Music Festivals in Seville in 2022

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Music Festivals in Seville in 2022

Seville is one of the most beautiful and historic cities to visit in Spain. You can head here to see palaces, immerse yourself in the local culture, try delicious Spanish food, and enjoy access to Unesco world heritage sites that have been carefully preserved. You might also want to head to Seville to enjoy the music festival options that are available throughout the year. The weather is ideal for outdoor events in Seville, which means that Seville concerts can be quite pleasant at almost any time of the year. The summer can be quite toasty, so if you are heading to Seville to see your favorite artists during the hot part of the year, bring the right clothes and some sunscreen.

No matter which music festival you have decided to attend, you will need to get your bags into secure storage when you arrive in Seville. Head to a Bounce luggage storage in Seville, drop them off, and then you will have your hands free to go enjoy your favorite bands and live music of various kinds. Most festivals will not even allow you to take bags in with you any longer, so you will want to have your bags put away somewhere safe if only for the day while you are at your event. Getting from A to B is also much easier when you're not carrying your luggage. If you need tips on how to get around Seville, we have that too.

The best music festivals in Seville

Music Festivals in Seville in 2022

Seville is a historical city with a strong connection to folk music and Latin culture. There are various concerts going on throughout the year that are offered by local artists, and you might find that a flamenco show will just pop up on the plaza in front of you as you are touring the city. This is a city that is passionate about music and dance, and there are always smaller concerts and events that you can get tickets to during your stay.

If you have chosen to come to Seville for a specific concert, make sure that you are planning for the cost of tickets, the hotel prices, and some of the other considerations that can lead to an expensive trip that you did not plan properly for. No one wants to miss out on the things that they were excited to do, so budgeting for your trip can make a big difference in your overall experience when in town for Seville concerts.

Feria de Abril

Holy Week in April in Seville is a really special time to visit this historical city and many people are not aware of the fact that there are many music events and festivals that are offered right on the streets during this time of the year. You will get access to local folk and indie music bands during this season as well as being able to enjoy locals playing concerts throughout all of the three festivals that take place surrounding Holy Week. This can be a real experience that is bigger and more moving than most music festivals and you will feel immersed in local culture and lore during your time in the city during Holy Week.

Prices for hotels and food can be really high during this part of the season, so you might want to plan your trip to the city during this religious festival with care. You will not have to pay for most of the concerts that are offered during this event, but the cost of everything else in the city will be much higher, The crowds will also be quite large, so be prepared for long waits at every event that you go to and a lack of availability for some of the things that you might have been trying not to miss out on during your stay.

Monkey Week

This is a really unique event that takes place surrounding the Interestelar Sevilla Festival. You can count on Monkey Week to be a great way to enjoy all kinds of music in May and there will be artists that play classical music as well as opera and dance going on during this time. This is a cultural event that offers you access to Seville culture as well as Seville concerts. The Seville Symphonic Orchestra makes a lot of appearances during this event and folk music, as well as indie music, are also represented in the lineup. This is a great option for those who want to soak up local culture as well as partake in music festivals.

Music events in Seville in 2022

Interestelar Sevilla Festival

For a really special Indie Music festival that happens in mid-May, you will want to get tickets to this festival. This event has been taking place in Seville for long enough to gather a huge following and the three stages that are used for the event offer you access to artists like Vetusta Morla, Viva Suecia, Dorian, Carlos Sadness, La Habitación Roja, Fuel Fandango, Sexy Zebras, and Siloé. You can get VIP tickets for this event as well if you want to have a really special experience during your time at the festival.

This is also a great event to get tickets for if you love food and drink. There is a gastronomy event that takes place during the Interestelar Sevilla Festival and you will be able to enjoy local chef's creations, craft beer, and locally-made wines as well as shopping and other fun things to see. If you can afford it, why not grab a pair of VIP tickets and enjoy your time to the fullest?

Caravan Sur

This unique event takes place in an art museum each year in Seville, and it is a great chance to see your favorite reggae, funk, and rock artists perform. This is a small venue, and artists are booked close to the last minute, so you will need to be sure to keep track of the event website as the time for the festival draws near. There are campsites that you can reserve for the time of the concert as well, which can be nice if you are only planning to be in Seville for the day related to this event. The battle of the bands is a really fun part of this music festival, so try to check it out if possible.

This event is not planned as carefully in advance as some of the other events on this list, so make sure that you pay attention to the planning information that is offered online for the event. You might have to just trust that you are going to get to see the artists that you want to see most. No matter which artists are playing, you will have a great time and you might even discover your favorite new bands when you attend this unique and casual event in Seville.

Puro Latino Fest 2022

This event takes place July 1st through the 3rd at Estadio la Cartuja. Puro Latino showcases Latin musicians of all kinds who come from near and far to perform here. La Cartuja is converted into a bastion of Latin culture and music during the event and you will love the ebb and flows of this event as you wander from stage to stage. Enjoy music by Anuel AA, Jhay Cortez, and many more local artists who are some of the musicians in this part of the world. If you want to be immersed in the culture of Spain, you will find no shortage of opportunities during this music festival.

This festival takes place near the Monasterio de la Cartuja as well, which is a really great museum to visit when you are taking a break from the activity of the festival. The entire area is a great place to go for access to Spanish cultural history.

Music festivals in Seville for 2022

Fort Festival

Held near Seville at Tossa de Mar, this electronic music festival takes place in the Costa Brava Fort. This is a lovely venue that you will not want to miss out on, and the music here is second to none. You can't pick a more memorable concert location with the golden beach and the charming city of Tossa de Mar right by the venue. This is one of the best festivals of this type in Spain, and the location makes tickets sell quite rapidly.

This is an event that takes place in September, so the weather will be slightly milder, and being by the sea makes this one of the more enjoyable venues even when it is crowded with people. This is a really memorable city as well as a special event, and you will have a ton of fun at this concert even if you are not normally a fan of electronic music. Where else can you say that you attended a music festival in a fort?

Melendi Cabaret Festival

This is an event that takes place on September 10th in Centro Hipicio. This is a pop event, and you will not want to miss out on this festival if you love pop music and want to be exposed to various local artists and bands that you might not have gotten to enjoy before. This is one of the smaller festivals that is held during the year in Seville, but that does not make it any less memorable or fun to attend. The bands that play at this festival are often local favorites which makes this a very popular event, so you'll get to dance it up with both locals and some other tourists at the same time.

List of music festivals in Seville

Planning to stay some more days in Seville?

Seville is a really easy city to navigate, which means that you can easily leave your concert to go and see some of the amazing sights and memorable places that are not related to live music. Check out our itinerary on how to spend 3 days in Seville, but whatever you do, make sure that you head to the city centre to check out the various palace locations that are open to the public. You should also plan to visit Maria Luisa Park and the Torre Del Oro. The Seville Cathedral is another main point of interest that many people do not want to miss out on. No matter how exciting the various shows that are offered throughout the year, there is so much history and so many amazing things to see in the rest of Seville that you will want to make time for this kind of experience as well.

If you have concert tickets in your hand but are not sure what else to do, head to the Casa de Pilatos to enjoy being fully immersed in the history of the city. This is one of the many palaces in Seville and it is easily one of the most beautiful buildings that you can visit while you are in Spain. This place is one of the most memorable venues in the city to enjoy access to Seville's culture, and the city has so many great museums if you want to explore its history further. You and your friends and family will have an amazing time seeing places like the Casa de Pilatos on the days that you are not attending your concert of choice.

Add all these great attractions to authentic tapas bars and amazing street food and you have a trip that goes well beyond seeing your favorite bands perform live. Seville truly has something for everyone when it comes to music festivals, and beyond that, the city can keep you busy sightseeing for days!

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