market is that the vendors change every week so foodies can always find some new and tasty food on the menu.

In fact, this is one of Perth's largest and most diverse food markets with food from all over the world. If you can Google it, you can probably find it here. Some of the favorites here include the Piadina Bar, Gnocchi Gnocchi Boys, and Korean Bros Street Food.

Old Shanghai Food Court

One of the most famous street food markets in Perth, Old Shanghai has dishes from Chinese to Vietnamese on the menu and includes Malaysian burgers called Yum Cha, jiaozi Chinese dumplings, and baozi buns. This is more of a mall-type experience with a variety of eateries surrounding a huge seating space.

Foodies in Perth will need a trip to Old Shanghai in Perth. Who would have thought you could get authentic Asian street food in Perth? Some of these include the Saytay Club, Munchee Corner Bar, and Little China Girls.

Street Food Festivals in Perth

South Perth StrEATS

Live music, great street food, and adult beverages are what you will find at South Perth StrEATS. Located in Sir James Mitchell Park on the banks of Swan River near Perth Station, the event is held from Wednesday until Sunday from November through April.

The delicious cuisines are from all over the world and include ribs, Middle Eastern food, crepes, gelato, and other amazing dishes to dine on. Meast has a famous menu with meats cooked fresh with garlic yogurt. Sunday is the best day because all the trucks are there.

Jungle Park Food Truck Fridays

Enjoy the weekend with a trip to the park where you can dine on delicious delights until 8:30 PM. Located in Whiteman Park by the lake, these events are local favorites so expect a crowd. With several trucks, each with their own unique menu, you can find everything from a serving of chips on a stick to delicious Chiko rolls.

You can check on Google or Facebook before heading out to find out what vendors will be there or just head over and find out on your own. You will always find delicious dessert trucks like Hit & Run Waffle Cafe, various ice cream stalls, and Jelly Bean jelly donuts.

Perth Festival

The largest festival in the city of Perth, the Perth Festival has been hosting this event at the Cultural Centre since 1953. Every year in February and March, you can jam to the best music, learn about Noongar Boodjar history, and of course, try every menu from all the vendors to taste all the delicious food.

In recent years, some of the bands playing here included The Jazz Line, Koort, and Opera in the Park and you can watch live performances by 20 artists like House, Beside, and Gallup. You can find dozens of street food trucks with delicious food and drinks.

Multicultural Food Trucks

Are you still looking for something delicious? You will not be disappointed in Perth. Head to one of the modern malls in town for some food court cuisines. You will find everything here from Vietnamese to French but also a lot of local eats.

Try Westfield Carousel on Albany Highway, which is the largest mall in Australia. It has more than 360 shops and eateries. Every menu is different and tasty so you may have to stay all day to try everything you want. The best part is that everything is served fresh.

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