Where To Find The Best Street Food In Strasbourg

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Strasbourg does not necessarily embrace the traditional French cuisine that you would find in other regions of France. Instead, you will enjoy the Alsace cuisine which marries France and Germany into a gastronomic delight. The food in this region is truly unlike anything else in the entire world.

The hearty, rustic dishes found here are the ultimate comfort food for those who have grown up in Strasbourg. While you may find some of the dishes heavy and unusual, locals dive right into the delicacies that are offered. Street food in Strasbourg is not the same as in many other parts of the world. While seeing street food vendors setting up shop on the side of the road is nonexistent, with a little searching you can find Strasbourg's best eats. We'll show you where to find them!

You will find small shops and cafes, and even some restaurants, offering quick eats and treats that are steeped in the Alsace tradition. From tart white wine to tangy sauerkraut and doughy noodles, you will definitely find something that makes your mouth water.

Before you start your dining adventure for the best street food in Strasbourg, drop your large bags in a Strasbourg luggage locker. After sampling the tantalizing local dishes, you will not have the energy to lug around extra belongings! Enjoy the unique cuisine and grab your items after your self-guided Strasbourg food tour!

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Types of Alsace Street Food in Strasbourg

Traditional Alsace food is a fusion of traditional French and traditional German foods creating a unique blend of sweet, savory, and absolutely delicious foods. When you are in Strasbourg, you will definitely want to sample some of the most popular Alsace dishes.


The translation literally means sour cabbage and it is the Alsatian version of sauerkraut. A head of simple cabbage is shredded and pickled in a tart white wine to make fermented cabbage. Choucroute garnie is made by taking the choucroute and stewing it with vegetables and various smoked meats to make a thick, flavorful stew. 


While not the traditional casserole, this meal is very hearty and is made by taking whatever meat and vegetables you have on hand, packing them into an earthenware baking dish, and simmering in white wine. The dish is topped with thick dough to create an irresistible top crust. 

Coq au Riesling

This is different from the Burgundy version. This version uses sour white wine instead of red wine. The Riesling adds a tangy zing to the sauce and is served with a light salad and potatoes. It is considered a lighter meal and is a favorite with locals. 

Tarte à l’oignon

This versatile dish can be served hot or cold, as a snack, appetizer, or main dish, and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. This pastry or pie is filled with shredded, caramelized onions and baked until the onions are soft and sweet. 


Originally known as a farmer’s pie, this rich dish is considered a savory pastry filled with Riesling-marinated meats and vegetables in a white wine sauce and baked in a thick, doughy crust. This is a very filling dish. 


 Also known as tarte flambée, this must-try street food is made using a thin pastry shaped into a disc and layered with crème Fraiche, chopped bacon and onions, and then baked until the pastry crust is crisp.

The best street food vendors in Strasbourg

Finding the best street food in Strasbourg is not necessarily a difficult thing. You can definitely find street food at markets and festivals, but you can also find street food dishes in restaurants, cafes, and food shops. Hop off the train at Strasbourg Station and check out several of these places to sample many of the enjoyable Alsatian dishes.

Au Pont Corbeau

 Address: 21 Quai Saint-Nicolas, Strasbourg

While this is a restaurant, it specializes in traditional Alsace dishes. The rustic setting is relaxing and fun, giving you a chance to sit back and enjoy a few of their specialty dishes. The choucroute garnie is an absolute must when you visit Au Pont Corbeau.

 Made with smoked bacon, salted bacon, knack de Strasbourg, and smoked sausage, this hearty dish is bursting with flavor. The pork knuckle will melt in your mouth with its succulent braised meat and crispy, smokey skin. Order a glass of Sylvaner wine for the perfect pairing.

When looking at Strasbourg restaurants, you will want to add Au Pont Corbeau to the list as one of the best serving Alsatian cuisine and Alsatian wine. It is also near the Strasbourg Cathedral.

 Come a Roma

 Address: 7 Rue de la Chaine, Strasbourg

While not traditional Alsatian food, Come a Roma offers the ultimate street food, the traditional Italian-style pizza. Specializing in Roman Taglio pizza, you can order an entire pizza or just a slice or two. The is definitely cheap street food you can grab and go while exploring the city or shopping for fantastic finds.

You can order the classic Margherita pizza slice or you can be a bit outside the box and add interesting toppings such as truffle cream and zucchini. You can even choose the type of sauce and cheese you want to add to your slice. Get adventurous and enjoy pizza cooked in an authentic wood fired oven.

La Cloche a Fromage

Address: 27 Rue des Tonneliers, Entre Places Gutenberg et des Tripiers, Strasbourg 

Most visitors may not realize it, but the Alsatian specialty cheese is Munster cheese and most cheese shops in Strasbourg will offer this tasty delight. Drop by one of the specialty fromageries in the city such as La Cloche a Fromage.

Most of the specialty cheese shops have a wide array of raw milk cheeses that have been made all over France. You will want to sample everything when you step inside. Order several varieties of cheese for a quick snack while exploring the city.

Thierry Mulhaupt

 Address: 18 Rue du Vieux Marche aux Poissons, Strasbourg

When you are searching for great street food vendors, you will want to check out the scrumptious treats that pastry chef Thierry Mulhaupt offers in his shop. Your mouth will water when you step foot inside the shop.

Looking for something to enjoy while you meander the cobblestone streets of Strasbourg? Make a delicious purchase of gorgeous tarts, tasty chocolates, and exquisite pastries as well as fragrant croissants and kugelhopf, a lovely raisin-filled bread.

Patisserie Kubler

Address: 29 Avenue des Vosges, Strasbourg

Head to the city center to Patisserie Kubler. It may be in the middle of the city, but it is not directly in the touristy area. But travelers know to be on the lookout for this fabulous patisserie!

Ask where to find it and see that locals of Strasbourg like to visit this popular patisserie filled with heavenly delights such as beautiful pastries, chocolate covered candied oranges, vibrant marzipan, and adorable petit fours.

Where to find the best Strasbourg street food spots

Unlike some cities that have specific areas set up for street food vendors, Strasbourg does not have a large concentration of dedicated street food stalls. Instead, you will find shops, cafes, and restaurants committed to offering traditional Alsatian dishes from the Alsace region.

You will find the most street food vendors at the various markets throughout the city. So, if you are craving something filling and delicious, head to one of the markets and seek out a food vendor offering yummy dishes at reasonable prices.

Marché de l’Esplanade

Address: 16 Boulevard de la Marne, Strasbourg

Head to the Marché de l’Esplanade on Monday and Tuesday morning and stroll through a big market filled with vendors offering a little bit of everything. Many locals come to the market to pick up their weekly groceries and supplies and visit with their neighbors. Street food vendors set up shop here as well and you can grab a quick snack or take lunch to go after you are done with your shopping.

Marché des Producteurs

Address: 6 Rue de la Douane, Strasbourg

Visit the local farmers’ market every Saturday morning where local artisans and farmers offer fresh produce, homemade jams and jellies, delicious pastries, choucroute, cheeses of every variety, and smoked meats. You can find terrific deals when you visit this market. Food vendors can also be found every Saturday morning set up adjacent to the Old Customs House near the entrance to the market.

Marché Neudorf

Address: Place du Marché Neudorf, Strasbourg

This is one of the main markets in the city and is always bustling with locals and tourists. Visit on Tuesday or Saturday morning and explore all the fantastic vendors in this part covered, part open-air market. You will find fresh produce, baked goods, fresh fish, homemade cheeses, and artisan crafts. Asian and Italian specialties can also be found, as well as delicious street food.

Marché aux Puces

While not really a market, the Flea Market located in Place de la Grande Boucherie is very similar to the flea markets found in the United States where you will find a bit of everything, including fun and interesting street food.

Open every Wednesday and Saturday until 4:00 p.m., this flea market has vendors hawking interesting items including jewelry, picture frames, art, kitchenalia, linens, clothing, and pretty much anything else. It is a great place to search for terrific deals and unique gift ideas.

Marché aux Fleurs

Address: 34 Rue du Fossé-des-Tanneurs, Strasbourg

This market may be tiny, but it is bursting with vibrant colors and can't resist smells. Your senses will be on overload when you explore the offerings of local florists. The market is just steps from the Strasbourg Cathedral and is open on Tuesday and Wednesday. There are even a few street food vendors that come offer wonderful treats to shoppers.

Marché aux Poissons

Address: Place du Marché aux Poissons, Strasbourg

While heading to the local fish market to find street food may not sound appealing, you can find some of the best, and freshest, seafood dishes when you visit the vendors set up at the fish market every Saturday morning. You can find so much more than fresh fish when you visit this market, fresh local produce, cheeses, and charcuterie are also available.

Street food festivals in Strasbourg

Pretty much any festival in Strasbourg will offer some sort of street food. There are no festivals that are strictly dedicated to street food, but do not fret, you will have plenty of opportunities to check out the Alsatian comfort food that is offered throughout the city. If you are really in the mood for some delicious street food, hit some of the markets held throughout the city. 

Christmas Market

 Address: Place de la Cathédrale, Strasbourg

The Strasbourg Christmas Market is one of the oldest markets in Europe dating back to 1570 and with over 300 stalls or vendors spread throughout the city center, you will not be able to see everything in just one day. Many locals plan on visiting the market several times to fully experience all the Christmas Market has to offer.

Christmas in Alsace is unlike most of the other regions in France. They embrace history and tradition, making it seem like an old-fashioned Christmas. Check out the traditional Alsatian decorations, fun crafts and gift ideas, and of course, the regional dishes offered by food vendors.

Venture to Cathedral Square for a warm, friendly atmosphere while you shop for wonderful gifts to give to friends and family during the Christmas season. Drop by the Flavours of Alsace food stalls in the Place de Meuniers and Place Kléber when you are exploring the Christmas Market during the holiday season.

Give Yourself a Food Tour in France's Alsace Region

Grab a steaming cup of tea or coffee and stroll along the streets of Strasbourg taking in the sights and sounds of the city. Then search out great food at Strasbourg restaurants, markets, and shops. Eat your way through the city enjoying meals filled with beef, pork, potatoes, spices, and so much more. Whether looking for breakfast or dinner, you will find just the right dish to hit the spot. Want to know how to get around Strasbourg? Read our guide and then set out to enjoy the unique flavors.

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