6 Romantic restaurants in Stockholm for the best date night

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Romantic restaurants in Stockholm

If you want to plan the right romantic evening with delicious food, you need to make sure that you know where to head for a romantic dinner in Stockholm. Romantic restaurants are around every corner in this city, and you will be able to make an evening to be remembered with ease. There is everything from rustic French classics to international haute cuisine in this guide, and you will love the incredible service and the special memories that you can make while you dine at these romantic restaurant locations.

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There are so many romantic restaurants in Stockholm that you can pick from for your evening out on the town. You don't have to be looking for French cuisine or a steak dinner when you are considering the romantic restaurants in Stockholm. Things like contemporary Swedish dishes are on the menu at many of these locations, and you might even be able to enjoy an annual Nobel prize dinner depending upon when you are in the city.

Many of these locations offer an extensive wine list, local Swedish cuisine, and fusion meal options that make it easy to try creative dishes you can't get anywhere else. You might want to check out the neighborhood that some of these dining spots are located in as well for a romantic walk after your meal. The ambiance of the areas around most of these restaurants in Stockholm is lovely, and you can make the most of your evening by checking them out when you are done with your meal.

Romantic dining options in Stockholm

Fat Cat Brasserie

This is one of the most fun romantic restaurants in Stockholm. You will love the Asian-inspired menu and the enjoyable creativity that is on offer here from the fusion dishes. The sharing menu is very good, and this is one of the best items to choose from if you want to try a wide array of delicious food when you sit down.

The environment here is a little bit casual, but the service is amazing, and the menu is excellent. You can get the kind of really creative dining experience that you have probably been looking for and make the most of your night out, creating memories at a secluded table.

Our recommendation

As mentioned above, the sharing menu is the best part of what is on offer here, but you can also count on very good desserts. The cocktail bar is also excellent, and there are many really creative and special things to try from the drinks list if you love mixed drinks. Don't let the silly name of this location discourage you from thinking that you can have a memorable and romantic evening here.


Sergels Torg 12, 111 57 Stockholm

Price level


Best date night locations in Stockholm

Beirut Café

For those who love Lebanese food, this is the right place to head for your evening out on the town. The bar here is just as welcoming and comfortable as the seating in the main dining room. This is the perfect place for a wonderful night out. The current location of the restaurant is a new one that just opened, and you will be able to enjoy an intimate meal here in a cozy atmosphere.

If you are not familiar with Lebanese food, ask the helpful and friendly servers to advise you about the dishes they recommend.

Our recommendation

The romantic feel of this location is offset by the relaxing dining experience. This location offers you the balance of a comfort food-inspired meal along with high-quality drinks and really good service. There are some tasty dishes inspired by fusion combinations as well that you might want to give a try. Asking the servers to advise you about spice level and which classic dishes to try can make your dining experience here top-notch.


Östermalms Saluhall, Östermalmstorg 2, 114 39

Price level


Date night hotspots in Stockholm

Il Tempo

If you are looking for a classic dining location that is dark, cozy, and candlelit, this is the right place to sit down with that special someone. You will be served Italian food that will delight your taste buds here, and the zebra wallpaper and zany decor will help make the experience unique and comment-worthy.

The food here is actually based on New York Italian fare, and you can get pizzas and handmade pasta that are made with authentic recipes. For those who love pasta, there is no better place to visit in the city.

Our recommendation

Go with the tasting "per due" or for two. This menu is a great way to enjoy lots of different dishes while you are dining here. You might want to make this choice if you can't pick from the various really good options on the menu. The staff can help you to pick and choose your tasting menu options, and they can also guide your decisions on wine and drinks to match your food.

This is a good choice for anyone who wants a really filling meal that is served along with quiet candlelight and excellent service. Italian dining is one of the most classically romantic options that you can choose from, and you will not be let down by this dining option with a menu that features some of the most classic of all Italian dishes.


Högbergsgatan 40, 118 26 Stockholm

Price level


Stockholm's most romantic restaurants


If you love Spanish cuisine, there is no better place to head in Stockholm for your evening out. This spot offers you access to both hot and cold dining and seasonal dishes that are made with very fresh ingredients. The food here is made with authentic recipes that have been in the family for generations, and the dining atmosphere is cozy and comfortable. Choose from a variety of starters and pick your drink pairings from the Spanish wine list.

The service here is excellent, and you will be allowed to take your time and chat between courses. Be sure to ask about specials when you sit down as well since there are often delightful choices using the very best seasonal produce that you might not expect.

Our recommendation

The wine list is excellent here, and you might want to make the most out of this part of the menu when you head here to dine. Since this is a tapas restaurant, this is the best thing to focus on when ordering. Select a few different options to share with your date and compare notes on which ones you liked the best. With the constant flow of food and drinks at Masquetapas, this spot is ideal for a first date or a meal with someone you don't know very well.


Järnagatan 8, 151 72 Södertälje

Price level


Places to take a date in Stockholm

Veranda Grand Hotel

This is the location to head to for your romantic dinner if you want beautiful views of the Royal Palace and the water. This is a more expensive option than some of the others on this list, but you will get a lot for your money when you choose to head here for a romantic night out. The wine menu here is enviable, and the menu is changed out to fit with seasonal ingredient sourcing.

This is a classic romantic dining location complete with white tablecloths, candlelight, and privacy. Having an intimate meal here is easy, and you will love getting dressed up to come to sit down in these elegant surroundings. As soon as you walk in, your date will instantly feel special.

Our recommendation

The wine list is something that you should take advantage of for sure when you come here for a meal. You will want to ask about specials when you are choosing your meal and make sure to save room for dessert. The food here is uniformly delicious, and this makes it easy to have an unforgettable meal, no matter what food items you choose.

The dress code at Veranda is considered smart casual, and they don't allow any shorts in the dining room after 6 pm.

As for what food to order, the Wallenberg veal patty with potato purée, lingonberries, green peas, and browned butter is the ideal dish that blends familiar flavors with local ones. Vegetarians should try the oven-baked celeriac with cheese and hazelnuts for another intriguing flavor combination.


Södra Blasieholmshamnen 8, 111 48 Stockholm

Price level


A la Crepe

For light dining in a charming location, this cute little crepe shop is a good place to visit. They offer all kinds of excellent food here, including savoury buckwheat pancakes. You can get all kinds of different savoury crepes at this location as well as sweet crepes if you prefer the breakfast-inspired version of this light and airy food. They offer starters as well as dessert items which can make for a full meal based on this one kind of food.

The menu consists of lighter fare here, but that doesn't mean that you won't have a filling meal when you choose this spot. You will also love the location of this dining option as it offers such a fun sense of whimsy and comfort.

Our recommendation

The buckwheat crepes are the star of the show here, but all of the various crepes are delicious. The menu is creative, and you will be able to find nearly any kind of crepe on it that you can imagine. Consider getting the flambe crepe for your dessert, and ask about the various kinds of drinks that are offered along with the crepes here.

This location is not very big, and it is a good idea to call for a reservation to make sure that you don't miss out on dining here. You will need to state how many people are in your party, and being clear that there are only two of you will help with getting a cozy table when you come to dine.


Katarina Bangata 42, 116 39 Stockholm

Price level


Stockholm's most romantic dining spots


The best romantic restaurants in Stockholm will help you to make sure that you can create an evening to remember. If you want to close out the evening in a really fun way, you can check out this list of the best rooftop bars in Stockholm, or you might want to visit all the great street food vendors in the city and see the sights. Planning a romantic evening your way is easy when you use this guide to help you to make the right choices for yourself and your special someone.

Stockholm is a very special place to visit, and there are so many things to see and do in this part of the world. Many people arrive via the Stockholm Central Station, and you can take care of your luggage storage needs as soon as you arrive if you wish. This makes it simple to keep your things safe and secure before you start sightseeing and enjoying what all Stockholm has to offer.

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