Rooftop Bars in Strasbourg: 6 Places to Drink with a View

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Rooftop bars in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is an incredible place in northern France to visit for so many reasons. This beautiful city has a lot to offer, and there is something for everyone. Exploring the Old Town is always a popular choice that's full of charming narrow streets and picturesque squares. The 18th-century-built Palais Rohan and the Gothic Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg are also not to be missed.

Shopping is another fun pastime in Strasbourg, and if you need help deciding where to go, consult our guide on the best shopping spots in the city. And in between all this sightseeing and shopping, you will find that you will have the choice of many places to sit down to a delicious dinner in an excellent atmosphere.

One of the things that you should plan to do when you visit Strasbourg is to sit down at a rooftop bar or street-facing terrace for cocktails and a meal. These restaurants offer you access to unique views, excellent wine, and mixed drinks and are usually open for lunch as well as dinner. Sitting down at a terrace location to enjoy the sunset and a drink can make your day very special, and you will love that you planned time for this kind of dining experience during your trip.

Since Strasbourg is an old city, you won't generally find towering hotels and other buildings that can offer a panoramic rooftop view. But, what they do have are plenty of bars with an impressive street, water, or greenery view to keep your eyes busy.

No matter what you plan to do while in France, you will need to be sure that you don't drag your luggage with you all over the city. Place your luggage in a Bounce luggage locker in Strasbourg so that you can make the most of your rooftop bar dining or other adventures in the city. Being able to enjoy the city without worrying about your bags is the best way to plan your trip, and we can help!

Once your bags are in secure storage, you will be ready to find the perfect rooftop bar for drinks and food and maybe even a great sunset!

Drinks with a view in Strasbourg

Best Rooftop Bar Locations in Strasbourg

These dining locations offer ambiance, character, and excellent drinks lists. You will be able to enjoy lots of different dining opportunities in this city, and when you are able to make the time to sit outdoors and soak up some sun and some culture, you should do so! These locations can be great places to sit down with friends that you are traveling with, or you can even plan a romantic meal at any of these locations.

While you might not be able to sit down for a multiple course meal at most of these spots, you will enjoy creative dining that includes local favorites as well as fusion dishes. These restaurants offer some of the best food in the city, and you will find something for everyone, even the pickiest eater. And luckily, many of these rooftop bars stay open year-round, or at least during spring, summer, and fall.

Café Atlantico

What's it like:

While not exactly a rooftop bar, this former barge has been converted into a great place to eat and enjoy drinks. The view here is excellent, and you will have one of the most unique dining experiences in the city at this amazing spot. You can enjoy drinks, dinner, or even lunch here, and you will love that you are still in the middle of the city enjoying a pleasant evening surrounded by culture. This restaurant is delightful and should be near the top of your list for a dinner selection during your stay.

Our recommendation:

The menu is extensive here, and you can enjoy beer, wine, and craft cocktails. This is similar to a rooftop terrace with the ambiance of the river, and the views are stunning. This is a unique dining experience that you should not miss out on, and you can easily head here for a drink in the middle of the day or when the lights have come out in the evening.


 9A Quai des Pêcheurs, Strasbourg, France

Best places for cocktails in Strasbourg

Black & Wine at the Hotel Hannong

What's it like:

This location offers you access to indoor and outdoor seating, but you must request rooftop seating if you want to enjoy the best views. This is a small location, but the service and the food are delicious. You will feel right at home here, and you can enjoy a quiet meal in the sun that is definitely tasty. As you may have guessed, this is predominantly a wine bar. Expect friendly staff to guide you through the impressive wine list, and whether you're a connoisseur or new to the world of wine, you'll feel right at home here.

As a word of caution, this rooftop bar is generally viewed as a place to mingle and meet new friends. There is limited seating, but you will not mind as you enjoy the vibrant atmosphere coupled with the innovative drinks and wine list. Although definitely geared towards a younger crowd, everyone is welcome and will have a good time, even if you are not single and looking to mingle. There are few bar locations in the city like this one, and there is live music and even dance parties on some nights of the week.

Our recommendation:

You can get traditional French food here and fusion items, and the portion sizes are excellent. Ask for advice on wine pairings because that's really their specialty. This spot bills itself as the first rooftop bar in the heart of the city, and you will love the pretty views and the fun atmosphere here.


 9 Rue Hannong, Strasbourg, France

Maison Kammerzell

What's it like:

While not a rooftop location, this terrace is right at the foot of the Strasbourg Cathedral. This is a very special place to head for a meal and a glass of wine, and you will love everything about your time spent at this charming hotel. Revel in the lovely interior and the building's beautifully restored and ornate Gothic architecture. You can eat lunch or dinner here, and you will be treated to specialty drinks around the holidays and during summer.

Our recommendation:

This is almost like a pop-up restaurant that is around all year long. The menu is creative, and so are the cocktails, which seem to be the real star of the show. But, don't focus too much on drinks because it would be a shame to miss out on the food they serve here. Make sure to ask about specials and food events going on and sample unique items that have been added to the menu for a short period if there are any. The staff is really friendly here, and the atmosphere is truly amazing. You will not forget your meal at Maison Kammerzell, whether you show up at night or during the day; everything on the menu is always fresh and thoughtfully prepared.


16 Pl. de la Cathédrale, Strasbourg, France

Outdoor drinks with a view in Strasbourg

Le Link at the Terrace at Sofitel Strasbourg Grande Île

What's it like:

This is one of the city's most classic and beautiful older hotels. The five-star hotel is at the center of the impressive UNESCO World Heritage Site of Grande Île. The terrace here gets lots of lovely light and sunshine, and you can sit on terrace-style seating and enjoy drinks and food anytime. You can even head up here for coffee in the morning if you want to enjoy breakfast and a pick-me-up with a view. This location offers you that French cafe feel you have been looking for, and the food is excellent if humble and simple. And although it isn't technically a rooftop bar per se, the off-street terrace offers lovely views and excellent opportunities for people-watching. The rooftop bar feel here, with all its glass and modern decor, is something you won't want to miss.

Our ecommendation:

Le Link is most definitely a popular bar in town. Try to have a backup plan in case you can't get in. The outdoor terrace is relatively small, so it tends to fill up quickly for a table. Ask about food and drink specials on the menu and for wine suggestions if you love a glass of wine. This is the older part of the city, and your views are lovely, and the environment is really peaceful.


 4 Pl. Saint-Pierre-le-Jeune, Strasbourg, France

Les Savons d'Hélène

What's it like:

This cute little enclosed terrace offers you pub-style dining, live music, and picture-perfect views. The raised terrace is surrounded by greenery, and the interior is full of eclectic furniture, wood floors, and string lights. To say this place is charming is really an understatement.

Because the terrace is covered with a greenhouse vibe, that means you can enjoy a cocktail, beer on tap, or a glass of wine here year-round. This location is a great starting off point due to its central location. Start the party here and see where the night takes you!

Our recommendation:

Check out the burger list and enjoy some fries or pretzels while you sit at your bright table. The experience here is laid back and welcoming, and the menu items are generally much more affordable than in a rooftop bar.


6 Rue Sainte-Hélène, Strasbourg, France

WXYZ Bar Strasbourg

What's it like:

For another cocktail bar in Strasbourg with a rooftop bar feel, check out WXYZ Bar. The interior is definitely stylish here, with a pool table for you to use, tons of windows for lively street views, and innovative drinks. Even the glassware here is fancy!

This bar skews young and is a great place to spend an hour or two or an entire evening. But, make sure your budget is able to stretch if you plan to spend a while here. At 12 euros for a cocktail, your bar tab will soon add up.

Our recommendation:

If you're visiting with a large group, opt for the shareable food plates and the XXL cocktails. The drink menu is a full five pages, so you'll definitely find something to interest you. As for the food, the bowls are fabulous, and there are lots of vegetarian choices and a few vegan ones, too.


2 Av. du Rhin, Strasbourg, France

Wine bars with a view in Strasbourg


If you have been planning your trip to Strasbourg and are still trying to decide how to spend a few of your evenings in this city, you need to be sure that you are planning a visit to one of these terrace or rooftop bar locations. There is something so enjoyable about taking a seat above the city (or at ground level in the city streets) and enjoying the passing hours with some delicious food and tasty drinks.

In Strasbourg, you'll have your choice of indoor or outdoor seating, river views on a barge, sky-high drinks at the Hotel Hannong, or some engaging street-level people-watching. Although they don't have tons of rooftop bars here, you can still get the same feeling from the decor and amenities on the city's beautiful sidewalk terraces.

Don't forget to travel light while you're in town and visit a Bounce locker before you set out to explore all the exciting options for drinks with a view in Strasbourg.

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