Tallinn Christmas Market: The Complete Guide

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Tallinn is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the best examples of Estonian culture. It is the country's biggest city and one of the most popular spots to visit in Northern Europe. If you are thinking of taking a vacation here, we suggest that you consider visiting Tallinn in the wintertime.

As the weather gets chillier and the streets get covered in a light snow, you will be amazed by how magical the city becomes. This is also when Europe's Christmas markets are set up, and this city has its own set of markets every holiday season.

The architecture of the city is even more spectacular when bathed in lights too. Come enjoy the Christmas spirit, but first, go to a Bounce luggage storage facility in Tallinn to stow away your bags. Carrying a lighter load will allow you to see the beauty of the city under a dusting of light snow as you carry a cup of cocoa or mulled wine. The Christmas markets of Tallinn are not to be missed!

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Tallinn Christmas Market

Each Christmas season the Tallinn Old Town, also known as Raekoja Plats, houses the best Christmas market in the city. The entire area around the Town Hall Square gets filled with market stalls and excited visitors who are ready to do their Christmas shopping. The central Christmas tree and abundant Christmas lights help to create the perfect festive atmosphere that everyone loves.

If you are wondering what kind of things you could find at the Christmas market, the list is quite diverse. You can take your pick from hot drinks like mulled wine and hot chocolate as well as food, clothes, wooden decorations and local souvenirs. The Tallinn Christmas market dates are usually from late November until the first week of January, giving you plenty of time to check it out yourself.

Other than shopping, this market has a nativity scene and some merry-go-rounds for the kids, plus a special center for Santa Claus! Entry to the Tallinn Christmas Market is free and it never seems to be too busy either, so you should have a pleasant experience no matter when you go.

What to do near Tallinn Christmas Market

If this modern Christmas market leaves you wanting more festive fun then you are in luck! You will be within walking distance of Harju Street Park which has a great ice skating rink set up every winter, and you can rent a pair of skates for a small extra cost. You will also be close to the St Nicholas Church which has a Christmas tree set up as well as Christmas decoration workshops.

Estonian Open Air Museum Christmas Village

Locals and tourists look forward to the Christmas Village at the Estonian Open Air Museum year round. This event is a sure sign of Christmas time and is a great way to learn more about Estonian culture while enjoying the holiday spirit. Make time to visit it while you are out visiting the other Christmas markets in Tallinn!

If you stop by this village you will get to explore nearly 72 acres of land with 74 buildings to admire. Each historic building is different from each other, with farms, barns, a school and even more to discover. There is also a village shop to see. While you are here you will get the opportunity to buy presents for your friends and family, and everything is made by local craftspeople.

The village is also a good spot to learn about the traditions of this Estonian capital and you can experience the fun hands-on by making your own Christmas decorations. Any foodies will love to learn that you can eat traditional dishes here as well, like salted herring or mashed potato with grout. This event only happens for one weekend each year, usually in the middle of December.

What to do near Estonian Open Air Museum Christmas Village

This village is sure to keep you occupied for a few hours, but there are lots of hidden gems in the area for when you are looking for something else to do. If you walk for a few minutes you can reach the Kolhoosi Korterelamu museum, or if you like hiking you could go for a winter walk at the Rocca al Mare Promenaad.

Tallinn's Christmas Charity Bazaar

Sometimes the best way to celebrate the festive season is by helping others, and Tallinn's Christmas Charity Bazaar is a great way to do just that. You can spread the holiday cheer by supporting charitable organizations in the city at this bazaar, which hosts a variety of events for your entertainment as well.

You will also be visited by Santa Claus at the bazaar, making it a fantastic spot for the whole family to enjoy. You will have plenty of opportunities to go shopping in the stalls, and the best part is that the proceeds will go towards helping local charities. Several countries are represented at this international event and they each offer food, gifts and high quality handicrafts for you to purchase.

This yearly tradition only happens for one day every year, so keep an eye out for it! Most years it is held on a weekend near the beginning of the Advent period. You can find it at the KultuuriKatel which is not too far away from the city center.

What to do near Tallinn's Christmas Charity Bazaar

Landmarks and attractions surround this Christmas market in Tallinn, so finding more things to do nearby will be easy. In fact, there are three fantastic museums located right next door! Check out the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia, the Energy Discovery Centre science museum, or the Estonian Maritime Museum.

Visiting Christmas Markets in Tallinn, Estonia

Spending the holidays in Estonia is magical and from the moment you see the first Christmas tree you will be filled with festive joy. Once you land at Tallinn Airport, you won't have to search far to find Christmas concerts or brightly lit up areas where you can take holiday photos, and it is a city that you should visit at least once in your life.

We hope that you take advantage of this Tallinn Christmas market guide to do some shopping! The market stalls sell all sorts of fun presents, like wooden toys and ornaments, as well as tasty foods like black pudding and gingerbread cookies.

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