6 easy must-do weekend trips from Stockholm

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Weekend trips from Stockholm

Stockholm, the Swedish capital and official home of the Swedish royal family, is a city like no other. The city center is packed with fascinating attractions, great places to eat, and excellent shopping. Plus, everything here has that effortless Scandinavian cool that makes the city a joy to visit. From the moment you arrive at Stockholm's Central Station, you'll see just why millions of people make the trip here every year.

But as cool as Stockholm is, there's more to the Stockholm Archipelago than just the city itself. Day trips from Stockholm can show you more of what Sweden has to offer, and weekend trips give you even more freedom to explore.

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Weekend trips to Uppsala from Stockholm


The biggest church in Sweden is one of the most iconic landmarks near Stockholm. And as well as the cathedral itself, the town of Uppsala provides plenty of reasons to visit.

Distance from Stockholm

Lying 70 km north of the Stockholm Archipelago, Uppsala can be reached in around an hour by car. It's also possible to catch a train from Stockholm's Central Station to Uppsala in a little over 30 minutes, making this one of the most popular day trips from Stockholm for locals and visitors alike.

Our activity recommendations

Uppsala Cathedral: Obviously, this ancient cathedral is the top attraction in town. Work began on the Cathedral back in 1272, and it has been the spiritual heart of Sweden ever since. The site of the coronations of Swedish monarchs and the burial place of a few of them, this stunning cathedral is one of the most iconic buildings in the country and, understandably, one of the most popular day trips from Stockholm.

Gamla Uppsala: As important as the Cathedral is to the city, Uppsala's history didn't begin in the Middle Ages. Take a journey back in time to Gamla Uppsala to see ancient Viking rune stones and burial mounds that go all the way back to the third century. This was once the seat of the powerful Yngling dynasty, and these burial mounds remain an incredibly atmospheric place to visit to this day.

Pub crawl: As historic as Uppsala undoubtedly is, there's more to it than just the ancient past. This university city has a young and energetic population and a lively atmosphere where there's always something going on. Check out the coffee shops and bars of the town, or go on a lively pub crawl to experience the nightlife of the university city for yourself. You'll make new friends and have a great experience of modern Swedish culture to go with your exploration of the past.

Best season to visit

Any time of year is a good time to visit Uppsala since most of the main attractions are open year-round.

Lake Mälaren weekend trip from Stockholm

Lake Mälaren

One of the largest lakes in Sweden, Lake Mälaren is the ideal destination for a boat trip or to enjoy the Swedish countryside.

Distance from Stockholm

Lake Mälaren is a big lake with lots of different access points along its convoluted coastline. Technically, Stockholm itself is on the lake, and it's possible to take a steamboat from the city itself to explore the islands and villages along the lake. Alternatively, you can drive for around an hour and visit some of the smaller towns along the lakeshore.

Our activity recommendations

Take a cruise: If you want an easy way to enjoy Lake Mälaren, they don't come much easier than a boat cruise from Stockholm itself. Board the boat in the city and let the knowledgeable guides explain the history and ecology of the area as they take you to some of the most scenic areas on the lake. There is a range of different cruises available, including daytime and sunset cruises, so you can take your pick on how you want to spend your time on one of the best day trips from Stockholm. A hearty lunch overlooking the calm water or a leisurely dinner on the lake is hard to beat.

Go swimming: As an inlet of the Baltic Sea, the water here is never warm, but in the summer, it can be quite refreshing. All along the coast of the lake, you'll find beaches where you can take a dip and cool off during the warm summer, and you'll find plenty of locals doing the same.

Visit Viking Village: Located on the island of Bjorko, the Viking Village lets you step back in time to the Viking age to see how the ancestors of modern-day Swedes used to live. It takes several hours to reach the island from Stockholm, so this is best reserved for longer weekend trips.

Best season to visit

To see the lake at its best and enjoy all the outdoor activities here, especially swimming, you'll want to visit during the summer.

Weekend getaway from Stockholm to Gripsholm Castle

Gripsholm Castle

This striking castle, just a short distance from Sweden's largest city, provides a great way to learn more about the history of the nation.

Distance from Stockholm

It's only 65 km from the center of Stockholm to the narrow streets of Gripsholm, a drive that will take around an hour. It's also possible to reach Gripsholm by public transport, with a train to Laggesta followed by a bus bringing you to the castle in not much more time than it takes to drive.

Our activity recommendations

Explore the castle: Built in 1537, the castle has witnessed over 500 years of history, and the many rooms and hallways make it a great place to explore. See the magnificent State Hall, learn more about historic King Gustav Vasa, and learn more about the lives of the Swedish aristocracy in this fascinating place.

Admire the paintings: Gripsholm Castle is also home to the Swedish national portrait collection, so you can get your art fix while you're here too. This impressive collection is a highlight of the ancient city and contains portraits of everyone from Gustav Vasa to Benny from Abba, so you'll leave with a greater understanding of Sweden's most famous personalities.

Stroll the grounds: The beautifully maintained grounds of the castle are a highlight of day trips from Stockholm all by themselves. The perfect place to take a break from the busy city, the gardens are an excellent place to get some fresh air and recharge your batteries, whether on a day trip or a long weekend excursion.

Best season to visit

Gripsholm Castle is a year-round destination. The gardens are probably at their best in spring, but there's enough to keep you occupied indoors no matter what the weather does outside.

The gardens at Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm Palace

This stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site is a great place to explore on any weekend trip from Stockholm. Easy to reach from the city, it's like taking a step back in time.

Distance from Stockholm

Just 12 km west of the city, this is an easy place to reach, even on a day trip. However, there's enough to do in the area that you can easily justify a longer weekend trip too. Only a half-hour drive from the city, it's also possible to reach Drottningholm palace by taking bus 117 to Spanga, then taking the 316 to Drottningholm Palace.

Our activity recommendations

Drottningholm Palace: Built in the late 16th century as a summer residence of the Swedish royal family, this palace is beautifully well-preserved and provides a glimpse into the opulent lives of royalty. It remains a royal palace to this day, but Drottningholm Palace is also open to the public, so you can visit this remarkable building for yourself. The beautiful grounds and the magnificent palace form a staggering complex that will take hours to explore.

The Chinese Pavilion: Part of the wider castle grounds, the Chinese Pavilion was built in 1769 as a gift for Queen Lovisa Ulrika on her birthday. Cited as one of the main reasons for the palace becoming a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Pavilion now houses objects and art from the period when it was built, and it's a fascinating place to explore in its own right.

Best season to visit

Drottningholm Palace is a year-round destination and can be explored in any season.

From Stockholm to Nykoping for the weekend


This small town is not only rich in history, but it also provides a great way to get away from the sometimes crowded streets of Stockholm and enjoy a slower pace of Swedish life.

Distance from Stockholm

100 km from Stockholm, Nykoping can be reached with a drive of an hour and a half. This is one example of when public transportation can actually be faster since you can make the same journey by train in just over an hour.

Our activity recommendations

Walk the city center: The city center of Nykoping is a charming place to explore, packed with beautiful old buildings and quaint shops. Don't miss the City Hall and the church of St. Nikolai, a medieval structure that offers great photo opportunities and a perfect place to relax and breathe in the spiritual atmosphere.

Nykopingshus: This partially ruined medieval castle is best known for a famous feast that took place here in 1317. Situated by the river, it's a great place to wander, and there's an on-site museum that will explain the long history of the castle and the town of which it is a part.

Best season to visit

Summer is probably the best time to visit Nykoping since this is when you'll get warm weather that's conducive to strolling around the streets and taking in the laid-back atmosphere of this small town.

Weekend trip from Stockholm to Sigtuna


History buffs shouldn't miss this ancient place. If you want to explore the relics of Sweden's Viking age, this is the place to do it.

Distance from Stockholm

50 km from Stockholm, Sigtuna takes about an hour to reach by car. It takes a similar amount of time to reach by train, making it ideal for day trips and weekend trips from the Stockholm Archipelago.

Our activity recommendations

Sweden's oldest street: Founded before Stockholm itself, Sigtuna is the oldest city in Sweden and is home to Sweden's oldest street, which sticks to the boundaries it had when it was first laid out over 1000 years ago. Nowadays, the street is lined with quaint shops and cafés that are ideal places to take a break and enjoy the atmosphere of this historic town.

Sigtuna Museum: Sigtuna's history is long and complex, and there's no better place to learn about it than the town Museum. Here, you'll see artifacts from the Viking age and learn why this was the first city founded in the country.

Best season to visit

Summer is a good time to enjoy the atmosphere of the city, but there's really no bad time to visit here.


The best day trips from Stockholm and the best weekend trips have one thing in common: they offer you an extraordinary range of things to do. Whether you want to immerse yourself in the Viking age, explore the lives of the Swedish royal family, or enjoy the incredible scenery of this Scandinavian nation, it's all readily accessible from the Stockholm Archipelago itself.

If you only have three days in Stockholm, your best bet is probably staying in the city and sampling everything it has to enjoy. But on a longer trip, drop off your bags at a Stockholm luggage storage and try some of these fantastic weekend trips to see more of what Sweden has to offer.

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