Where To Stay In Stockholm: The Ultimate Neighborhood Guide

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When you visit Stockholm, part of the fun is deciding where to stay. If you are looking for a quiet getaway you definitely do not want to stay in a neighborhood that is known for its hopping nightlife. And with kids in tow, you want a neighborhood with a lot of kid-friendly parks and attractions.

Stockholm is filled with trendy, up-and-coming neighborhoods, older, family-friendly neighborhoods, and historic and posh areass. A little research will help you determine which neighborhood is best for your next trip to Stockholm.

Where to stay in Stockholm is not such a problem when you understand the city and where to look for great accommodations that fit your needs. While you look for the best hotel for you, find a Stockholm luggage storage service to keep your things safe as you head out and explore this unique, fun, and rather interesting capital city.

Where to stay in Sodermalm

Sometimes referred to as Sweden’s version of SoHo in New York City, this creative neighborhood is filled with coffee shops, bars, organic delicatessens, and so much more. It really is one of the best places to do a little people watching as you sip your coffee. The most hopping place is Nytorget Square with so many cafes, restaurants, and shops.

Located to the south of Stockholm’s city centre, you can easily get to popular attractions including Langholmen Island, City Museum, and Tantolunden Park. The neighborhood is popular with weekend tourists and young, hip locals. The Vegan Soul Train is one of the best vegan restaurants in Stockholm and draws a big crowd, especially on the weekends.

There are boutique hotels and luxury hotels here as well as apartments to rent for the weekend or entire week. Stay in one of the traditional, colorful Swedish cottages on Langholmen Island or rent an Airbnb located close to Tantolunden Park. Both are within walking distance of the Strand so you can stroll beside the beach and water after a long day.

Where to stay in Ostermalm

One of the more luxurious neighborhoods in Stockholm, Ostermalm revolves around Stureplan Square, where a number of high-end fashion designers have set up shop. There are also classy clubs and sophisticated bistros. It is the place to see and be seen when in Stockholm. Located to the northeast of Gamla Stan and east of the city centre, this is the most exclusive neighborhood in the city.

Stoll over to Strandvagen. This boulevard is lined with 19th-century ornate buildings and waterfront bars. Many of the apartments in Ostermalm are some of the priciest in the city but the elaborate architecture is well worth the price tag. 

There are several well-manicured parks in the area as well as museums such as the Royal Mews, the Army Museum, and the Swedish History Museum. Spend an evening in the Stureplan Nightclub District where you can enjoy live music, champagne fountains, and high roller games.

Where to stay on Kungsholmen Island

If you are looking for a more active and vibrant neighborhood, look no further than Kungsholmen Island which is brimming with amazing tourist attractions and sizzling nightlife. Even though this is mainly a residential neighborhood, the nightlife is hopping in certain areas. 

Ralambshovs Park is a great place for a picnic with friends or family and there are workout zones for those wanting to keep in shape while visiting. Beach volleyball is a favorite activity but the bouldering walls are also popular. There is a 6-mile loop that takes you around the island and is a favored trail for hikers and runners. 

Hornsbergs Strand has some cool jetties that people love to leap from to go for a swim. Or rent kayaks and spend some time out on the water. Look for outdoor gyms that are free as well as yoga classes for a therapeutic stretch. All-day family-friendly fun can be had when staying on Kungsholmen Island. And if you're on the lookout for more free activities while in Stockholm, read our guide.

Where to stay on Djurgarden Island

Once the royal hunting grounds, this fantastic neighborhood is a favorite with locals and tourists because of its many green spaces. There is very little vehicle traffic that can go through Djurgarden and a bevy of pedestrian streets and bike paths. Most people walk or bike to their destinations here.

The Grona Lund Amusement Park is a very popular attraction for families with its daring rollercoasters. Skansen is also another favored site for locals and tourists, this open-air museum has moose, brown bears, and even wolves. Be sure to check out the ABBA Museum and Rosendals Tradgard’s greenhouses. Rosendals is a biodynamic farm that is also a restaurant serving farm-to-table goodies. 

The Vasa Museum can be found in Djurgarden where you can board the 16th-century ship and learn about the history of many important water vessels. The Nordic Museum is another phenomenal place to visit. Ferries run regularly to easily take you into the city centre and other parts of Stockholm. 

When in Djurgarden, stay at the Prince Van Orangien. This breathtaking boathouse was originally built in the Netherlands and then brought piece by piece to Stockholm. It has been turned into a luxury hotel with themed rooms and wonderful amenities and modern decor.

If you are looking for accommodations that are more budget-friendly in Djurgarden, the Scandic Hasselbacken located in Skansen is the place to try. Mama Mia! fans will want to flock to the Pop House Hotel and try to reserve the ABBA-themed room, this one is a bit pricier but well worth it if you are a super fan.

Where to stay in Hagersten-Liljeholmen

Located to the southwest of the city centre, this trendy neighborhood is home to many of the students attending the Konstfack Art School and is also home to young families and couples who could not afford Sodermalm. This cozy neighborhood is one of the best-kept secrets in Stockholm and does not see many tourists.

There are plenty of pubs and shops to keep you busy after you have been off exploring other areas of Stockholm. Drop in and catch a movie at the cinema, there is just one screen so you do not get to pick which movie. Fargfabriken plays host to intriguing art exhibits and food events throughout the year.

The neighborhood does have a few budget-friendly hotels and B&Bs for those looking for nice accommodations that won’t break the bank. Locals here will help make you feel at home and are more than willing to give their opinion on what you should see and do.

Where to stay in Norrmalm

Just outside of downtown Stockholm, Norrmalm is the best place to find hotels of every shape and size. While it is not as popular as Ostermalm and Gamla Stan, this neighborhood is just a stone’s throw from some of the main attractions in Stockholm. You can easily get to the National Museum of Sweden, the Royal Opera House, the Centre of Culture, and Ocean Bus Stockholm.

It is also super close to Stockholm Central Station making it a breeze to catch the subway and make your way throughout the city to see even more of the attractions, do a little shopping, or museum-hopping. With so many hotel options in Norrmalm, you can find some pretty good deals since the hotels are having to compete for your business.

Most of the hotels in the area offer the same amenities and are budget-friendly, well-maintained, and clean. Some of the more upscale hotels offer lounges and rooftop bars. Instead of hanging out in your hotel in the evening, head to Brunkebergstorg Square and check out the nightlife. It is also easy to get to Norrmalm from the Arlanda Airport and you can access all of the metro lines from here.

Where to stay in Gamla Stan

This historic neighborhood is one of the most popular for tourists. Known as Old Town, Gamla Stan is over 750 years old. Its cobbled streets and ancient buildings have seen everything from battles and protests to medieval markets.

Filled with ornate buildings, fabulous Stockholm museums, the Royal Palace, Parliament, and a few well-placed statues, Gamla Stan is truly a marvelous place to stay when you are visiting Stockholm. This charming neighborhood has become all about the tourist and therefore does not see many locals hanging out.

Christmas markets start popping up in November and continue until just after Christmas Day. Shops filled with interesting, unique, and sometimes downright odd merchandise can be found on almost every street in Gamla Stan. Take some time to explore some of the vibrant and old churches in the area.

The Nobel Prize Museum is located in Stortorget, the main square in Gamla Stan. Learn about the process used to pick finalists and winners and learn about those who have already won this prestigious award.

To access the city centre, you can simply cross the footbridge into Norrmalm or Sodermalm or you can take the metro to anywhere in the city you would like to go. On nice days, the ferries are also running. Stay in the antiquated but charming Victory Hotel for a relaxing few days or if you are feeling adventurous, the Malardrottningen yacht hotel with its cozy cabins is a lot of fun.

Where to stay in Odenplan

Located in the northern corner of the city centre, Odenplan is the central hub for the Vasastan neighborhood and while it is not the most aesthetically pleasing place to be, it is close to so many wonderful attractions and amenities. It does have a new commuter train station and is home to cozy and popular cafes serving up traditional Stockholm delicacies.

If you are exploring downtown Stockholm, you will have to visit Odenplan. Take a stroll along Sveavagen Avenue until you come to Odengaten Street, which is the busiest street in the neighborhood. You can also take the green line of the metro if you do not feel like walking.

Odenplan has a number of affordable hotels including international chains. If you are looking for something with a little bit of charm, the Hotel Ibis Styles is the place to be and is just off Odengaten Street. Many of the original features of this amazing hotel are still showcased.

Drop by Café Pascal for a delicious cup of coffee and a cardamom bun or moreish cheese scone. They also have a wonderful brunch menu including a full English breakfast and traditional Swedish cuisine. Spend an evening at the RoQ bar where you can listen to rock music and enjoy classic arcade games while sipping on a drink or two.

Where to stay in Sundbyberg

The smallest neighborhood in Stockholm also happens to be the most populated neighborhood. So if you are looking for a bustling place to stay and explore in Stockholm county, Sundbyberg just might be it. It was turned from an agricultural swamp into a thriving area just to the northwest of Stockholm.

Sundbyberg is one of the more affordable areas in Stockholm county making it an attractive place for young professionals to live and hang out. One of the most interesting and unique places in this neighborhood is the Signalfabriken which was once a telephone cable factory that has been reimagined into a housing development complete with retail space and a small library.

Using public transportation, Sundbyberg is only ten minutes from the Stockholm Central Station when you take the commuter train. This is one of the best places to stay to get away from the inner city vibe but still be close enough to all the attractions.

Make reservations at the Signalgabriken’s Story Hotel which offers mid-range prices in an industrial-chic setting. There are also a few Airbnb and hostels in the area if you are wanting to rough it a bit when staying in Stockholm.

Stockholm Neighborhoods

 Figuring out where to stay in Stockholm can be tricky, especially if you are not familiar with the area. First-time visitors should look at central Stockholm as a place to stay, or Old Town which offers a wonderful central location and lots of charm.

Stay in Stockholm where you have just a short walk to the Stockholm cathedral, Stockholm City Museum, royal palace, and marvelous art galleries. All just waiting to be explored. City Hall is another fabulous attraction that you will want to see and is centrally located so you can easily find your way around.

Luxury boutique hotels with stylish rooms that are close to cultural attractions are not as hard to find as you would think. Most of the neighborhoods listed have plenty to choose from, some within walking distance of the commuter rail station and some with laundry facilities and other amenities.

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