Is Stockholm safe to visit? A comprehensive safety guide

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Stockholm is a contemporary Scandinavian city and is also Sweden's capital. You may not know that Stockholm consists of 14 different islands which are connected by over 50 bridges. It is a beautiful city with nearly two thirds of its area being made up of green spaces and the waterways that separate the islands and flow into the Baltic Sea. Aside from the outstanding natural beauty that the city possesses, Stockholm is also known for having lovely architecture and an abundance of tourist attractions.

There is so much to see in Stockholm today that people keep coming back again and again. In 2019, the city recorded 15.3 million overnight stays booked at its marvelous accommodations. The bulk of tourists visit here in the summertime, often between June and August, since there are more festivals and nicer weather during those months. The streets are never empty, however, and there are about 1.5 million citizens living in the metro area alone.

Sweden is one of the most unique European countries. While there, prioritize your own safety as well as the security of your personal belongings. Store your things with Bounce in Stockholm to be assured of convenience, 24/7 customer service and a great protection plan. Be confident your valuables are safe while you explore this beautiful city stress-free.

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Is Stockholm safe to visit right now?

We're sure that you're excited to visit Stockholm, but first, look to see if there are any travel advisories for the country. Right now we can deem Sweden safe for travel, but your own government may have different restrictions put in place. Overall, don't be worried about traveling here. Sweden is ranked 15th out of 163 countries on the 2021 Global Peace Index and is one of the safest countries in the world.

Stockholm does experience petty crimes like pickpocketing and scams, which are common in other cities as well. If you're someone who has traveled a lot in the past, you may already know a few Stockholm safety tips. We recommend you read a few safety guides since there is no such thing as a perfect one. Be well-informed for a memorable trip.

Top petty crimes and scams in Stockholm affecting tourists

Despite the fact that Stockholm is a very safe city, petty crime does happen. Here are the most common forms of crime to be aware of.


The more that you travel, the more you'll realize how common petty theft is in most cities. There is a moderate risk of your things being stolen from you in Stockholm but you can lower those chances by being smart and prepared.

Firstly, we urge you to leave your most expensive valuables at your accommodation while you're navigating the city. For the items that you do bring with you, you should make sure that they are kept somewhere safe that is not easily accessible by others. Buying a cross-body bag or a money belt for your wallet and passport is a good idea.


Most countries will have scams, and even the safest cities have a risk of these crimes. The good news is that if you use common sense you can probably spot a scam before it happens. Scammers will often hang out in crowded places which means that you'll need to stay alert at tourist attractions or public transport hubs.

Con artists will sometimes try to offer you help or directions, and if a stranger approaches you the wise thing to do is keep walking and find an official if you feel lost.

Natural disasters

The Nordic countries can sometimes experience winter storms which often make driving around challenging and sometimes unsafe, so keep a close eye on the weather before heading out on a road trip from Stockholm. Pack accordingly and make sure that you're wearing a few layers of clothing if you're going to be spending time outdoors.

Is Stockholm safe to travel alone

In general, Swedish people are quite friendly, and you can definitely consider Sweden a safe country for solo travel. It is easy to navigate by yourself, and with so much gorgeous natural beauty it is definitely one of the top vacation destinations.

If you're a woman who wants to travel alone in Stockholm, you'll be happy to hear that the city is safe to visit for you too. Sweden is listed in 15th place on the Bounce Women Travel Safety Index, and you'll be even safer here than in some American cities as long as you're responsible and use common sense. It is still wise to take regular security precautions like not walking around by yourself at night and not giving any personal information away to strangers.

Safest neighborhoods in Stockholm

Although you'll probably want to see as much of this modern Scandinavian city as possible, let's go over a couple of neighborhoods in the inner city that have low crime rates and are safest for tourists.

Gamla Stan

Also known as the Old Town of Stockholm, the neighborhood of Gamla Stan is the perfect place for you to stay and visit. This part of the city has substantial historical significance and plenty for tourists to see and do, like the Royal Palace.


Itching for some of that bustling city life? Norrmalm is the place to be. Here, you can admire contemporary architecture and there are plenty of places to go shopping.


This neighborhood is very different from the last, and is a calm and quiet place with lots of nice spots to take a leisurely stroll. Keep it in mind when you want to relax. The area is also home to an amusement park if you do want to be busy and several fantastic museums that are worth checking out.

Is Stockholm public transportation safe?

Stockholm has many tourist attractions and some of them are located in different parts of town, meaning that you'll need to travel from one place to the other. Luckily, this major city has a great network of public transit that will help you move around. The transit options are known to be very safe, and as a tourist, you won't have to worry about much.

Important emergency numbers in Stockholm

No matter how safe Stockholm and other Swedish cities are, you should still keep a list of emergency numbers in case you need to contact Swedish police officers or other local authorities. If you are ever put in a situation where you feel unsafe you will be happy you have them. As well, keep note of your embassy number.

  • Emergencies: 112
  • Non-Urgent Police: 114 14
  • Medical Emergencies: 1177

Making your Stockholm vacation safe

Compared to many other cities in the world, Stockholm is a very safe metropolis, and as long as you use common sense and follow the directives we've provided you can easily have a worry free trip here. We recommend also reading up on How to Get Around Stockholm and Where to Stay in Stockholm: The Ultimate Guide before you embark on your holiday.

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