8 must see parks in Toulouse

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Toulouse is a beautiful place in the heart of southwest France. The city was founded by the Romans in the 2nd century BC, making it more than 2,000 years old, and you can only imagine the many hidden gems that its streets hide. Many ancient ruins, including part of the Roman wall that used to circle the city, called the Gallo-Roman rampart of Toulouse, can still be seen today.

Modern-day Toulouse is France's fourth-largest city and the biggest aerospace hub in Europe. It's also known for its incredible food and fascinating heritage, which includes arts, culture, and sports.

Although there are many reasons to visit Toulouse, it isn't as frequented as a travel destination as some of the better-known cities in France. This means that it's often calm and quiet, making it the perfect destination for a relaxing getaway and a fantastic place to live.

Whether you're a permanent resident or visiting on holiday, the best spot to spend a peaceful afternoon is in one of the parks in Toulouse. If you have luggage or bags that slow you down or limit what you can do, take advantage of our Toulouse luggage storage service. Drop off your bags any time and explore a gorgeous park hands-free.

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Jardin du Grand Rond

The Jardin du Grand Rond was born in the 18th century when the city underwent a beautifying project. This lovely park went by a different name back then: Point Boulingrin, which stands for "bowling green." Today, you'll still see people having picnics, throwing frisbees, or playing games of petanque on its bright green lawns, but its main attraction is the natural beauty of the area.

Walk around the green spaces to find a large fountain, statues, colorful flower beds, and a community of mature trees planted around its perimeter. The park also has a bandstand and a gazebo where events are sometimes held. There are benches around the grounds whenever you want to take a break to admire your surroundings.

The park's current name is the Great Roundabout Garden, which is fitting since it's a large roundabout surrounded by a street that connects four main roads. The property is also attached to some of the other great parks and gardens in the city, so you can continue your stroll and explore more green spaces at the same time.

Jardin Royal

The Jardin Royal, or Royal Gardens, is one of the public parks that can be reached from the Grand Rond since a bridge connects the two gardens. This is a beautiful park filled with color and life and is a very peaceful place where couples and individuals like to go when they're searching for somewhere calm to spend time outside. It's much quieter than the Grand Rond which usually hosts more families and community events compared to this space.

Some of the most famous residents in the Jardin Royal are the exotic trees, many of which are very old and have been in the park for decades. Some species you might recognize include Western Mays, Lebanese cedars, orange trees, and Ginkgo biloba, to name a few.

The rest of the park resembles an English garden with a small bridge that passes over a pond. The pond is home to a community of ducks loved by many who frequent the area. Many locals come here to go jogging or bike riding since the paths are always well-maintained, and it's a fantastic picnic spot. Fun fact: this green space was established by Louis de Mondran back in 1754, and it's one of the first public gardens in all of Toulouse, France.

Jardin Raymond VI

The Jardin Raymond VI, also known as the Raymond VI Garden, has been around since 1998. The spacious botanical garden was created in dedication to Raymond VI, who used to be a count of the city. Today, the park features rich biodiversity and covers two hectares of space. It's beautiful year-round and a wonderful place to bring the entire family.

Some of the plants found here are medicinal, and others are wild, so there's a wide range of flora to discover. Explore the grounds to see what kind of plants you can find, and don't forget to stop and take in the spectacular views of the river, too. The best place to admire the River Garonne is on the small footbridge that will bring you right up to the water or from the little cafe inside the park. From there, you can also see the La Grave chapel dome.

This beautiful garden even has play areas for the kids to enjoy, including a carousel. Situated right next to the Raymond VI Garden is the Museum of Modern Art, a great activity to include in your visit.

Jardin des Plantes

Having been around since the French Revolution in 1730, this space is officially the oldest botanical garden and public park in all of Toulouse. If that's not impressive enough, the grounds are home to an incredible diversity of plants, and there are now more than 1,000 species within the park. It's a fairly popular place since it is right next to a theater, a church, and a school, attracting parkgoers of all ages. People like coming here with their kids since fun activities like pony rides and performances often occur. There's also a playground and train ride on site.

The best way to explore the grounds is by following a guided walking tour, which will introduce you to the area and take you past the most iconic sights. On your journey around this very nice park, you'll come across sculptures, statues, and other landmarks, including representations of characters from Greek myths and a war captain's memorial. The Jardin des Plantes is also home to the ruins of a castle and two ancient gates.

Some of the plants here have medicinal properties and were actually used during the war. In fact, the grounds were even used as an artillery point for soldiers under Napoleon's orders. To learn more about the history of Toulouse, France, pay a visit to the Natural History Museum, which is located right across from the park. To get to the gardens, make your way to the Allées Jules Guesde.

Jardin Japonais Pierre Baudis

This park is one of the best places in the city to go for a nice stroll, no matter what season. The Pierre Baudis Japanese Garden is home to a tea pavilion and a large lake with a vibrant red bridge crossing over it that's nearly impossible to miss. Peer into the water, and you'll discover koi fish, frogs, and turtles, as well as birds flying overhead from tree to tree. The gardens are part of the Jardin Compans Caffarelli.

There are also Buddhist statues scattered around the space and a Japanese rock garden, which is the best place to go and reflect. Make your way to the small house located on site. It's now a museum that can educate you all about Japan and Japanese culture. You'll also learn a lot about the different trees, flowers, and plants found inside the park.

Other landmarks to look out for in the Japanese gardens include the stones of the Three Saints, the dry garden and dry waterfall, and the model of Mount Fuji. If you're visiting as a family, make sure to check out the small children's playground. A bar cafe is nearby where parents can hang out as the kids play in the park.

Prairie des Filtres

The Prairie des Filtres is situated right on the shores of the Garonne River between the Pont Saint Michel and the Pont Neuf. Thanks to its location the space features a variety of sports activities both on land and in the water, and is also home to the Toulouse Plage. For more than 40 years now, the park has been home to a water ski club, and there's also a bowling alley plus a playground that's perfect for small kids. The park is dog-friendly, so feel free to bring them along.

This public green space is always a lovely place to visit. It has a dedicated picnic area, so you can bring some snacks and stick around for the entire day if you want to. Being situated right in the city center, the park offers beautiful views of Toulouse and the countryside, too. It's easy to reach by public transportation and is a popular place for people of all ages to gather.

It's beautiful, and the Prairie des Filtres also has an interesting history. During the war, the space was used as a vegetable garden and formerly as a training facility for rugby teams. Today, the grounds are used as venues for special events and celebrations, including concerts and festivals.

Parc de Pech-David

This is a great park situated on the outskirts of Toulouse. It's located on a hilltop 130 meters above the river and has a nice view of the city below, especially when the sun is setting. If the weather is particularly clear you can see all the way to the Pyrenees Mountains from here.

Many people choose this space when they want to go for a run because it has lots of trails. Being right on top of a hill, there's a nice cool breeze when the wind blows. The park is mainly made up of large open spaces but has a few trees and picnic tables around the area.

During the summer, this is a wonderful place for a picnic, but there are other activities you can also do here, including several different sports. This includes football, mountain biking, archery, horseback riding, and more.

Parc de la Grande Plaine

Despite being next to a busy road, Parc de la Grande Plaine is still one of the best parks in Toulouse. It's used for leisure and entertainment and has plenty of great on-site facilities. There's lots to do, so consider bringing your friends and family for fun and activities.

The Parc de la Grande Plaine has a skate park, a kids' playground, a bike park, a football field, jogging and running tracks, and ping-pong tables. There are also trails through meadows and flowerbeds, which are great for taking relaxing breaks. The exercise equipment is available for those who just want a basic workout.

Parc de la Grande Plaine was constructed in 1991 and covers an area of 10 hectares, so there's quite a bit of land to explore. There are several picnic tables around the grounds that you can stop and rest at, or bring some snacks and refreshments to picnic outside.

Discover the parks in Toulouse

Toulouse, France, is a green city. By exploring its different parks and gardens, you'll experience its incredible beauty, history, and culture. Visit a city park or two while you're in Toulouse to see the beautiful flowers, views, and landmarks it has to offer and to get active and spend time in nature.

Most of these parks can be found in the middle of the city, but if you venture further out around the region, you'll come across even more green spaces. Being situated right between the Mediterranean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean there are some fantastic areas by the water in France as well. Consider spending the afternoon on a hot summer day at one of the Best Beaches Near Toulouse. Our Toulouse Visitor Guide is filled with useful information on this terrific destination, too.

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