The 10 Best Hikes in Valencia

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Hiking in Valencia, Spain

The 10 Best Hikes In Valencia

When tourists talk of Valencia, you will often hear about the colorful history that dates back to the Romans, the fabulous squares and gardens, architecture, and cuisine. Less commonly mentioned are the many and wonderful hiking trails that meander through the city itself or traverse the breathtaking countryside nearby.

With its subtropical climate and its ideal location on the Iberian peninsular and the Turia River, Valencia offers the perfect starting point for both the hardcore hiker and those searching for an easy trail. Whether you prefer to hike in the mountains, stick to the coastline or simply enjoy a walk in the town, Valencia offers some of the best options in the whole of Spain.

For some of the trails, you'll need to travel away from the city slightly. But don't worry, Spain offers very good public transport options if you aren't in your own car, and taxis are also reasonably priced. Make use of convenient bag storage spots in Valencia and get out into the countryside.

Mountains near Valencia, Spain

Our Top Hiking Trail Picks In Valencia

Jardin del Turia

If you are in the city and fancy an easy hike that takes in some pleasant sites, then you might like to consider the Jardin del Turia. This hike of just over 6.6 kilometers (4.1 miles) is a favorite with locals for hiking, jogging, and cycling. The park is the largest urban park in Spain and is traversed by no fewer than eighteen bridges. It is just short of ten kilometers in length and lies nestled in a bend of the Turia River so the geography is a delight. The going is flat and easy so it is suitable for hikers of all levels including beginners. There is also plenty of opportunity to stop for refreshments and a rest along the way.

The Jardin is also great place for families to spend some time. Check out some other kid-friendly attractions in Valencia.

Santa Maria de la Murta to Creu del Cardenal

Santa Maria is a monastery built in the seventh and eighth centuries. Using that as a starting point, the 4.7 km (2.9 mi) hike along the Murta valley will take approximately two hours, but expect some hard climbs along the way. The monastery can be reached by bus from Valencia and that journey will take just over two hours, but both the monastery and the hike make the journey worthwhile.

The monastery has a fascinating history having started off as a hermitage. Today, it contains a treasure trove of artworks that it has collected over the centuries. The trail can be walked in one direction or used as an out and back, and along the way, you will be exposed to plenty of nature and wildflowers.

Saler - Puertos de la Albufer

Among locals, the Albufera national park is known for its combination of forest and paddy fields. With a starting point just 10 kilometers from Valencia, this trail is a loop of 55 kilometers (34 mi) and takes the hiker through some very interesting countryside in which you will be exposed to a variety of waterfowl as well as being able to watch local fisherman plying their trade on the largest lagoon in Spain. That combination of rice and fish is what led to this being the place where the quintessential Spanish dish paella first originated. The park is traversed by six well-marked walks. Nearby towns include Beniparrell and Silla.

Sierra de Benicadell

This is a trail that is rated as moderate and suitable for all the family though it does climb quite steeply. From the peak, you are afforded a wonderful 360° view of the surrounding countryside which makes the climb well worth while. This is one of the more popular hikes in Valencia and it offers year-round access. The total loop is just over 16 km (10mi) and the hike can comfortably be completed in five hours, though you may take longer if you decide to spend some time admiring the view. It is worth noting that though this range can be extremely hot in the summer months, there is often snow in January and February so be prepared for the conditions you might find yourself exposed to. The nearest town is Rafol de Salem.

Camino del Cid Valencia to Murcia

The famous Camino del Cid is a trail that traverses the whole of Spain starting at Castillo in the northwest and descending all the way to the Mediterranean coast. All in all, it covers a total distance of 1497 km (930 mi). It follows the route of a legendary medieval knight by the name of Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar who is both a historical and literary character and something of a hero in Spain. The section from Valencia to Murcia covers 264 km (164 mi). The hike is very popular with mountain bikers and is open all year round. Because much of its course follows ancient borders you can expect to see plenty of castles and fortresses during your hiking adventure. This is a one-way hike along a world-renowned route but it is not recommended for the inexperienced hiker.

Hiking in Valencia, Spain

Hanging Bridges of Chulilla

As far as hiking goes, the Chulilla district is one of the most popular in the whole of Valencia. There are several hikes to choose from varying in distance and level of difficulty. The reason for this region's popularity is the proximity of the Loriguilla Reservoir. This man-made reservoir lies in a natural ravine making it the perfect spot for any hiking enthusiast. Combine this with some gravity-defying hanging bridges, caves, and an abundance of nature, and it is easy to see what makes this area so good for hiking. The hanging bridges, which are such a drawcard to hikers and walkers, were originally built so that workers creating the reservoir had easier access to the worksites across the Turia canyon. They have subsequently been upgraded to cater to the hiking community.

Ruta de los Calderones

One of the many rails in the region of the Loriguilla Reservoir, this hike covers 6.6 km (4.1 mi) and is easy enough for the average walker to enjoy. The reservoir, completed in 1965, has provided some of the best hiking opportunities in Valencia. This is a popular route so expect to see other hikers, especially if you are doing your hiking in the main tourist season or over the weekend. The trail is open all year round and although it is generally regarded as easy, there are some steep steps to deal with.

Naquera -Montcuido- Cami del Salt

This is a moderate trail on a 9km(5.5 mi) loop. Overall it will take about three hours and during that time you can expect a wide variety of different landscapes. The starting point is the village of Naquera which lies in the Sierra Calderona national park. If you are feeling energetic you can divert from the trail slightly to ascend the Moncudii from where you will have great views of Naquera.

Charca del Turche Loop

This hike is definitely one for the more experienced hiker. Although it only covers 10.7 km (6.7 mi) it rises steeply to a height of 825 feet and then, being a loop, you will have to descend again. The hike starts at the town of Bunol which is just half an hour from Valencia and can be accessed by both car and train. Once you hit the trail, you should expect the hike to take around three hours but don't underestimate that climb which might add a bit to this time.

Mercado Central to Plaza de la Virgen

Not all hiking requires you to travel out of the city. Sometimes, especially when visiting a new city, it makes sense and adds to the pleasure just to do some urban hiking. This trail is a loop that covers 6.4 km (4mi) and makes for easy walking during which time you will get a real feel for the city.

To say that the walk will take just over an hour and a half might be a little misleading as there is so much to see along the way that walking speeds are really going to vary. Start your walk at Bullen and be sure to allow a bit of extra time to explore the Mercado Central. Originally this was an open-air market started in 1839. In the early 1900s it was turned into a covered market built in the Valencian Art Nouveau style. Today it is one of the largest markets in the whole of Europe and offers plenty of opportunity for even the most ardent hiker to get distracted. (Hey, you're on holiday so give yourself a break.) You will find plenty of fresh produce but there are also stands selling curios and souvenirs and, of course, there are many coffee counters where you can lose a few minutes.

The historic heart of Valencia is fun to explore by day or by night, and you can experience a different side to the city with these fun things to do at night in Valencia.

Carricola Art Walk

At just 6.7 km (4.1mi) this is not a difficult walk but it does allow the hiker to take in some wonderful local art including many metal sculptures. This is a loop walk from Carricola and there is also a small castle to include on your hike which will take just over two hours but that time might become extended if you stop to admire the artwork or become involved in a conversation with one of the local artists.

Pequenos Recorridos

Rather than a single trail, this refers to a network of paths that often meander through vineyards and forests. Most of them tend to vary in length from anything from 10 to 50 km (6 to 31 mi) so you are free to choose one that suits your fitness level and the time you have available. Some of the best ones depart from the villages of Roquena and Alpuenta and both of these towns lie about eighty kilometers from the city of Valencia.

Castle in Valencia, Spain

Easy Hikes in Valencia

  • Jardin del Turia
  • Carricola Art Walk
  • Mercado Central to Plaza de la Virgen

Intermediate Hikes in Valencia

  • Pequenos Recorridos
  • Naquera -Montcuido- Cami del Salt
  • Hanging Bridges of Chulilla

Difficult Hikes in Valencia

  • Charca del Turche Loop
  • Camino del Cid Valencia to Murcia


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