Best Brunch In Strasbourg: The Definitive Guide

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Strasbourg is the biggest city in the Grand Est in Eastern France and is one of the most important cities in the region. It is situated on the German border, within the region of Alsace, and is known for its unique history and culture. Because of this, Strasbourg has developed a strong and distinct local cuisine, featuring both French and German influences.

French cuisine has long been considered one of the world’s greatest and the local dining scene of Strasbourg is no exception. The city boasts a long list of restaurants that offer excellent dining experiences, including the beloved tradition of brunch. Whether you’re looking for a simple pastry and coffee meal to a more sophisticated brunch, Strasbourg has something to satisfy your taste buds.

If you want to discover the best that the city has to offer, check out our definitive guide to the best brunch in Strasbourg. This list includes fancy brunch buffets to casual spots perfect for hangouts. If you're out and about seeing the sights of this lovely city, take a break and find a spot to dine. First, store your belongings in a Strasbourg luggage locker to lighten your load.

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Le Café Potager

One of the most popular brunch spots in the city, Le Café Potager is situated in a small corner right in the center of Strasbourg. Easily recognizable because of the array of pretty floral decor and plants, the café shies away from the "fast food" concept and instead proclaims itself as a “fast-good” place. This means that they offer up wholesome and delicious breakfasts that are prepared using ingredients sourced from local producers and dishes authentic to the city's culture.

At Le Café Potager, diners can choose from a wide variety of brunch favorites – from the traditional breakfast of bread and jam to more filling options such as eggs with cheese. Additionally, the café also offers various drink options – from coffee and homemade iced tea to freshly squeezed orange juice and lemonade. Pro tip: If you’re looking for a treat, don’t forget to try out the café’s beloved carrot cake to end your brunch meal on a sweet note.

Madame Julia

Madame Julia is a family owned and operated restaurant that is reminiscent of a New York-style café and has become a favorite brunch spot in the city of Strasbourg. Appealing to a younger crowd because of its trendy and “Instagrammable” aesthetic, the café operates from 7:00Am to 6:00PM and has an open kitchen setup where patrons can order meals for breakfast, brunch or lunch.

Madame Julia’s menu is comprised mainly of colorful and healthy meals. Some of the most ordered brunch options here include classics such as their famous stacks of fluffy pancakes with seasonal fruits and visually-appealing breakfast and poke bowls. The restaurant also has a wide range of delicious tarts available on the counter. For the drinks, Madame Julia offers creamy smoothies and cold-pressed juices available in a variety of flavors.  


If you’re looking for a brunch place in Strasbourg, France that offers more of a sophisticated vibe, perfect for gourmands and foodies, head over to Sofitel. Situated in the heart of Grande Ile, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a well known landmark in the city, the five-star hotel also has an in-house restaurant that offers freshly-baked pastries and breads sourced from some of Strasbourg’s finest bakeries.

Apart from their impressive bread selection, Sofitel is also known for its authentic range of Alsatian specialties, including the Kougelhopf, a type of Bundt cake with raisins in it, and the famous streusel, which is essentially a brioche bread that’s topped with a sweet crumble. Moreover, Sofitel hosts a themed brunch every first Sunday of the month, where they feature the best of French gastronomy, particularly Alsatian culture and cuisine, specially-curated cheeses and other delicacies made using local ingredients.

Café Bretelles

Café Bretelles is considered one of the best restaurants in Strasbourg for brunch and it has two locations frequented by both locals and tourists – one at the Krutenau and the second one in the famous Petite France quarter. The renowned café has a simple menu that is centered on authentic Alsatian cuisine; its traditional breakfast relies heavily on proudly local ingredients that are sourced using a sustainable and ethical approach.

In fact, Café Bretelles’ founder, Ny Aina Bernardson, takes pride in the approach taken when sourcing local products, which Bernardson describes as "anti-waste". For instance, even the apple juice served in the café is freshly made using Alsatian apples that are actually excess or misshapen produce that will be otherwise thrown away because they are not “attractive” enough to be sold commercially. As a bonus, Café Bretelles’ dishes are reasonably priced, making it the perfect choice for a leisurely brunch in Strasbourg.

Coffee Stub

Coffee Stub is a small café-restaurant that has become somewhat of a Strasbourg landmark and a top choice for brunch when in the city. Located opposite the Quai des Bateliers, the café's brand pays homage to Alsatian cuisine, featuring authentic meals that are made with the very best ingredients and local produce. In addition, the restaurant is also acclaimed for its coffee varieties and blends, hence its name.

At Coffee Stub, the star is definitely the brunch selection; the restaurant specializes in a full brunch menu that is offered seven days a week – from traditional bread with fresh juice to heartier options such as seasonal sandwiches, vegan wraps, and different types of quiches. If you happen to have a sweet tooth, don’t forget to order Coffee Stub’s signature pretzel cake or a slice of cheesecake for dessert.

Salon de Thé Grand'Rue

Because of its obscure location and atypical setting, reminiscent of an Alice in Wonderland-style world, it’s easy to overlook the Salon de thé Grand’Rue when it comes to brunch options in the city. However, this unassuming restaurant located in the heart of the Grand Rue is worth seeking out if you want to have a remarkable brunch meal while in Strasbourg.

At Salon de thé Grand’Rue, there is a straightforward menu for the traditional breakfast, featuring a fresh baguette paired with house-made jams with flavors such as red fruits, pineapple and mango. The meal is accompanied by a drink, typically either a cup of coffee, hot chocolate or a large glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice. However, most of those in the know actually come to the restaurant for its impressive selection of oversized cakes and pastries that are on full display in glass counters.

Hotel Maison Rouge

Nestled between the Strasbourg Cathedral and the Petite France quarter (read about staying in La Petite France in Bounce's neighborhood guide), Hotel Maison Rouge is one of the most iconic hotels in all of Strasbourg. Aside from being a top-notch accommodation option in the Alsatian capital, the hotel also offers an upscale and excellent brunch menu every Sunday from 11:00AM to 3:00PM, available in both a breakfast buffet style and a la carte items.

The buffet features an array of savory dishes (cold cuts, smoked salmon, cheeses, roasted vegetables) as well as sweet treats (cakes, cookies, homemade yogurt, fruit salads, breakfast pastries). For the a la carte options, some of the popular selections include brioche French toast, muesli, pancakes, avocado toast, and eggs prepared in a number of ways.

Hotel Maison Rouge also has a long list of drinks available for diners, including fresh juice, coffee, a selection of teas and even several kinds of water. Because the brunch offering is limited to a few hours once a week, reservations are highly recommended to ensure that you get a table. It's easy to get here; Strasbourg Station is under 10 minutes away.

Bistrot et Chocolat

Another top option for a hearty brunch in Strasbourg is the Bistrot et Chocolat, located at the foot of the iconic Strasbourg Cathedral. As its name suggests, the restaurant’s specialty is chocolate, which is evident throughout the menu – from pastries and spreads to the beverages offered.

Offering brunch every day from 10:00AM to 4:00PM, Bistrot et Chocolat’s menu is comprised of cacao goodness, such as chocolate cream and hazelnut brownies. If you’re looking for something a little chocolatey, the restaurant also has options such as fruit salads and mueslis. Plant-based diners will also appreciate the extensive vegan and vegetarian menu that the eatery offers.


Situated near a train station, just a short distance from Petite France, Graffalgar is a hotel, art gallery, show venue and a restaurant all rolled into one. The multipurpose space also happens to be one of the best brunch spots in all of Strasbourg; the on-site restaurant offers an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffer that is both affordable and high quality. However, out of all their offerings, Graffalgar is best known for its signature croissant along with their other breakfast pastries that both French and foreign diners enjoy.

Au Fond du Jardin

Out and about visiting attractions and museums in Strasbourg? Just a stone’s throw away from the Strasbourg Cathedral is Au Fond du Jardin, a cozy brunch spot that mixes French and British influences. The restaurant boasts a lovely interior that reminds you of a traditional salon. For its menu, Au Fond du Jardin offers both sweet and savory treats, including dishes such as avocado salads, scones, homemade jams, fresh vegetables, cakes and more.

But perhaps the indisputable star of Au Fond du Jardin would have to be their classic madeleines, which are traditional small butter cakes that hail from France’s Lorrain region. The madeleines are best paired with the restaurant’s wide range of flavored teas (or wine if you’re feeling boozy).


BLOOM Café is a quaint and minimalistic coffee shop located in the lively tourist hub of Petite France. Open every day from 9:30AM to 6:30PM, the café is best known for its selection of coffee, cakes and even vegan breakfast options. Every Sunday, the restaurant also has a special brunch menu featuring classics such as brioche, pancakes, Eggs Benedict and avocado toast. BLOOM is also often regarded as the best place for coffee in all of Strasbourg, which says a lot given all the café brands and options found across the city.

Au 5 Coffee Shop

Au 5 Coffee Shop is another prominent café located just a short distance from the Strasbourg Cathedral. Don’t let its simple appearance fool you; Au 5 has an impressive selection of breakfast and brunch items as well as coffee and other beverages. The café takes a lot of pride in its coffee-based drinks, which were carefully curated with the help of local coffee experts and roasting champions. If you’re a non-coffee drinker, the restaurant also offers other drinks such as smoothies, teas, milkshakes and even Taiwanese-inspired bubble teas.

For the food, Au 5’s menu is composed of both sweet and savory dishes. Some of the most popular items from their menu include the croque monsieur, pork and fried eggs and a range of cheeses. For those with sweet cravings, the café also offers sweet treats such as waffles, buckwheat pancakes, crepes and other breakfast pastries.

Strasbourg Restaurants for Brunch

Brunch in Strasbourg is more than a meal; it's a tradition that's deeply ingrained in the city's culture. The Alsatian capital should definitely be part of your culinary travels as the city has plenty to offer when it comes to good food and drinks. If you're someone who loves to brunch, this list will help you navigate Strasbourg's best restaurants.

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