10 Things To Do In Tenerife With Kids

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Tenerife island is a stunning destination in Spain and the biggest of all the Canary Islands. It receives several million visitors per year and is a very interesting place with a diverse range of attractions. The whole island is surrounded by beautiful coastlines and it has miles of beaches, with the longest one stretching to just over 2 kilometers in length. One of the island's main attractions is Mount Teide, the volcano whose peak holds the title of the highest mountain in all of Spain at 3,000 meters above sea level. Tenerife is home to the world's most visited park, Teide National Park, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tenerife is a fantastic place to go on vacation and an even better spot for a family getaway. There are lots of fun activities and regular festivals for people of all ages to enjoy, so even the youngest children can have a blast while visiting the Canary Islands. It can be hard to keep track of the whole family and all of your bags which is why we recommend stowing your things at a suitcase locker in Tenerife. Lighten the load and enjoy the day!

Spend the Day at the Beach

Tenerife has some incredible family friendly beaches where you can relax and enjoy the sunshine. This is the perfect activity for families since there is something for everyone to do. Grownups can bask in the sunshine on the sand while the kiddos go swimming and build sandcastles.

Tenerife has several great beaches for you to choose from so pack your sunscreen and bathing suits and head out to the coast. Since most of the beaches in Tenerife have relatively shallow waters you can feel safe and comfortable swimming even with toddlers and little kids. Some of the family beaches that we recommend checking out include Playa de las Teresitas, Playa las Vistas, Los Cristianos Beach and Playa Jardin Beach.

See the Marine Life in the Submarine Safari

This activity is sure to be an unforgettable experience for everyone in the family. During this excursion, you will go on an underwater adventure in a real-life submarine to explore the Marina San Miguel off of Tenerife's southern shore. You will be accompanied by a guide who can introduce you to the amazing underwater world and tell you all about the submarine that you are in.

Everyone gets their own seat aboard the Submarine Safari and you will get to look out into the water through the viewing ports. There are also TVs and monitors that show you different angles of the sea outside the submarine. Afterward, grab street food in Tenerife and talk about your exciting day.

Cool Off at Siam Park

Siam Park is a fantastic place to bring the kids, especially since it is considered to be one of the best water parks in the world. It is one of Tenerife's best and biggest attractions and there are lots of rides here, so visitors of all ages can have a ball. You will find the water park in Costa Adeje.

Some of the rides at Siam Park follow themes, like temples, dragons and so much more. The park even has an incredible 28m long water slide! There are also rides suitable for younger kids as well, like the Lost City, Coco Beach, or the Mai Thai River. Everyone can enjoy a relaxing time in the swimming pools, Siam Beach, or Wave Pool and there are plenty of thrilling attractions for older children as well. It can get pretty busy at the water park since it is so popular. We recommend booking tickets in advance, if you can.

See the Land Animals at Jungle Park Las Aguilas

The Jungle Park Las Aguilas is a fantastic zoo in Tenerife and a favorite activity for people of all ages, either adults or kids. The zoo is actually located in an authentic jungle and is home to a total of over 300 individual animals from 100 different species. Your whole family will love exploring the bridges, tunnels, caves, waterfalls and lagoons that make up the park.

All sorts of animals from the ground, trees and sky can be seen here, and one of the most popular attractions is the birds of prey show. This is when incredible birds like eagles, vultures and falcons get to shine and even interact with the crowd. Other animals that you can see include sea lions, penguins, monkeys, tigers and more.

Go Dolphin and Whale Watching

Tenerife has some amazing local aquatic life and one of the best activities to do is to go whale watching. There are several excursions that offer this experience, and as long as your kids don't get seasick they are going to love tagging along. Did you know that there are a total of 21 different species of dolphins and whales that live in the waters around Tenerife?

The most common species include pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins, but you might even see sperm whales or orca whales. Some of the boats are even designed to look like pirate ships which will be great for young ones who have a big imagination. The journey usually takes about 3 hours so make sure that you reserve enough time in your afternoon to enjoy the whole thing. Most of the boats take off from Los Cristianos beach, Los Gigantes or Puerto Colon.

Explore the Mount Teide National Park

Found right in the heart of Tenerife is the gorgeous Mount Teide National Park. This park is considered to be one of Spain's 12 wonders and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a popular spot and many people visit it every year. It is a great place to get some fresh air, do a little hiking, and enjoy the natural beauty of Tenerife.

Some areas in the park reach as high as 2,000 meters in elevation and you can see some beautiful volcanic rocks from Mount Teide. If you make your way through the local villages you can climb up Mount Teide itself to see some amazing views of the area or take a cable car ride to the top. The pine forests and landscapes have even been featured in some major motion picture films like Planet Of The Apes, Clash of the Titans and Wrath Of The Titans.

Visit the Creatures at Monkey Park

Monkey Park is the perfect place to go with kids, especially younger ones since it is small and won't take all day to get through. You will have a great time and keep the kids entertained with an array of different creatures. The zoo also serves as a breeding center for some endangered species, namely primates, so you can get the opportunity to watch animals that you might not get to see anywhere else.

This zoo is interactive and you will actually get the opportunity to walk into the enclosures and feed the monkeys by hand. This will make the experience even more special and you can really see how each one has its own personality and food preference.

Stroll Through the Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens of Puerto de la Cruz were founded back in 1788 when they were ordered by Carlos III. The gardens are beautiful and a fantastic place to go for a walk and spend time enjoying the nature of Tenerife.

Come here for a short walk or pack some snacks and have a family picnic. There are lots of shady spots and trees for you to relax under, plus a selection of trails and paths for you to explore. The children will have a great time wandering around the pathways lined with lush plants and pretending that they are explorers in a jungle.

Adventure Through Forestal Park

If you have some thrill seeking kids, they will absolutely love swinging through the trees at Forestal Park. This adventure park is suspended in the air and connects the trees of the Los Lagunetas landscape. The park has a total of 11 ziplines that you can ride on and it can be an incredibly exciting feeling as you are gliding through the sky.

The longest zipline is 230 meters in length so get ready to feel the adrenaline. Since the park is also a natural habitat for several exotic bird species you might see some canaries and sparrow hawks alongside you in the branches. Other obstacles include suspended rope bridges, Tarzan ropes that you can swing on, hanging nets and climbing walls. There are a few courses that you can choose from and they usually take between 2 and 3 hours to complete.

Learn Something New at the Museum of Science and the Cosmos

This is one of the best museums for kids. The Museum of Science and the Cosmos is where everyone in the family can learn something new in a fun hands on way through guided talks, workshops and activities. This modern museum is great for people of all ages and even small kids can enjoy the different exhibits and displays. The museum is made up of several rooms that all follow a different theme and can teach you something new about the universe and environment around you.

Take a journey through the cosmos with the telescope or try to successfully navigate through a labyrinth made of mirrors at the Museum of Science and the Cosmos. There is also a fantastic planetarium on site and lots of exhibits about the world, people and more.

What are the best family activities in Tenerife?

Things to do in Tenerife with younger kids

The Submarine Safari in Tenerife is one of the family fun activities that you won't want to miss out on. This is the kind of thing that can be fun for everybody and young kids are going to absolutely love it.

Almost every kid loves the zoo, and with hundreds of animals living at the Jungle Park Las Aguilas, it is sure to be a huge hit among the younger kids. Bring the whole family to this animal park in Tenerife!

Things to do in Tenerife with older kids

Dolphin and whale watching can be an incredible experience for everyone. However, some kids might get seasick or uncomfortable on the boat trip which is why we recommend it as a family attraction for older kids.

The Siam Water Park is sure to be one of the favorite places that you go with your kids while visiting Tenerife. Although there are rides suitable for everyone, even small children, be aware that some rides will be off limits to kids under a certain age.

Free things to do in Tenerife with kids

Most of the beaches in Tenerife are free to visit and there are so many to choose from so you will have no problem finding one near you. The beaches in Tenerife are gorgeous and unlike others around the world, for example, there is a stunning black sand beach made from the lava flows of Mount Teide.

This pretty locale has some beautiful national parks and this is one of the best, so make sure that you stop by Mount Teide National Park while you are in Tenerife. You can enter the park at no charge but if you want to ride the cable car you will have to pay.

Family Holidays in Tenerife

Tenerife is the biggest Canary island and one that you won't want to miss out on visiting. Tenerife is absolutely gorgeous and with its palm trees and warm weather, it is the perfect destination for a tropical family getaway.

All of the family attractions listed above are worth trying so you can fill your schedule with fun things to do in Tenerife with kids. You will have so many things to do, like going on an exciting submarine ride down into the Atlantic ocean, watching bottlenose dolphins and other marine life on a boat tour, trying water sports while on the beach and so much more. One thing is for sure; when you visit Tenerife you are going to have an amazing time, so make the most of your vacation as a family.

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