11 Unmissable Things To Do In Pisa At Night

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Things to do in Pisa at night

The Italian city of Pisa, located along the Arno River, is best known for the world-famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. Easily reached via Pisa Airport and Pisa Centrale Train Station, this Tuscan city is a major tourist attraction not only because of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but also for major sights like the National Museum of San Matteo, Knight's Square, the Cathedral and the Cathedral Museum of Museo dell'opera del Duomo, and the various churches that make up this beautiful city. In this relatively small city, just about everything is within walking distance of everything else, and most tourists find there's a lot more on offer here than just the Leaning Tower.

However, one thing Pisa usually isn't known for is its nightlife. This small city close to the Ligurian Sea isn't big enough to offer the nighttime attractions you would find in neighboring Florence or further south in Rome. Once they've seen the Leaning Tower, many of Pisa's tourists feel they've done enough in the city and head back to Pisa airport or the train station on their way to somewhere else. That's a shame because although Pisa isn't a big city, thanks in part to its high student population it has plenty of nighttime activities to keep everyone happy. Look under the surface a little, and you'll find some great things to do in Pisa at night.

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Walk along the Arno River

Through the centuries, the Arno River has shaped and defined the city of Pisa. And this scenic location is still where you'll find many of the city's top attractions and historic buildings. Taking a stroll along the River Arno offers the perfect Pisa evening as you watch the sun go down over the water. Grab some gelato and walk from Ponte di Mezzo with its white Verona stone to Santa Maria della Spina, a magnificent piece of Gothic architecture that rivals any building in the city. You'll get to see the historic city at its best, and you'll also be exploring one of the most interesting neighborhoods of Pisa while you do it. Plus, this evening adventure will be completely free except for the price of the gelato.

Marina di Pisa

Situated on the western coast of Italy close to the Mediterranean sea, Pisa isn't usually thought of as a beach destination the same way the nearby Cinque Terre is. Changes in the geography of Italy have made this once coastal city now sit a little further inland, but a short drive from Pisa will bring you to the lively beach area of Marina di Pisa. This resort area was developed in the 19th century and serves as the nearest beach to the city. It's even accessible via public transport from Pisa central station, making it a popular place to head for a day trip.

At night, the fantastic views from the beach are even more memorable. Spend some time soaking up the atmosphere at the Sunset Café. Instead of offering tables and chairs, this café lets you spread out on the beach and enjoy a drink or a bite to eat while you listen to the rolling waves and watch the sunset. It's an experience that will make you feel like you're far away from the city and an unforgettable thing to do at night when you visit Pisa.

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Nightlife in Pisa, Italy

Teatro Verdi

Wherever you look in this beautiful city, you won't be able to forget its past. And for a nighttime activity that lets you enjoy the city the way locals have for generations, it's hard to beat taking in a show at the Teatro Verdi. This beautiful theater has been a part of the city's cultural life since 1867, and it's worth going to the theater just to admire the opulent architecture and fantasize about the lives of Tuscan nobility. But there's no better way to enjoy the theater than by catching a show.

The theater is often used to host opera performances. However, if opera isn't your thing, keep an eye on the theater's schedule to see what else might be on offer. From classical concerts to the latest international touring acts, Teatro Verdi offers a great selection of performances for you to enjoy.

Visit a Music Festival

The River Arno has been the lifeblood of Pisa for centuries. And in recent years, the river has become the backdrop to one of Pisa's top cultural events. The Arno Vivo music festival takes place on the banks of the River Arno all summer long and offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy the more modern charm of this ancient city. Based around the Victoria Bridge, the festival hosts bands and DJs so you can dance the night away, and it's also one of the best places to try street food in Pisa. There's a well-equipped cocktail bar to enjoy, and different nights of the week bring different styles of music to the festival, from reggae on Thursdays to electronic dance music on Saturdays. The party goes late into the night, and you may find yourself dancing as the sun comes up over the river and the city famous for its Leaning Tower. And after a night of drinking and dancing with the lively young crowd of Pisa, you may find you're leaning more than a little yourself.

Go Clubbing at Borderline

Thanks to its high student population, Pisa has a few nightclubs to offer, and the notorious Borderline is one of the best. This concert club focuses on live music, so you won't find DJs here except between sets. Instead, the club hosts the best local talent and touring artists, so you may discover a new gem or catch up with an old favorite. Either way, you'll be mixing with locals and enjoying some fantastic music, making this an excellent place to go and make some new friends while you visit Pisa. Renowned throughout Italy for its eclectic approach to booking musical acts, Borderline is the perfect place for night owls to have some fun in Pisa when the sun goes down.

Night Tour

Pisa is in some ways a victim of its own popularity. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is so famous around the world that visiting it can often mean enduring noisy crowds and struggling to get that perfect picture without catching other visitors in your shot.

That's why a night tour of Pisa can be a good idea. Taking in the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Piazza dei Miracoli after the sun goes down lets you get incredible photos and enjoy a quiet atmosphere. Plus, a good Pisa night tour will take you to see many historic buildings and popular sights in the city, including Pisa Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and the surrounding Piazza del Duomo. Other tours may take you along the Arno River to see Santa Maria della Spina under the nighttime lights. Don't forget to bring your camera and your walking shoes as you explore some of the most iconic sites of the city all lit up at night, and see the Leaning Tower of Pisa in a way most people never get to.

Pub Crawl along Via Lungarno

Though small, Pisa isn't short of great bars and cafés where you can spend a fun night partying and getting to meet locals. You'll find many of the best drinking establishments in the heart of the city along Via Lungarno or a nearby side street. This is where Pisa's large student population comes to party, and there's no shortage of bars ready to serve them. You could easily spend all night on this single street checking out iconic Pisa establishments like Mediceo and San Blas. Many of these bars offer live music, and since this is Italy, almost all of them provide excellent food. Bring your sense of adventure with you and get ready to explore Pisa's premium nightlife destination.

Sunset in Pisa, Italy

Palazzo dei Cavalieri

Located in the famous Piazza dei Cavalieri, or Knights Square in English, the Palazzo dei Cavalieri is one of the most striking historical buildings in central Pisa, and its beautiful architecture makes a gorgeous backdrop for a fun night out. During the medieval era, this was the political heart of the city, and although the center of power has shifted since then, it remains one of the city's main squares along with Piazza dei Miracoli. Part of Pisa University is located in the square, and the restaurants and cafés surrounding it remain popular with Pisa's student population. Relaxing at an outside table and enjoying a leisurely Italian meal is a classic thing to do here, and an authentic way to enjoy Pisa's stunning architectural heritage. Plus, as night falls, you'll often find street vendors and performers making the most of the crowds as they ply their trade, making Knights Square one of the best locations in the city for people-watching.

Take a Food Tour

There isn't a city you can visit in Italy where you won't find good food. Pisa is no exception to this rule. Pisan chefs celebrate the rich produce of the region by crafting culinary creations that share the traditions of this part of Italy with influences from around the world.

The thought of diving into this rich part of Pisa's culture may seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. A guided food tour can take you to some of the best locations in the city where you can try everything from traditional Tuscan cuisine to the latest fusion fare. Along the way, you'll learn more about the way the city's history has shaped the kind of food eaten here, and how Pisa's culinary scene looks to the future while honoring the past. Bring your appetite and be ready to learn more about Italian food you ever thought there was to know, all while trying some of the most delicious eats in Pisa.

Take some shots at Chupiteria

Be careful in this place. Chupiteria is the only bar in Pisa that specializes in shots, so you won't find fancy cocktails to linger over here. Instead, you'll be dazzled by an incredible selection of one-shot drinks designed to be knocked back quickly. The bartenders show an impressive level of creativity in creating layered and delicious drinks within these parameters. In fact, the drinks here are so good that it's easy to get carried away, so keep an eye on your consumption if you don't want to be nursing a painful hangover the morning after.

Ghost Tour

In a city as old as Pisa is, you'd expect there to be a few ghosts. After all, along with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, one of the city's top attractions is the monumental cemetery of the Camposanto, also located in Piazza dei Miracoli. If you like your history a little on the spooky side, take a ghost tour of Pisa so you can hear more about the myths and legends of the city. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, these tours are a fun and interesting way to hear another side of the city's history when night falls.


Pisa may not be known for its nightlife. But that doesn't mean you have to return to your hotel the minute the sun sets. In many parts of the city, things only really get going at nightfall, and many of Pisa's major sites are much easier to visit after dark. Drop off your bags at a Bounce luggage storage and you'll be ready to get to know another side of the city and its nightlife.

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