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1 April

9 must see parks in Strasbourg

The Alsace region has many wonders to enjoy, including its incredible parks. Start at Parc de la Citadelle with its 17 acres.

9 February

15 Unmissable Things To Do In Strasbourg At Night

We highly recommend exploring Strasbourg after dark as the city is quite magical at night! See what to do in Strasbourg at night and get ready for an excellent evening.

13 January

Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Strasbourg

Whether your passion is meandering a market or browsing an exclusive boutique, Strasbourg has terrific shopping. Give yourself plenty of time as there is much to see and buy in Strasbourg!

13 January

The Top 10 Free Things To Do In Strasbourg

Strasbourg has lots to do for free, from combing through historic neighborhoods to admiring ancient cathedrals. What will you do for free in Strasbourg? Peruse our guide on this wonderful city.

13 January

Where To Stay In Strasbourg: The Ultimate Neighborhood Guide

From La Petite France to the European Quarter and more, Strasbourg has fantastic neighborhoods to explore. Decide where you'll stay based on what you'd like to see and do in Strasbourg.

13 January

How To Get Around Strasbourg

By tram, by bus, by foot and more, getting around Strasbourg is easy. You want to see as much of this European city as possible so it's wise to take advantage of the transport systems in Strasbourg.

13 January

The 9 Best Hikes In Strasbourg

Strasbourg and the surrounding areas are known as some of the best places to hike in the world. With places like Robertsau Forest and the Alsace region, trekking here is bound to be spectacular!

13 January

The 11 Best Museums In Strasbourg

Strasbourg has intriguing museums with a little bit of everything. From palaces to archaeological exhibits, museum lovers will adore Strasbourg!

13 January

9 Things To Do In Strasbourg With Kids

What do your kids like to do? Strasbourg has a variety of activities, from meandering through cool museums to taking a boat tour to see intriguing canals. Read about what to do in Strasbourg with kids!

13 January

Where To Find The Best Street Food In Strasbourg

Strasbourg offers traditional street food everywhere from restaurants to local markets. Be sure to include a quest for local eats while visiting this lovely European city.

13 January

Best Brunch In Strasbourg: The Definitive Guide

From hidden cafés to well known eateries, brunch in Strasbourg is a popular pastime! Find out where to eat and what to order in our guide to Strasbourg's brunch restaurants.

Best day trips from Strasbourg
13 January

Best Day Trips from Strasbourg

Just a short trip can take you to some incredible places near Strasbourg that will give you a much deeper appreciation of everything that makes Alsace so special. From charming villages and towns to open-air museums and vibrant cities, there's never a dull moment around here.

Rooftop bars in Strasbourg
13 January

Rooftop Bars in Strasbourg: 6 Places to Drink with a View

Although the rooftop bar options in Strasbourg aren't exactly abundant, there are plenty of places to drink with a view in this charming city in Northern France. Expect water views, city views, and lots of opportunities for people-watching as you dine and sip.

What to eat in Strasbourg
13 January

What to Eat in Strasbourg: 13 Treats You Should Not Miss

Strasbourg food is as varied as it is delicious. The meeting point between French and German cuisines, there are some things to eat in Strasbourg that you won't find anywhere else. And that's to say nothing of the wine!

13 January

Strasbourg Christmas Market: The Complete Guide

Imagine Strasbourg at holiday time! Decide which Christmas markets to see in this incredible city.

Wine tasting in Strasbourg
13 January

Wine Tasting in Strasbourg: 10 Places You Have to Try

As the heart of a world-renowned wine region, Strasbourg is an excellent place for wine lovers to visit. The unique French-German history of the place makes Alsace one of France's most fascinating regions. You can easily take wine tours, visit individual vineyards, and pop in to wine bars and shops to get your wine tasting fix.

13 January

3 Days in Strasbourg: Everything You Should Know

Start with Kleber Square and then see the Alsace Wine Route. Where to go next? Read our 3 day itinerary for spectacular Strasbourg.

13 January

Music Festivals in Strasbourg in 2022

Strasbourg has many festivals to choose from, including jazz, rock, and even festivals that combine tasty beer, artisan crafts and delicious food. Some of them are kid-friendly as well!

13 January

Strasbourg On a Rainy Day: 14 Things To Do

Don't let a rainy day in Strasbourg slow you down. From museums to UNESCO Heritage Sites, we've got a list of places to see when the weather turns wet.

13 January

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Strasbourg

If you prefer vegetarian and vegan food, Strasbourg has several fabulous eateries for you to try. Turmeric pancakes, veggie burgers and jerk tacos await!

12 January

8 best hostels in Strasbourg

Thought to be one of the most picturesque cities in Europe, Strasbourg thrills all who put the destination on their itinerary. Choose a hostel near the Strasbourg Cathedral or maybe the Strasbourg University Botanical Gardens.

12 January

Is Strasbourg safe to visit? A comprehensive safety guide

Strasbourg is a marvelous city in all seasons. But is it safe to visit? Bring this guide along on your trip for Strasbourg safety tips.

12 January

The Best Time to Visit Strasbourg 2024: The Ultimate Guide

From chilly days to hot summer nights, Strasbourg is a fabulous destination. Decide when you'll visit this city in France and see what each season brings.

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