Stockholm Christmas Market: The Complete Guide

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Stockholm is Sweden's largest and capital city, although that is not all that it is known for. Its museums and tourist attractions bring in visitors from around the globe throughout the year, but in the wintertime, there are a bunch of new seasonal activities that you can enjoy. Sometimes it will snow, but even without the flurries, you will feel the spirit of the festive season.

As you walk around the city to the sound of Christmas carols and feel the crisp air on your face, you should keep an eye out for the cheerful Christmas markets that bring a new life to the city. Come enjoy the festivities with your family and friends, but first, you will need to find a place where you can store your bags in Stockholm.

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Stockholm Old Town Christmas Market

Gamla Stan Julmarknader is the name of the Old Town Christmas market at Stortorget Square. This is definitely one of the best Christmas markets in Stockholm and one that you should absolutely visit, especially if it is your first time in the city. The market is situated in the heart of the town and dates back all the way to medieval times (it first began in 1837!), giving it a unique history and character. Most years the market is open between mid November and just before Christmas Eve.

The old fashioned Christmas market has little red stalls that get set up and will offer you a wide selection of items that make fantastic Christmas presents, like knitted hats and souvenirs. There are about 40 stalls to discover in the Stortorget Christmas market, and most visitors adore the food stalls where you can try delicious treats and a warm cup of glögg, the local alternative to mulled wine.

What to do near Stockholm Old Town Christmas Market

While you are in Gamla Stan take a look at all of the other attractions offered around town. The Nobel Prize Museum has some great exhibits that you might be interested in seeing.

Skansen Christmas Market

The next stop on our list of Stockholm Christmas markets is the beautiful winter wonderland in Skansen. Did you know that Stockholm is home to the first open air museum in the world? This museum is the biggest in Europe and also houses a Christmas market every year, usually open between late November and mid December, but only between Fridays and Sundays.

The open air museum Skansen market likes to focus on the traditions, culture and history of the city and showcases the craftmanship of the local artisans as well. They have been hosting this market since 1903 and you can see how the city has been transformed since then. On site there are stalls selling local seasonal delicacies like sausages, roasted almonds, smoked turkey, jams and more. You will also find handmade crafts, candles, and Christmas decorations for Christmas trees.

What to do near Skansen Christmas Market

Getting into the museum isn't free, so prepare for that small extra cost. The whole open air museum of Skansen is worth checking out, and since you will need to buy a ticket to the museum in order to access the market, we suggest that you explore the entire area while you are there.

Nice Christmas Market

This market, which is also called the Schysst Jul Market, takes on a different approach than the rest of Stockholm's Christmas markets and works hard to encourage mindful shopping and not waste. You will find it occupying the ABF Building and it is only open for the first Advent weekend of December.

Most of the things sold in the gorgeous market stalls are organic and fair trade, and the market supports environmental issues and human rights organizations. As you browse the market you will also learn about being smart when you shop and it can be a nice way to do more for others this Christmas season.

What to do near Nice Christmas Market

The area surrounding the ABF Building has many restaurants and shops that you can explore, as well as a couple of theaters. For example, the Grand Stockholm theater or the Filmstaden host regular showings, so check them out to see if you can catch one while you visit Stockholm!

Drottningholm Palace Christmas Market

A highlight of the holiday season in Stockholm is the market at the beautiful royal palace in Drottningholm. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and dates back to the 16th century, so you can get a taste of the local history of Sweden while you shop for unique gifts and seasonal food. The event is open during the second week of Advent.

At the market, you will find food stalls selling all sorts of dishes and candy as well as Swedish handicrafts that would be fantastic gifts to bring home to your loved ones. Stockholm has several Christmas markets and this one is sure to be one of your favorites!

What to do near Drottningholm Palace Christmas Market

The castle offers a guided tour year round but is also open to the public during Christmas time, so take this opportunity to walk around the incredibly decorated rooms and halls. You will get a glimpse into where the Swedish royal family lives!

Royal Court Stable Christmas Fair

The Royal Court Stable Christmas Fair is something that all holiday lovers will enjoy and is not like a traditional Christmas market. The event is only held for one weekend; this year it is set to be during the last weekend of November beginning on Thursday and ending on Sunday.

As you might have guessed, this stable houses the royal carriages and horses, and this holiday fair is a memorable experience every year. The fair offers nice Christmas gifts and personalized items as well as Swedish Christmas sweets and treats, so stock up your inventory for Christmas Day!

What to do near Royal Court Stable Christmas Fair

There are quite a few options when it comes to things to do near the Christmas fair. For example, the Performing Arts Museum and the Royal Dramatic Theater are just next door!

Enjoying a Genuine Stockholm Christmas

Whether you are used to a traditional or contemporary Christmas, there is nothing like the Swedish version of this holiday. The city gets lit up with beautiful Christmas decorations and twinkling Christmas lights that make the city feel lively and bright. The Christmas markets in Stockholm bring the community together and are a great way to experience the holidays in Sweden. Stockholm Central Station is the place to mark as your starting point for the Christmas markets.

Now you are ready to enjoy the Christmas Markets in Stockholm. For more things to do in Stockholm, check out these other guides.

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