Where To Find The Best Street Food In Sydney

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The city of Sydney in New South Wales is a melting pot of cultures which makes it one of the best cities in the world for food. Vietnamese, Italian, Indian, Japanese, Middle Eastern, and many more have influenced the food culture in the city. And what better represents a country's culture than its street food?

But before you run off trying to find the best "shrimp on the barbie", store your bags and shopping finds at a Sydney luggage locker. Then, dive into the best street food in the city!

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The best street food vendors in Sydney

Nowadays there are so many restaurants, cafes, food trucks, and kiosks serving up incredible street food that represent their countries with pride. And if you are a foodie, Sydney is a city you need to have on your bucket list. We've compiled a list of the best street food in Sydney that you must try.

Souks Mediterranean Street Food

Right in the center of Pyrmont sits the little restaurant Souks Mediterranean Street Food. It might be small but it serves up some big flavors from the souks of Marrakesh to the streets of Lebanon. Just the aromas that flow from the doors let you know that you are in for some delicious eats.

Shawarma with garlic dip, falafels with hummus, and chicken & cauliflower gyros with babaganoush (just a fun word to say) wait to transport you to the Mediterranean. The use of traditional street cooking styles and the freshest herbs and spices ensures the best quality and flavors.


Enjoy three areas in one restaurant serving up delicious Mexican food in different ways. The upstairs is a full-on restaurant that serves up smaller plates for sharing. Sustainably sourced produce and traditional cooking methods are used for all their dishes. Great Mexican favorites like grilled chicken mole, chile Verde, and fried plantain with a modern twist adorn the menu.

On the ground level are the mezcal bar and the alfresco laneway dining space where you get some of the best Mexican street food. Tacos with corn tortillas are made fresh every day and ceviche is available from lunch until late. Don't be afraid to chase it all down with a little mezcal or tequila from the roving trolley.

Lox in a Box

When you visit this Jewish deli in the Bondi area and the menu reads "8 am until sold out" you better believe the food is good. You can get the bagels any day during the week for delivery and you have to order the day before by 2 pm. Only open from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for direct service, it can be very busy so it is also best to pre-order then too.

They have a set menu of bagels and boxes to choose from but you can always build your own too. Besides the wonderful tasting food that brings in the crowds, the prices are great too. Every box comes with pickles, chips, and a drink, and on Fridays, it is Shabboxes with very delicious challah bread. There are plenty of choices but their signature bagel of pastrami spiced lox capers, tomato, and their house smear is highly recommended.

Colombo Social

Colombo Social is a street food restaurant with a conscious. It provides not only some truly delicious Sri Lankan food but support for Sri Lankans who are seeking asylum and refugees by helping them with employment and integration into Australian society. Colombo is not just introducing Sri Lankans to Australia but it is introducing Australians to Sri Lanka with food too.

The fusion of Sri Lankan food with an Australian twist has been a hit on the streets of Sydney. It will be hard to make a choice from the menu with so many delectable choices like soft shell crab roti tacos, curries made with chicken, seafood, or goat, and amazing vegan dishes. Pair your meal with a hibiscus & passion fruit Mai Tai and you are pretty much in food heaven.

Cherry Moon General Store

This is a cute little boutique grocery store and cafe with a big kitchen (and heart) that produces almost all of its own grocery goods. The key to their success is the hand-built wood-burning oven affectionately named Apollonia. Whether you are sampling one of their many sweet treats or delicious bread like the wood-fired focaccia, the depth of flavor the oven brings is incredible.

Were you checking out Sydney after dark last night? This is a great stop first thing in the morning to grab a perfectly brewed coffee and cinnamon bun to start your day right. If you have time to sit, try some quiche, or be the hit of the office and take in a savory spelt tart for lunch, healthy and tasty. Next time you are in the Annadale area of Sydney stop by and pick some of their homemade butter, tea blends, or fresh organic fruit for home.

Siam Noody Authentic Street Food

You may not expect to find great food in a food court but that is exactly what you will get here. The selection is limited but the quality is superb, like the Pad See-Ew or the crispy chicken with cashew hot sauce. There are a few seats to sit down but it is mainly a grab-and-go restaurant.

The staff has a reputation for being very friendly and helpful, even though it is take-away. If you are looking for Thai food that is delicious and at a very reasonable price you need to stop by Siam Noody, you won't be disappointed.

Foodoomooloo Turkish Street Food

You don't have to go to Turkey to get authentic Turkish street food, there is a taste of it right here in Sydney. The location is near the harbor, right across the street from Artspace Sydney, so it is a perfect spot to stop while exploring the city. Make sure to bring your appetite too because with such cheap prices you will be able to try a lot of dishes.

You might see things you have never seen before like lahmacun. It's like a thin crisp pizza packed with great flavor with minced meat, vegetable, and fresh spices. Or gozleme, a flatbread stuffed with tasty meat like lamb topped with feta. The hummus here is made daily, and you can really taste the freshness in it and everything else they make. Stopping by in the evening you can enjoy all that delicious food along with some live music.

Garcon Cafe & Bar

Who says the French can't do street food? Garcon in Lane Cove is bringing the streets of Paris to Sydney with some great French food like their black garlic baguette with cherry tomatoes. One of the best French street foods is the Croque monsieur/madame, egg-soaked fried bread with smoked ham and gruyere cheese, delicious.

The menu has an excellent selection that combines classic French cuisine with Aussie flare, and it is not too pricey. There is a kid's menu that gives them a chance to be a little adventurous or to just have chicken nuggets. You have to head to the Northeast of Sydney to find Garcon but that is ok, you are on an exploration of street food, so it makes sense to explore more of Sydney than just the harbour area.

Ho Jiak

Ho Jiak has 4 locations throughout the Sydney area. And while all have slightly different menus, they all have one thing in common – the food is delicious! Malaysian street food that is overflowing with flavor, and a little heat, inspired by Chef Khoo's grandma is what you find on the menu. The idea is taking traditional food that is normally eaten with your hands and making it a more sit-down fare.

The kitchens do turn out higher-end food using Wagyu steak and lobster, but they don't stray from the essentials either. Imagine Nasi Goreng, Nasi Lemak, and one of the best Laksa in Sydney, with just the right amount of spice to make your tastebuds tingle with joy. You can also feast on the Nyonya grill platter that comes with an amazing chili sambal sauce.

Bat + Bun

If you are looking for a Vietnamese restaurant in Sydney you will definitely find one in the downtown area, there are a lot. But to find the best one you need to leave the downtown core and go to Darlinghurst, where you will find the Bat + Bun.

The small unassuming restaurant creates real Vietnamese street food like Cuon, rice paper rolls made with crispy pork belly. Or try the Com, steamed rice with veggies, and lemongrass chili chicken both good choices. The menu is not large, but it doesn't need to be when you have the best Pho in the city.

Regiment Coffee Bar & Eatery

Right smack dab in the center of the CBD, which is a great neighborhood to stay in, is where you will find this awesome coffee bar & eatery. This is the place to get your morning pick-me-up with perfectly brewed coffee, flavored lattes, and if you have time, a truly amazing breakfast. Filled bagels, crumpets, or a breakfast pork belly & egg burger are great ways to start the morning.

The lunch menu has some good food choices on it too, like salad bowls, lobster rolls, and the ever-popular poke bowl. As you can imagine it gets pretty busy in such a prime location but even if you have to stand in line you won't be sorry you did.

Where to find the best Sydney street food spots

Every town and city has a spot that is "THE" place to find the best street food, and Sydney is quite fortunate it has several.

Bondi Beach

At Bondi Beach, you will find plenty of places for street food at the alfresco cafes around the beach area. If you go on a Saturday you can catch the Bondi Farmer's Market with a deli that sells fresh sandwiches, cheeses, and meats.

Central Business District

It only makes sense the busiest area of Sydney also has the most food trucks, vendors, and cafes that serve fast food and street food to all those business people that are always in a hurry. From Japanese sushimi, Greek gyros, to a simple burger you will find something to suit your tastes.

China Town Night Market

For a great atmosphere as well as great street food head to the China Town Night Market in the Haymarket district. You can wander the streets checking out over 50 trading stalls and get yourself some delicious Yum Cha (Dim Sum) and other authentic Chinese and other Asian goodies.

Street food festivals in Sydney

When it comes to food and wine festivals the people of Australia go crazy. They have so many food festivals and events that you could spend almost the entire year eating and drinking your way through them all. But when you visit Sydney you probably won't have time for all of them, so if you are only going a few times this year these festivals are the ones not to miss.

NSW (New South Wales) Food and Wine Festival

One day only in August more than 90 wineries and restaurants from all over Sydney and Australia will be showcasing their wares. It's a 40-minute drive to Mt. Penang Gardens and Event Park, but what a blast you will have.

Crave Sydney International Food Festival

Held every October, the month-long festival is a foodie's delight and it is held in not one location but throughout the entire city. Markets, restaurants, tours, classes from master chefs, community picnics, and more take place throughout the month. Sydney Park is also dressed up for the occasion with lights.

The Cake Bake and Sweets Show

From May 27th - 29th at the Sydney Showground, this sweet event is great for families. Celebrity chefs from all over the world come to Sydney and teach master classes. There are decorating competitions, and more. What a great way to connect with your kids by making dessert and have a ton of fun.

The Best Street Food

So whether you prefer a diner, pub, food stand, market, or beach setting for your street food, in Sydney you will find great street food in all of these places. Build your appetite by seeing the local sights and include a quest for local flavors in the mix!

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