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What to do in Sydney

Sydney Airport, Sydney, Australia
13 January

Sydney Airport Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

Located five miles south of the center of the city, Sydney Airport is the busiest in Australia. In a country where travel is often a necessity, this airport is also one of the busiest in the world. More than 40 million passengers travel through Sydney Airport every year, making it an incredibly busy place. Not bad for a location that was a paddock for cattle 100 years ago.

Sydney Opera House
12 January

Sydney Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

Known for its stunning harbor and architecturally unique Sydney Opera House, Sydney is a favorite among domestic and international travelers. It boasts great beaches, a wide array of attractions and feel-good vibes that will make you want to meander down the bustling streets. 

Sydney Central Station. Hpeterswald, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons
12 January

Sydney Central Station Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

The main train station of Sydney is recognized by the Australian government as a National Heritage Site. The very first railway station built at this location was opened in 1855, and the current station dates back to 1906. Its grand façade and distinctive clock tower are an icon of the city it serves, and have been key to Sydney’s continuing expansion. These days, Sydney Central is the busiest train station in Australia, serving more than 85 million passengers each year. As the hub of the city’s transit network, the station can get extraordinarily busy. For millions of visitors, Sydney Central Station is the first glimpse of one of Australia’s top cities. You can make navigating the station easier by dropping off any unneeded bags at a luggage storage locker near Sydney Central Station. The lighter you travel, the easier it will be to get around this bustling place.

Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney, Australia
12 January

Sydney Central YHA Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

For the avid backpacker or budget traveller, the Youth Hostel Association has long provided an invaluable resource offering cheap accommodation, a place to hook up with other travellers, and a base from which to explore. The Sydney YHA not only lives up to the organisation's reputation, it exceeds it.

Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia
12 January

Bondi Beach Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

Located in the big city of Sydney, Bondi Beach is one of Australia’s premier tourist attractions and one of the most famous beaches in the world. And for good reason. This huge stretch of sand with its magnificent waves is the perfect place for surfing and sunbathing as well as seeing and being seen with the most beautiful people of Sydney.

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13 January

Where To Find The Best Street Food In Sydney

What type of cuisine are you craving? Chances are Sydney will have it! Street food in Sydney is so delicious, you can try a new spot every day of the week.

Best beaches near Sydney
13 January

X beaches near Los Angeles: Where to go for sun, sand, and surf

As is the case with most Australian cities, Sydney is located on the coast and offers some incredible beaches both in the city itself and just outside.

Sydney on a budget
13 January

Sydney on a budget: x travel hacks to save on your trip

If you're willing to do a little planning, visiting the notoriously expensive city of Sydney can be done on a budget. From accommodation deals to affordable food and inexpensive bars, Sydney can be a budget-friendly city, and here are a few tricks to get even more out of your next trip.

13 January

Where To Stay In Sydney: The Ultimate Neighborhood Guide

Every area in Sydney is exciting! But if there are particular things you want to see and do, choose a neighborhood that provides the best experience for you.

13 January

12 Things To Do In Sydney With Kids

Kids will love the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium and having fun at Luna Park. There is much more to do in Sydney with kids too. Read our detailed guide!

13 January

15 Unmissable Things To Do In Sydney At Night

What's your nighttime interest? Whether it's live music, seeing an incredible view of city lights, or meandering through an art gallery, Sydney has all of this and more.

13 January

How To Get Around Sydney

By train, bus, ferry and more, getting around Sydney is a breeze. There is so much to see in this incredible city so hop on public transportation and enjoy it all!

13 January

Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Sydney

Sydney is truly a shopper's paradise. With everything from markets to malls and luxury goods to authentic knock-offs, you'll find just what you're looking for in Sydney!

13 January

The Top 12 Free Things To Do In Sydney

Museums, Darling Harbour and the fantastic Sydney Harbour Bridge are just a few of the things to see and do for free in this lovely city. Read the full guide for many more!

13 January

The 11 Best Museums In Sydney

From fun museums to places that make time stand still, Sydney has many museums worth a visit. Take a look at our list and see where you'll begin!

13 January

The 10 Best Hikes In Sydney

Sydney has incredible scenery to boast about and one of the best ways to see it is on a hike. We've listed spectacular walks and treks you've got to check out!

What to eat in Sydney
13 January

What to Eat in Sydney: 13 Treats You Should Not Miss

Sydney is an incredible food city. Combining aboriginal and classic British food traditions with cuisines from around the world brought to Australia by waves of immigration, you'll find no shortage of amazing things to eat here.

wine tasting in Sydney
13 January

Wine Tasting in Sydney: 9 Places You Have to Try

With so many out-of-town vineyards and in-town cellar doors to choose from, Sydney is a truly exceptional destination for wine lovers. Whether you take one of the many wine tours available in the surrounding region or explore under your own steam, you'll have access to hundreds of great wineries that make incredible products.

Best rooftop bars in Sydney
13 January

Rooftop Bars in Sydney: 8 Places to Drink with a View

Sydney is a city of tall buildings surrounded by water, so it's not surprising that there are plenty of rooftop bars to keep you busy. Check out our guide on the best places to drink with a view in this South Australian city.

13 January

Best Brunch In Sydney: The Definitive Guide

Brunch is Sydney is a definite meal to partake in while in this area of the country. From huevos divorciados to lamb toasties, you don't want to miss a single taste of Sydney cuisine!

13 January

Best Day Trips from Sydney

There's so much to do in Sydney that you won't be in any hurry to leave. But if you do have a little more time to spend in this iconic city, it's worth checking out some of these day trips. Exploring the many National Parks, beaches, and other attractions in the area is a great way to get better acquainted with this part of Australia.

Coffee shops to work from in Sydney
13 January

Best Coffee Shops to Work From in Sydney

In this guide, we'll tell you all the best cafes in Sydney for working, so you don't need to be one of those remote workers who sits in their hotel room feeling miserable. Head to one of the cafes mentioned here, and you'll turn your work day into a social event that will be so pleasant that it won't feel like work at all.

13 January

3 Days in Sydney: Everything You Should Know

If you have just 3 days in Sydney, you want to make the most of it. Take this 3 day itinerary to see the best of this incredible city!

13 January

Sydney On a Rainy Day: 15 Things To Do

Sydney is a bustling place rain or shine. If you are headed out on day with inclement weather on the horizon, we'll tell you just what to see and do in Sydney.

13 January

Music Festivals in Sydney in 2022

Sydney is a wonderful city to visit so why not come for a music festival? Choose from one of many when you read this full of fun guide.

12 January

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Sydney

Hungry for seitan, tofu or a plate of veggies cooked in the most creative way? Look for a vegetarian restaurant in Sydney and you'll find many terrific dishes to try.

12 January

7 best hostels in Sydney 2024

Sydney has a wide variety of hostel types to suit every traveler, from budget to magically unique. Peruse this guide to choose your hostel in Sydney, from lodgings in picturesque areas to downtown Sydney spots.

12 January

Is Sydney safe to visit? A comprehensive safety guide

Sydney is a gorgeous city and visitors flock here from all over the globe. To learn if Sydney is a safe place for you to add to your travel list, read on.

12 January

The Best Time to Visit Sydney 2024: The Ultimate Guide

Sydney has something fun to offer the traveler any time of year! But if you want to see certain attractions or take part in specific activities, read this guide for all the information you'll need.

12 January

9 must see parks in Sydney

Sydney is known for its famous landmarks, like the opera house or the picturesque bridge. But Sydney is also home to beautiful must see parks.

Romantic restaurants in Sydney
12 January

7 romantic restaurants in Sydney for the best date night

Sydney is known for many things that definitely give it a romantic vibe. There are picturesque beaches, the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, and a dining scene envied by most. As a result, Sydney is a place where planning a date night is easy. Here are the most romantic spots in town.

Weekend trips from Sydney
12 January

6 Easy must-do weekend trips from Sydney

Sydney is practically surrounded by national parks, which make spectacular destinations for weekend getaways. So if you want to see more of eastern Australia, Sydney makes the perfect base for a weekend getaway.

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