Stockholm on a budget: 7 travel hacks to save on your trip

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Stockholm on a budget

Stockholm is one of the most amazing places that you can visit in Europe. Aside from the local culture, you can explore the Old Town, called Gamla Stan, the Royal Palace, and the Vasa Museum - you'll have no trouble filling your time here. That being said, budget travelers may be concerned that a trip to the Swedish capital will get expensive. While things aren't exactly cheap here, there are steps you can take to ensure you stick to your budget and still have an unforgettable time. There are lots of places to find affordable street food, and you might even be able to make your own food at your accommodation. The city center is navigable on foot, and you will find that your tight budget does not impact your ability to see some of the best parts of the city.

Whatever activities are on your list of things to do in Stockholm on a tight budget, make sure that you are not tripping over your bags while you travel. There are many places that are hard to get into if you are carrying bags, as well. Head to a Bounce luggage storage in Stockholm, and we'll take care of your stuff while you see the city.

These tips and tricks will help you stick to a budget while you visit Stockholm. You will love not having to think about money every waking moment of your trip with these helpful hacks in hand. Make sure to look at flight deals before you leave and plan to use public transport to get around the city. Major cities like this one are often very fun to visit on a budget since there are so many great ways to save money while you are in town.

Here are the best tips to use when you next visit Stockholm and make memories:

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Affordable hotels in Stockholm

Cheap places to stay in Stockholm

Hotel accommodations are one of the most significant expenses during any trip. You will be relieved to learn that there are such great places to stay that will help you to save money. Having an affordable hotel frees up money that can be spent on other things, such as traditional meals and unforgettable experiences. There are so many exciting neighborhoods in Stockholm that all you need to decide is how close to the action you want to be (and can afford).

Mälardrottningen Hotell & Restaurang

This hotel has an excellent rating for comfort, and it is also really affordable. Prices per night start at around $90, and you will love that this whimsical hotel is actually located on a ship. There is also a sauna and lake views to enjoy here and a restaurant with affordable prices for when you need to take a break and have a meal.

You will be close to the Royal Palace here, and you can ride a ferry to get to other parts of the city easily. You can also walk over to some great nightlife locations and enjoy music and dancing for a taste of the city's nightlife. The bistro scene is huge here as well, so there are many lovely cafes within walking distance of your room when you choose this cute and quaint hotel.

Cheap hotels in Stockholm

Generator Stockholm

This affordable hotel is actually a hostel, which can be really fun if you are traveling on a budget. You will only need to have about $40 in hand for each of the nights of your stay here, and you can count on tons of fun things to do onsite as you enjoy the café, the cocktail bar, and the free Wi-Fi. This is an excellent choice if you want to be able to walk to a lot of attractions like the nearby Royal Palace and the Vasa Museum.

You can get on public transit from this hotel easily, and you will also be able to wander around and enjoy the nightlife and the café scene in the area. Additionally, there are lots of free walking tour options in this part of the city to take advantage of.

Zinkensdamm Hotell & Vandrarhem

This hotel offers standard hotel rooms as well as hostel stays. You can get a regular room for about $100 a night here, but there are hostel rooms that cost much less. The breakfast is free, which is a big perk, and there are refrigerators in many of the rooms if you want to make your own meals to help save some money.

Tantolunden Park is about two minutes away, and you can actually walk to the train station or the Royal Palace from here as well. The park-type location of this little hotel makes it seem like you are outside the city, and yet you are very close to most of what is exciting in Stockholm.

Royal Palace in Stockholm

Cheap things to do in Stockholm

Finding cheap things to do in Stockholm is easier than you might think. There are many attractions in this beautiful place that are very affordable or even free for those looking to save money.

Vasa Museum

The Vasa Museum is one of the most popular things to do here for a good reason. The complete model of a 17th-century warship is the big draw here, but you can also learn all about maritime history when you make time to tour this cool museum. This location is not as readily accessible via public transit as other places around the city, but it is not hard to find if you get dropped off a few blocks from the site.

Tickets are about $16, but those 18 and under get in free during specific months of the year. Children under 12 will need to be accompanied by adults. This location is cash-free, just like a lot of the other attractions around the city, so make sure that you get a ticket in advance of your arrival. You can buy them online before you show up to join your tour or wander around the museum.

The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is one of the places that you will want to see, even if you are not usually a museum or historical attraction lover. This is a cultural monument that is absolutely beautiful and offers guided tours that will teach you all about Stockholm and its history. Tickets are about $16 for adults, but there are special rates for students and kids. Children will need to be accompanied by an adult to gain access.

You can walk to this spot from many other areas around the city where you might have found a hotel room, but public transportation will take you here in a snap as well. During most seasons, the palace opens at 10 AM, but there are set times of the year when the palace is closed or opens later in the day. Be sure to check the opening hours before you plan to see this site.

Tour the Canals

The canal areas of Stockholm are always worth a visit, and you can rent bikes and ride along the canals or rent a boat and take a guided tour as you float through the city. The canals were the main artery for traders to use to get to the city for many generations, and today they are maintained as some of the most beautiful and enjoyable spaces in the whole town.

Tours and bike rentals are about $30-$40, which is quite affordable considering the amount of time that you will be able to enjoy this activity.

Cheap places to eat in Stockholm

Cheap places to eat in Stockholm

Stockholm offers you access to all kinds of dining options, from classic European favorites to cozy pubs to romantic French restaurants to amazing street food.

La Neta City

La Neta City is a cute little Mexican food place that is ideal for those who need to save money. You will get a ton of food for your money, and you will enjoy prompt service as well. You can also order to go from here if you want to head back to your hotel room and eat. The average meal cost here is about $10, which includes sides and all the things that you need to top your food, like salsa. This is a great lunch or dinner option when you want a big meal for a great price.


This small food market offers you the chance to pick from dining of various kinds. You can eat food from all over the world when you head here. The sellers are very friendly and offer you samples if you ask for them. Enjoy a really delicious meal for about $10-$15 a plate, and count on really large portions from most of the stands here. This is a great experience in general, and you might head here just to check it out, even if you aren’t hungry yet. You can also dine here throughout the day as there are breakfast options along with lunch and dinner meals to choose from.

The Hairy Pig Restaurant

If you love game meat and sausage in particular, then you will love this place. This is farm-to-table dining at a great price. Located near the Nobel Museum, you can eat here for lunch or dinner. The cost is more than some of the other places on this list, but the $20-$30 a plate is so worth it for the quality and amount of food that you will be served. The drinks and other added items like appetizers are not very spendy here either, which makes The Hairy Pig ideal for just small plates as well.

Cheap bars in Stockholm

Cheap bars in Stockholm

Heading out for a night on the town won’t break the bank in Stockholm. This is a great city for nightlife, and these bars are affordable for the budget traveler or those looking to save money for other adventures.

Lion Bar

This charming hole-in-the-wall has a nice pub atmosphere, good cocktails, and delightful beers. Most of the drinks will be about $8-$10, and you can enjoy a snacking and shareable plates menu if you need a little food to go with your libations. The shareable meat platter is only about $10 and will feed roughly four to five people.


This local favorite is a 1970s-themed pub and bar that's a great place to drink a pint and chat. The service is very friendly, and the beers are about $10-$15 for 1.5-liter glasses. You can get some affordable snacks here as well, and they often run daily specials. There is also a stripped-down and basic cocktail menu for those who are not beer drinkers.


If you love ciders and affordable beers, this is the place for you. Head to Carmen for drinks that are about $5 each and enjoy the traditional pub atmosphere. The service is prompt and friendly, and you will feel welcomed in as if you've been here many times before. Pints of local beers are only $4, and you can get a hamburger for $8.

Budget tips for visiting Stockholm

Bonus budget tips for Stockholm

Use public transport

There is excellent public transport in Stockholm, and heading to Stockholm Central Station will give you access to all kinds of connections that will easily take you all over the city. There are also lots of convenient bus lines, underground trains, commuter trains, and even ferry lines that might be helpful as you get from place to place. Always be sure that you are not planning to pay for your fare with cash. You will need to have on-demand tickets for all of the transportation options in the city.

Take advantage of happy hours

Join the locals every workday for a glass of wine or beer. Happy hour is well-established in this city, and during the work week, you can get affordable drinks and food during this part of the day.

Find free days at Stockholm's museums

Another great thing to be aware of is that some of the museums in Stockholm are totally free. This includes places like the Royal Armoury, the Army Museum, and the National Museum, although only parts of the National Museum don't require you to pay. There are also lots of nice free walking tours in the city that you can enjoy access to.


Heading to Stockholm for a vacation doesn’t mean that you will need to take out a loan or borrow money from a friend. You can easily enjoy this incredible city without worrying about the cost of everything. Between affordable public transport, free walking tours, free museums, and places with free Wi-Fi, you can travel in Stockholm on a budget with ease.

With this guide in hand, you can afford to make the most of your trip and still see all the things that you want to see while making memories to last a lifetime. There are not many major cities in the world where you won't need to spend money to take part in exciting adventures. As long as you can find a cheap flight and visit the top free things to do in Stockholm, your budget can remain pretty low.

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