Perth on a budget: 8 travel hacks to save on your trip

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Perth on a budget

Traveling to Western Australia is on many people's bucket lists. If you have always wanted to get to go to Australia, you are not alone. Thankfully, if you are worried about money, there are many ways to make it possible to head to Perth on a budget. You do not have to miss out on what Western Australia has to offer just because you need to save a little money while you are traveling. From finding affordable flights to staying in the right part of Perth CBD, you will be able to afford your trip to Perth far more easily than you might think.

One of the best ways to save money when you are traveling to Perth on a budget is to make sure to find an affordable Perth luggage storage for your things. Bounce makes sure that you can have your hands free so that you can make the most of your time in Perth City, at Kings Park, or even at the Perth Cultural Centre. There are so many fun adventures to go on here, and all of them are easier to enjoy if you're not carrying too much.

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Affordable hotels in Perth

Cheap places to stay in Perth

Knowing more about the neighborhoods in Perth that you want to stay in can help you plan your trip. Your hotel accommodations are usually the best place to cut costs down, and you won't have to give up on the comforts that will make your stay cozy and fun with these hotels. Hostels can be the best way to make a trip of this kind affordable, but there are also some lovely boutique hotels that are quite budget-friendly in this city.

Kangaroo Inn

This is basically a luxury hostel that offers you access to a trendy and fun hotel location with shared dorms and private rooms. Dorm rooms start at just $65 a night, and you will get access to a sundeck, free-to-use BBQs, and a TV lounge as well. This fun hostel is located in the Central Business District, and it is a five-minute walk to the Perth Train Station. Elizabeth Quay Jetty is nearby, and there are lots of ways to get to attractions like the Perth Cultural Centre or the Western Australia Museum from here.

The Hive Hostel

Beds start at just $50 a night here, but you can also get a private room for a bit more money. This is a wonderful choice if you want to be able to enjoy access to a shared kitchen, a bar, and a lounge, along with free Wi-Fi and comfortable beds. Some of the rooms even have private kitchens, which can be a great way to save a lot of money during your stay in Perth. You will be a three-minute walk from Botanic Garden Kings Park here, and there are many ways to get on public transportation from the location as well.

Criterion Hotel Perth

This hotel offers rooms for just $70 a night, and you will benefit from a Mediterranean dining option inside the hotel as well as free Wi-Fi when you choose to stay here while you are in Perth. The Western Australia Museum is a ten-minute walk away, and you are also within walking distance of Perth Train Station. This lovely art deco hotel is charming, comfortable, and conveniently located to most of what makes Perth so special.

Budget-friendly activities in Perth

Cheap things to do in Perth

The Perth Mint

This really cool location is your one-stop shop to learn about the history of minting coins and making jewelry, and you can also take a free tour through the factory part of the building. You will also be allowed to watch a gold pour if you arrive at the right time of day. This is one of the things that everyone who loves jewelry or history should make time for while they are in Perth, and the fact that everything but the products for sale is free makes this a great option for your travel plans.

Perth Cultural Centre

This amazing area is one of the attractions that tourism Western Australia recommends because you can get in for free. You will be able to wander through all of the various displays and learn about the culture and the history of Perth without having to pay a dime. This is a great opportunity for people of all ages to enjoy an attraction in this lovely city, and you will be able to spend a few hours here enjoying what the center has to offer.

Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts

Another free attraction, the Perth Institute is a great place to head for cultural arts and various performances that are scheduled throughout the day. You can see all kinds of local art as well as historical pieces that were created in Australia. This is one of the more engaging places to head when you have kids since there is usually something cool going on no matter what time of day you show up.

Inexpensive restaurants in Perth

Cheap places to eat in Perth

All of these affordable places to have a meal can be perfect for your needs, but you might also need to eat on the go from time to time as you enjoy Western Australia. Head to some tasty street food vendors to get delicious and authentic food on the go while you are enjoying Perth. And when you want more of a restaurant experience, check out these options:

Authentic Bites Dumpling House

This cute little hole-in-the-wall location is full of filling noodle bowls, delicious dumplings, and really yummy potstickers. You can eat a huge meal here for less than $12, which is a great price for restaurants in this part of central Perth. This is also a really good option for takeaway if you want to bring your food back to your hotel or hostel to enjoy it.

Govinda's Hare Krishna Restaurant

Vegetarians will jump for joy as there are so many veggie options at this lovely eatery for a great price. Everything is vegan or vegetarian here, and you can eat a full meal for under $10. Indian food is also a great choice for large families traveling to Perth since you can order sharing-size plates and feed the whole family easily.

Manise Cafe

This Vietnamese spot offers you access to large portions, a varied menu, and shareable platters for a great price. This is another location that is ideal for takeaway, and you can feed everyone in your group for about $10 a person here. This restaurant is always recommended for its food and impressive affordability.

Cheap bars in Perth

Cheap bars in Perth

Street Eats Eatery

This cozy little eatery offers tapas, but it also has really affordable pints of beer. You can get a beer for under $3 here, and your shareable plates will feed everyone at your table for about $5 a person. This is a fun place to hang out and drink but do be prepared that it can get pretty warm in here due to the location and the small size of the space.

Badlands Bar

This little bar is right by lots of other places to hang out on a night out. You can dance here and enjoy live music while also drinking pints of beer for under $3 and mixed drinks for about $5. This is a really laidback bar location that offers a fun atmosphere and lots of chances to mingle and chat.

The Claisebrook Bar

This cute indoor/outdoor bar offers you access to a long list of beer choices and a really chill environment. Most people sit outside on the street to enjoy their pint and the nice weather. This is a great East Perth option for those staying on this side of the city, and you will appreciate the casual and fun vibe here during your night out on the town.

Cycling in Perth

Bonus budget tips for Perth

From the moment that you arrive at Perth Airport, there will be expensive things that are offered to you for your enjoyment. This is an area where people come to spend a lot of money on adventures, and there seems to be an endless list of places and things that you can enjoy, but only if your wallet is deep enough.

Sunday Sessions

Consider heading out for a "Sunday Session" if you love drinking beer and mingling with locals. Many of the local establishments are prepared for customers to show up on Sundays prepared to drink. As a result, bars and restaurants often run specials at this time.

Smartrider Card

Get a Smartrider card so that you can save 15% on your transportation needs in and around Perth. If you want to head outside of the city to see things that are not accessible on foot, you can use your Smartrider card to get single-travel tickets for great prices. This is a backpacking Perth recommendation that can be really valuable for those who are just trying to stay on the cheap in this lovely city.

Get around on two wheels

Perth is a really bikeable city; you can rent a bike for the day for about $20. Electric bikes and regular bikes are on offer here, so there is no shortage of bike styles to choose from. Much of the city can be walkable if you wish, but why make your feet sore and slow down your adventures? Renting a bike can help you to make the most of your time, and it can save your feet some abuse as you enjoy the city on your own terms.

Shop the markets

Aside from being a great way to pick up souvenirs and food supplies, Perth's markets are a really fun way to spend time that won't cost a thing - aside from your purchases, that is. Head up to the Perth Hills on a Sunday morning to visit a local artisan or farmers market and to see the city from the heights of the hills. This is a really fun experience that many people do not know about, and you will love this local tradition while also getting away from the crowds. Kalamunda is a classic place to visit for this experience, but there are other locations that offer the same fun vibe as well.

Visiting Perth on a budget


If you have some time in Perth City that you need to fill up without spending any money, our guide to the best free things to do in Perth will help you to stay on track with your budget. There are many things, like free walking tours, that you can enjoy without spending money. Western Australia is really lovely, and between the great weather and the friendly people, you will have an amazing time in this part of the world.

While your plane tickets will likely be a bit spendy, once you are in Western Australia, you should not have trouble making the most of your time here. Getting to this remote part of the world is expensive for most people, but once you're here, it's quite easy to keep the expenses down. This guide will help you to enjoy everything that Perth has to offer without worrying about money throughout the trip. If you have been wanting to visit Perth but have been worried about money, you will see just how easy it is to have a great time in this part of the world without breaking the bank.

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