Best Brunch In Prague: The Definitive Guide

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Prague’s rich culinary scene strikes the perfect balance between classic continental flavors and modern innovation. Breakfast and brunch in this city are no different. With iconic travel destinations like Prague Castle, a number of world-class museums, the Charles Bridge, and numerous charming sightseeing destinations throughout the city, Prague is a tourist’s dreamland. This makes brunch a key component in a visitor’s experience. After all, you need to fuel up for a full day of sightseeing. Luckily, coffee is incredibly important in Prague, with the third-wave modern coffee shops and classic European cafes both serving rabid (and caffeinated) locals and tourists. Regardless of the restaurant’s main focus, you can count on having amazing coffee served with every brunch experience. 

Health food is becoming more popular everywhere, and Prague is no different. You are starting to see restaurants with a whole menu focused on healthy foods, and you can find healthy-ish dishes alongside hearty classics on many menus. The Prague food scene’s diverse palate of restaurants is one of the city’s strengths. There are plenty of amazing neighborhoods to stay in, so it’s fortunate that some of Prague’s best brunches are not just located in the city center. Here are a few of the best places for a delicious brunch in Prague. 

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Restaurant in Prague

ESKA Restaurant and Bakery 

Karlin - $$$$$ - Brunch Served 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Located in the Karlin neighborhood near the Florenc Bus Station, ESKA Restaurant and Bakery serves up one of the area’s best brunches. ESKA won a Bib Gourmand award and ranks highly on the lists of both specialty coffee shops and bakeries in Prague. The vibe here certainly skews young, with the now ever-present third-wave coffee trend on full display. 

You’ll also find that the menu skews on the healthy side. The oatmeal porridge and omelet options are filling but healthy choices for starting your day. ESKA’s menu is great for being adventurous. You can find interesting ingredients like miso, fermented red cabbage, and a variety of off-beat herbs and spices throughout the menu. If you’re sticking around for their lunch menu or dinner, they have one of the better wine lists in the neighborhood. 

Bistro 8 

Holesovice - $$$$$ - Brunch Served 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM on Weekends 

This popular Paris-inspired restaurant serves farm-to-table in a chic setting. And “farm-to-table” might be an understatement. Bistro 8 carefully sources all of their ingredients from local, sustainable farms, and describes each dish with the farms they get the ingredients from. This is certainly in keeping with the tradition that Czech folks place a huge emphasis on locally-sourced products. Their Croque Monsieur dish (basically a crunchy Croque Madame) is one of the standouts, while their baked goods and third-wave coffee are well-regarded around Prague foodie circles. The vibe leans young, hip, and social. So sip on a mimosa or Aperol spritz before heading out for an afternoon of shopping or exploring the up-and-coming Prague 7 district. 

Pekárna Praktika 

Karlin - $$$$$ - Brunch Served 7:37 AM - 6:08 PM on Weekdays

For weekday travels, this Karlin-based cafe and bakery is perfect for a minimalist brunch experience in Prague. Of course, everything they offer is freshly-baked with sustainable ingredients, and of the highest quality. The friendly staff and passionate owner are more than willing to share Praktika’s story and secrets. The bread can be served with interesting toppings like smoked salmon and a schmear, and their sandwiches are some of the best in the city. Avocado toast is certainly a favorite. For simple, delicious dishes like a danish and a cup of world-class coffee, this elegant cafe should be one of your go-to's. If you’re one of those travelers who prefer to “live like a local” while in a new city, Praktika is the best possible destination. 

Downtown Prague

The Tavern 

Vinohrady - $$$$$ - Saturday & Sunday 11:00AM-4:00PM

The owners of this lively bar must have traveled to one of New York or Miami’s famously-rowdy weekend brunches because this Vinohrady establishment has perfectly recreated the hearty meals of an American-style brunch. The Tavern churns out the big American Sunday brunch classics like a fried chicken sausage biscuit, chicken and waffles, and even a perfectly serviceable cheeseburger (widely regarded as one of Prague’s best). Of course, everyone's favorite brunch cocktails like mimosas and bloody marys are on the menu. This central location isn’t far from the Prague Main Railway Station, so it makes for a wonderful start to your day out and about in Prague! 

Cafe Savoy 

Malá Strana - $$$$$ - Saturday & Sunday 9:00AM-2:00PM

On the western banks of the Vltava River, slightly off the beaten path, resides one of Prague’s best brunch restaurants. Foodie travelers and brunch enthusiasts from all over the world hold Cafe Savoy in the highest regard. More importantly, it has the local’s stamp of approval. The lavish wooden interior is undeniably Czech, and the charming atmosphere is both elegant and comfortable. This is a patisserie first, with a full brunch menu of french toast, brioche with ham, bread dumplings, croissants, and daily specials of indulgent baked goods. Their whole approach is simple but intentional. Their omelet pairs nicely with champagne. Their eggs florentine and eggs benedict is on brioche. Their chefs understand what makes an upscale meal worthwhile.  That's not to say you can't have a huge French breakfast!

While Café Savoy is one of the most expensive restaurants in Prague, its delicious food and unbeatable upscale experience make this the perfect destination for celebrating a special occasion. Reservations are highly recommended. 

Vltava River, Prague

Bottega Bistroteka

Old Town - $$$$$ - Saturday & Sunday 9:00AM-3:00PM

This upscale Italian restaurant serves one of the most delicious breakfasts in Prague. Using the best produce, free-range eggs, and great fresh bread, Bottega’s quality cannot be argued. There is a welcome balance between decadent and healthy ingredients here. Their eggs benedict is covered in prosciutto, salmon, and avocado on focaccia. Their scrambled eggs can be topped with caviar and truffles, but there is an emphasis on clean, locally-sourced ingredients. Being an Italian restaurant, don’t be surprised by how their expertly roasted espresso beans will make you completely rethink coffee. 

Located on the edge of Old Town, Bottega Bistroteka is nearby the Jewish Quarter, which has some of the best shopping in Prague. What can be more perfect for brunch in Prague than that? 

Moment Cafe 

Vinohrady - $$$$$ - Saturday & Sunday 11:00AM-4:00PM

Overlooking a calm, leafy park, Moment is an adorable cafe that is your go-to spot for amazing breakfast. This laid-back LGTBQ-friendly cafe and bistro has an extensive breakfast menu including pastries, avocado toast, omelets, and other favorites. They have a variety of gluten-free options, and vegan options are more common than meat dishes. Moment Cafe approaches its brunch menu by pairing mindfulness with incredible flavors, making this a can’t-miss brunch in Prague for vegans and other health-conscious travelers. 

Naplavka Farmer’s Market 

Nové Město - $$$$$ - Saturday 8:00AM-2:00PM

While not technically a “brunch,” the Farmer’s Market on Naplavka Street overlooking the river is one of the best places to grab breakfast in a social setting. This true culinary gem is the most famous farmer’s market in Prague, owing its popularity to the magnificent views of the river (and even a glimpse of Prague Castle). This charming market has a rotating roster of vendors, but you can find quality baked goods, sandwiches, galettes, and other favorites. The kolaches (a puffy, bready, savory handheld meal) are among the most common thing you’ll see people carrying around. The raclette sandwich (a french baguette covered in melted cheese with cured meats) is one of the most indulgent dishes on offer and one that’s probably best shared. 

The BrewBar coffee stand serves the best coffee you can find on the street in Prague. Feeling guilty about eating a whole raclette or kolache? Balance it out with some fresh produce from one of the many fresh produce stalls. 

Bistro Monk

Old town - $$$$$ - Saturday 8:45AM-4:00PM

Located almost in the shadows of Prague’s enormous Astrological Clock, this trendy scratch kitchen offers sleek, lighter fare, and veggie-forward sweet and savory options. This hip restaurant is a welcome relief from the hearty street-sausage vendors that populate the rest of Old Town. Smoothies, pastries oatmeal, and other vegetarian favorites are highlights on this menu, as brunch is served all day. Granted, because it’s Prague, there is ham on the menu, making it perfect for groups! 

Café Jen

Vršovice - $$$$$ - Saturday 8:30AM-300PM

Out-of-town hipsters will feel right at home in the endlessly trendy Vršovice neighborhood, and Café Jen is a great way to start your day exploring this up-and-coming area. Their award-winning coffee is their claim to fame, but great breakfast food is an important part of their offering. Their standard menu items lean minimal, with a focus on freshly-baked bread topped with health-forward ingredients like salmon, avocado, and trendy herbs and homemade spread. But this cute little cafe has a rotating menu of Instagram-friendly dishes like crispy waffles, eggs benedict, and other favorites, all prepared with a twist! 

Brunch in Prague

Kukrarna Mysak

Old town - $$$$$ - Saturday 7:30AM-7:00PM

This elegant pastry shop resembles a high-end French patisserie in both appearance and menu quality. You will not find a better selection of freshly-made pastries, bread, and desserts. First opened in 1911, this confectionery and bakery has captivated sweet-toothed Prague residents with their sweet buns, pancakes, buttery croissant, and other pastries for well over a century. Despite the upscale decor and high-end location, this is a comfortable place for a quiet breakfast of scrambled eggs or an afternoon sweet treat. 

Kafe Francin

Holesovice - $$$$$ - Brunch Served 7:30 AM - 7:00 PM on Weekends 

Located near the busting Strossmayerovo Square on of Prague's busy tourist avenues, this small cafe might go unnoticed, but this restaurant has some serious brunch bonafides going for it. Omelettes, scrambles, New York-quality bagels, and the fluffiest waffles in Prague are on offer. For a quick breakfast, do not skip on the muffins or strudel if you don’t have time for a sit-down weekend brunch! Kafe Francin also roasts their own coffee beans, making this diminutive cafe even more impressive. 

Proti Proudu 

Karlin - $$$$$ - Brunch Served 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM Saturday / 8:30 AM - 10:00 PM  Weekdays

Located in the bustling and hip Karlin district, Proti Proudu is a small bistro and incredibly well-regarded coffee shop. Their brunch menu focuses on simple brunch items like an omelet served with fresh bread and herb butter. The “secret chef spread” consists of a french baguette with ham, pickles, cream cheese, and dill. This is one of the menu favorites that make tourists feel like locals and locals feel like regulars. This restaurant’s popularity definitely derives from its charming owners and friendly staff. Proti Proudu’s owner Karolina is the author of a popular cookbook and, in a city obsessed with good coffee, Proti Proudu is turning heads by being one of the few establishments to offer dark-roasted Italian style coffee. 

Food in Prague

Cafe Letka 

District 7 - $$$$$ - Brunch Served 7:30 AM - 7:00 PM on Weekends 

Located near gorgeous Letna Park, this cafe and bistro serve as a curator of the finest flavors available in Prague. They serve Five Elephant coffee from Berlin, known as one of Europe’s best coffee roasters. They partner with the best bakeries in Prague to provide pastries, bread, and other baked goods. And they prepare a variety of brunch favorites like breakfast drinks, waffles, french toast, smoothie bowls, and more. If you sleep in or are in need of sustenance after a walk in the park, try one of their toasted sandwiches and a locally-brewed Matuska pilsner. 

Den Noc 

Old town - $$$$$ - Saturday 7:30AM-10:00AM

This upscale bistro from a foodie-turned-restauranteur couple specializes in delicious pancakes and other brunch favorites. When they say there is a pancake focus, they mean it. Their full menu of both sweet and savory pancakes is covered in every ingredient from Gruyere cheese to prosciutto to cherry-rum jam and more. There are even creative flavors like a matcha-based Japanese pancake on the menu. Granted, you can still get your poached egg, bacon, and other brunch classics. With this bistro’s location, you’ll find it an easy place to pop in and out of on your way to see the best of Prague’s Old Town.


Prague is a walker’s city. Being compact, Prague is absolutely jam-packed with can’t miss sights, outstanding nightlife, and wonderful restaurants. With so much to do within walking distance, it’s easy to fill your day’s itinerary up. Let Bounce take care of your bags while you hit up a brunch and take in some of the best brunch experiences Europe has to offer.

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