Music Festivals in Strasbourg in 2022

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No matter what time of year you plan to visit Strasbourg, there is always some kind of music festival going on. If you visit in the summer, you will find the most festivals due to the best temperatures and kids off school. Spring is another popular festival time in Strasbourg with local and international music festivals all over the city.

The history of Strasbourg dates back to prehistoric times and was known as Argantorati until the 5th century. It is the jurisdictional capital and official seat of the Alsacethe prefecture and the largest city in northeastern France. Many musical developments have taken place in the city dating back to Mozart's Strasburger Konzert in 1775.

Besides the historical musical significance of Strasbourg, the city in eastern France is also a place with many great parks in which festivals are held. The International Festival Musica is one of the most well-known and is held in September and October at Dauphine Place. Other popular festivals include Rock Your Brain in July and October, Summer Vibration in July, and the Rock 'N' Beer Fest also in July.

Every year, the entertainment starts in January with Skip the Use and ends with the Christmas festivals in December. You cannot bring your luggage or oversized backpacks and bags with you to the festival, no matter which ones you choose. To start the fun off right, find a luggage storage site in Strasbourg to leave your belongings while you enjoy the music. And to make your way from one set of amazing music to another, read our guide on how to get around Strasbourg. Be informed and get ready for fun!

La Grange Rock 2022

During the weekend of July 1st in Nordheim, you can find La Grange Rock Festival on Stephansberg Mountain. You will get to hear 15 different concerts and shows with various rock artists like Thundermother, Undervoid, and Nedgeva. Bring the kids along because this venue has games and entertainment for them too.

This festival makes a big deal of the food with special menus every year. This year, the stable plate has ham, potato salad, and veggies and on the grill, you can find steaks, burgers, and hotdogs. General admission tickets start at $18.50 for adults and $6 for kids under eight years old.

Rock'N Beer Festival

On July 8th through the 10th, get ready to party at the Rock'N Beer Festival featuring 40 different types of beer, 35 different rock artists, and three days of fun. Whether you want to try all the beer you can or just come for the music, this festival is perfect for rock 'n' roll lovers from all over the world.

New this year, there will be a new area for relaxation and animation that includes playing games to win prizes, bowling on the lawn, and lounging under the trees. There is also food and camping available. The event opens with Rose Tatoo at La Laiterie at 7 PM. Tickets start at $30.

Jazz à la Petite France

Starting July 15th and going all weekend, the Jazz Festival in La Petite France is an open-air event where you can discover new talent as well as established well-known artists. From contemporary music to experimental jazz, the whole weekend will be packed full of great sounds.

The fun starts on Friday night at St. Thomas Place featuring Melissa Weikart, Back to C, and Qonicho D! You will also see many others like Inui, Altag, Ispolin, and Lily Jung as well as Julie Campiche, The Trees, and East Aces. Tickets start at $34 but they will be gone before you know it.

Strasbourg Chamber Music Festival

Celebrate the 49th year of Chamber Music Festivals from July 17th to August 22nd at the Lensic Performing Arts Center and the St. Francis Auditorium. With 40 fantastic chamber music concerts, you can see the Chien-Kim-Watkins Trio for the first time performing Beethoven Piano Trios.

The season opens with James Gaffigan, the famous conductor and director of the Reina Sofia Art Museum in Valencia. See composers Shulamit Ran and Kaija Saariaho as well as violinists, harpists, string quartets, vocal recitals, and flutists. Tickets start at $16 for one show but they will not last so get yours right away.

Summer Vibration Selestat

During the hot weekend of July 21st to July 23rd, the Summer Vibration kicks off with reggae stars like The Herbaliser, Massilia Sound System, and Rackham Le Groove to name a few. Also located at the Tanzmatten, this huge international festival presents artists from all over the world.

Organized by the Zone51 Association, the summer blast includes all sorts of genres like folk, blues, hip-hop, and reggae as well as Ska, and Dub. But this festival also has a Village Market with jewelry, clothes, and crafts and a summer camp where you can stay the whole weekend. Tickets start at $42 per day.

2022 Strasbourg Musicalta Festival Rouffach

From July 22nd until August 9th, you can rub elbows with composers like the Philharmonie in Baden Baden, the Fine Arts Quartet, and Gilles Apap. The Musicalta Festival features forgotten composers as well such as Guume Lekeu and Charles Koechlin.

Discover new generations and enjoy familiar old masterpieces while relaxing at the luxurious Mediatheque in Rouffach between castles and vineyards. See the State Symphony Orchestra of Kazakhstan, Francis Duroy, and Marie-Christine Barrault. And the best part is that it is all totally free!

Rock Your Brain Fest Strasbourg

With more than 30 artists, you can enjoy this weekend festival on July 24th and again on October 20th. The international festival features hard rock and metal with current music trends and your favorite artists all together for one big weekend blowout! Even if you don't like the music, it is a party worth experiencing.

Some of the major stars in July include Alestorm, Dropkick Murphys, Powerwolf, and Wardruna. You will also see The Toy Dolls, Cellar Darling, Jinjer, the Clowns, and many more. You can find this huge party at the Tansmatten near Selestat, about 30 minutes from Strasbourg. Tickets start at just under $90 for the whole weekend for each festival.

Festival des Artisans

At Hotel de Ville also known as Hotel de Hanau on Niederbronn less Bains, enjoy music and art on July 24th from 10 AM until 9 PM. Meet artists and craftsmen from all over the world, hear great music, and attend workshops for adults as well as kids.

Enjoy music from the Sugar Shake, Dollar Bill, and Amhell while you chow down on barbecue for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Discover new talent and attend all the events in one day. The tickets are going fast for under $20 per person and kids under 12 are free.

Meteo Music Festival

From August 23rd until the 27th, the Meteo Music Festival brings you Adventures in Sound with improvised and experimental music concerts, workshops, food, and fun. The grand opening starts on Tuesday evening at Motoco for a drink and a free concert as well as several food trucks and a variety of wine.

Hear your favorite artists as well as new upcoming groups. Wednesday morning, see Robin Finker presenting music to the toddler fans on the patio of the Grand'Rue Library, also free. In fact, all the daytime events are free. The concerts held in the evening will be at Motoco and The Dryer. Tickets start at $10 depending on the show.

Dirt N' Dust Fest

With a name like Dirt N' Dust Fest, you know it is going to be a blast that includes hard rock, metal, and contemporary rock as well as food and drinks. Located at the sports field on Rue des Pres and Rue Principale, the festivities start with hardcore rock on the 12th including Dark Pixie, Boost, Darcy, Black Bomb A, and Dagoba.

The second half of the festival is for true rock n roll fans. On the 13th, see and hear Rocco Glavio, Toybloid, Les 3 Fromages, and Bagdad Rodeo as well as Elmer Food Beat, Les Sales Majestes, and Echec & Malt. The tickets start at $27 for general admission and $38 for premium.

Ponderosa Festival 2022

The Ponderosa Festival is more than just music. In fact, it is a three-day camping, swimming, and entertainment package in one. Located at Seagulls Basin on Plage des Mouettes, you can hear dozens of electronic music artists including contemporary music, star-filled concerts, and upcoming bands too.

On the lake, you can also enjoy the Aquapark Total-Jump waterpark with huge slides and an inflatable obstacle course. No need to rent hotel rooms either because they have a huge campground with everything from primitive tent spaces to charming cottages. Tickets are a bargain at just over $10 per person for camping and $60 for the whole festival. Plan for it September 9-11.

Musica Contemporary Music Festival

This international festival presents works like contemporary music that were developed in the second half of the 20th century and are musically significant for the current music trends. You can see your favorite artists who led the way in musical developments over the years in France and Germany as well as in other countries such as the US.

From September 15th until October 2nd at Dauphine Place, Musica contrasts the old and new generations of music artists for a truly unique musical experience for all. It brings all generations of music lovers together to celebrate. You can see many artists including the Black Angels and Encore. Tickets start at $10.50 per concert.

azzdor Strasbourg Festival 2022

The best performers from Europe and the United States are featured in about 40 concerts that are held from November 4th through the 18th at several different venues around Strasbourg. You can see your favorite artists as well as current music trends and new musical developments.

This is one of the best festivals in Strasbourg for those who love jazz with both present and future jazz music. Some of the most famous artists include Coccolite, Omar Sosa, Lucien Dubuis, Jalal, Jaimie Branch, and James Brandon Lewis. You can get tickets beginning now for $12.50 and up.

Driven to Madness

If heavy metal is your thing, this international festival presents works that have been referred to as heavy metal or metal rock. This is one of the biggest concerts in France and since it is in October, the weather will be fantastic too. The main event is Dance with the Dead beginning on October 3rd at 8 PM.

Touring all over Europe as well as the United States, some people follow this festival around the world just to hear their music. You will find this concert at La Maison Bleue Concert Hall on Rue de Guebwiller across from the Inrep Center for Archaeology. Tickets range from $21 to $25.

Planning to stay some more days in Strasbourg?

If you are looking for a place to stay in Strasbourg for one of these festivals, there are so many hotels, bed and breakfast establishments, and campgrounds to choose from. You can rent rooms from the locals or search for a place in town. Strasbourg has a variety of venues for every budget.

Before going to Strasbourg, make sure you prepare an itinerary first. If you are only staying a few days in Strasbourg, you will need to plan carefully if you want to see other attractions. You can also find out the best time to go to Strasbourg depending on your activities. And if the weather does not cooperate, you can always find something to do when it rains in Strasbourg too.

If you're planning to stay longer in Strasbourg, take a look at our other Strasbourg guides for other fun activities!

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