Sydney Airport Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Sydney Airport, Sydney, Australia

Located five miles south of the center of the city, Sydney Airport is the busiest in Australia. In a country where travel is often a necessity, this airport is also one of the busiest in the world. More than 40 million passengers travel through Sydney Airport every year, making it an incredibly busy place. Not bad for a location that was a paddock for cattle 100 years ago.

Sydney airport is a vital link in the country’s transport infrastructure. But thanks to its proximity to downtown Sydney, travelers don’t have to go far from the airport to find some fascinating things to do. Your exploration of this Australian city can start almost the minute you land. Drop off your bags at a luggage storage near Sydney Airport so you can start enjoying your trip right away. The lighter you travel, the easier it will be to navigate this bustling airport and start enjoying yourself.

Sydney Airport, Sydney, Australia

Sydney Airport bag policy

As a major airport, Sydney is well set up for people traveling with bags. You’ll find plenty of baggage carts and elevators to help you get around easier. As with all airports, make sure you don’t leave your bags unattended. If you do, they may be destroyed. Also remember that as with any airport, bags may be subject to x-ray screening and other security measures if you try to board a flight. 

Sydney Airport operates a baggage storage in terminals one and two. However, given how busy the airport gets, it’s not always possible to find a place to store your bags. Besides, it can be more convenient to keep your bags in a suitcase storage near Sydney Airport but not actually inside while you explore the rest of the city.

Sydney Airport food policy

As with many airports around the world, security screening at Sydney Airport prohibits liquids in containers of more than 100 milliliters. All liquid containers must fit inside a clear plastic sandwich bag so they can be inspected.

There are no restrictions on food at Sydney Airport so long as you’re willing to have it inspected by security. You can bring your own food with you, but you’ll also find lots of places to eat both inside and outside the airport’s secure area. Cooper’s Alehouse and the Fat Yak offer a traditional Aussie pub ambiance, while Hero Sushi and The Bistro by Wolfgang Puck bring international cuisine to Sydney Airport.

Sydney Airport camera policy

Cameras are permitted in Sydney Airport, but it’s important to follow good camera etiquette. Don’t take people’s photos without permission. And don’t take photos of security personnel or the security screening area. This can easily be interpreted as suspicious and may leave you with some awkward questions to answer.

If you don’t feel like lugging heavy camera equipment around with you, drop it off at a Sydney Airport luggage locker. That way your camera will be safely looked after while you travel and you won’t run into any tricky rules about photography.

Sydney Airport rules

  • Smoking is only permitted outside the airport or on the outdoor terrace of Terrace Bar.
  • Weapons of any kind are banned, including guns, knives, and martial arts equipment.
  • If you leave anything behind, Sydney Airport operates a Lost Property desk in terminals one and two.
  • Sydney Airport operates both long and short-term parking, and some spaces can be booked in advance online.
  • The Airport Link train connects Sydney Airport with downtown Sydney, and it takes only 13 minutes to make the journey to terminal one. The T Bus makes it easy to travel from one terminal to another once you’re at the airport.
  • Sydney bus routes 400 and 420 stop at terminals one and three.

Sydney Airport lockers

The size and popularity of Sydney Airport can easily make it an overwhelming place, especially during the busy season. While the airport isn’t anyone’s final destination, it is a necessary part of the trip to Sydney. To make your journey easier on yourself, it’s a good idea to drop off any unneeded bags at a luggage storage locker near Sydney Airport. You can choose a locker inside the airport, but you may find it easier to pick one closer to the city itself. That way you can leave your bags somewhere that’s convenient for your whole trip instead of just your flight. Whatever kind of bag storage you choose, you’ll be glad you made the choice to travel light while exploring this airport and the fascinating city it serves.

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